Love Change Grow came from conducting crisis mental health evaluations and consults.  When a person is in crisis, the challenge is to listen to their story, evaluate what they need and offer suggestions to consider to bring about change. And do all of this within 60-90 minutes in a manner that is easily understood. It is a consultation to help them to figure out the what, how and where to begin to make changes. Essentially, it provides a strategy that inspires them to change, a frame of reference and outlines the process of change. With this, most folks are able figure out where to begin and what to do.


Life began in South Korea and orphaned twice within the first year of life. My adoptive parents were a rural pastor and my mom who was a homemaker, school teacher and later an executive secretary. Childhood was in rural Nebraska, with pets, delivering newspapers, chores and running all over the small towns where we lived. During my teens worked farms, the shenanigans’ of Friday and Saturday nights with church every Sunday. During this time I had an interest in consciousness, meditation and views of experience. My mid20’s meandered toward a degree in communications and psychology. And stumbled into a career in public mental health. Then a master’s in counseling psychology and research in restricted environmental stimulation therapy (flotation tanks) and hypnosis. Became a licensed counselor conducting crisis mental health investigations and consults as an involuntary treatment officer. And in time, coordinating 24/7 crisis teams and presenting workshops to other professionals, schools, law enforcement, social agencies and advocacy groups. 

Married 35+ years, 3 adult children, a cat and dog, love music, snowboarding and being outdoors in the PNW.

Folks have a good idea of what is not working. However, are at a loss of what to do and lack a strategy to change. Love Change Grow is a master strategy that scales and applies to many of life’s situations. It’s the adage, “give a person a fish and they will eat for a day or teach a person how to fish and they will eat for a lifetime.”

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Tim Justice


  • I would highly recommend anyone who navigates a highly productive and intense lifestyle to chat with Tim. Who is also the most down to earth and easy to chat with guy. He definitely helped me. (27 yr. Designer/studio NYC).
  • Tim has a deep knowledge of life. A deep respect for the path a person walks. He gave me a true gift that continues to grow. So blessed! (42 yr. nurse coordinator and artist).

I had a terrible childhood, bad relationships and struggled. He showed me that my past were blessings in disguise. How to get through the crap and use it as fertilizer to grow a new life for myself and my kids. So happy I met him in the ER. (36 yr. Divorced mother).

  • I like my therapist who I’d been seeing for 6 months. But in 1 session, I could see what I needed to do and the next steps to move forward. Boom! Crushing it! Feeling so empowered. I wish I’d found him earlier. Do Tim to do You! (34 yr. Author and musician).
  • Tim is the OG (original gangster). The uncle you wish you had. He gave me the straight-up, low down and dirty. Shared a brilliant strategy to figure things out and make it happen!  (33 yr. IT webmaster and author).