Times of Great Change Presents Great Opportunities:

Times of great change presents great opportunities:   Most can sense, feel and know we are in a time of significant change. We are constantly bombarded with news of problems, theories and solutions about the climate, economy, social issues, politics, etc. In part, we understand and perceive these issues are relative to our global/planetary history,Continue reading “Times of Great Change Presents Great Opportunities:”

Crisis and Opportunity

Crisis and Opportunity Crisis is the view relative to the past. Opportunity is the view of looking toward to the future. Crisis presumes evidence based on the past which is important to avoid repeating mistakes. Opportunity presumes potential of the future. But belief is the courage to take the first step and the next…and theContinue reading “Crisis and Opportunity”

Elegant Metaphor of Gardening

Elegant Metaphor of Gardening Gardening is an elegant metaphor.  It is established, intuitive and is a universal archetype complete with representative concepts, processes and vocabulary.  The gardening metaphor is multi-dimensional.  It is useful for describing intra-psychic processes, interpersonal relationships, organizational and societal change. It also lends itself concepts of ecology, ecosystems, interdependence, stewardship and sustainability. Continue reading “Elegant Metaphor of Gardening”

Spring Equinox…Get Ready!

Spring Equinox…Get Ready! It’s the spring equinox, what are you planting in your garden?  For the past month or so what have you been dreaming about?  What seed has germinated and taken root in your unconsciousness and do you dream about?  What has sprouted into your consciousness and taken root in your imagination?  What areContinue reading “Spring Equinox…Get Ready!”

Location, Location, Location…where to grow your garden

A 26 year old African American/Black woman had brought herself into the emergency department.  She was feeling depressed and suicidal but wanted help.  She was working as a cook in a diner, had her own apartment and friends, but was feeling stuck.  I ask, what was her passion?  Her reply was “cooking;”…but she was workingContinue reading “Location, Location, Location…where to grow your garden”