Create Experiences or Experience Creations?

Create Experiences or Experience Creations?

Conscious entanglement is a brief series in which brings together concepts that influence the manifestation of reality. The intention is to note a few simple concepts that afford the opportunity to manifest experience of reality.

The three basic parts are consciousness, heart and field. Consciousness is simply awareness to tune in to whenever one wants to be their reality. Heart is the energy to connect with the field. The field is essentially the source. The field is all realities or dimensions, existing regardless of time or space. Our heart provides the connection to the field and our awareness selects what we experience.

Episode two was about breathing and mindfulness. Which are the skills in which to be aware. Episode three, the wrathful and peaceful deities are aspects of connecting with the field. We connect either by fear or by love. Both fear and love are attachments.

However, the subtle distinction is that love and fear do not exist externally but internally. By introspection, changing our perspective that we already have of abundance within is this secret. Once we realize we already have abundance within, we can appreciate abundance externally or that is outside of us. We realize we do not need nor desire abundance; we already have abundance. True abundance is giving away or sharing abundance. By giving abundance, there is more abundance…crazy.

Episode four is about time and space. Time and space is a mental construct like a GPS (global positioning system). Relative to whatever sphere we live in. Most of us as in 3-D, call this sphere earth. In a multi-dimensional universe, time and space are just a matter of relativity only to that dimension.

Episode five is simply we have the capacity to create our experience; to co-create our world. Each moment and every space are opportunities to create.

Which came first, the creation or the experience?

Create experiences or experience creations?… Btw, it’s “and.”

Peace, love and light!



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