The Four I’s and the Know I:

The Four I’s and the Know I:

 There are four “I’s” to be aware of and then abide in the “know I.”  A way to think about manifesting your reality is the following.

The “I”:

The place to start is the knowledge, belief and statement of “I am.” This statement of “I” is the foundation/source of energy and frequency. It is interesting to listen to others make statements of I am…hungry, tired, sick, etc. Also, listen to the statements of I see, feel etc. things like I hate, I feel sick and so forth. The most important is to pay attention to “YOUR” statements of “I.” Of course, as in most things, noticing one’s behavior is a place to start. Perhaps take inventory, count or journal/write about when and what are your statements of “I.” This is just a tool or technique to become more aware of your statements and recognizing how it affects your being, i.e., existence/reality.

You are the change. It is your choice. What do you choose? “In a twinkling of an I…pass (flow) through the eye of the needle.”

Peace, love and light!



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