Mental Health

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An Introduction to MH Posts

Below is the carousel to access the MH posts.

The MH information presented is for your consideration. Disclaimer: I am not your counselor or therapist. If you want and/or need mental health services, contact a local provider in your community. These informational posts are not advice, recommendations, treatment or diagnosis.

In order to give some context, it’s best to start with my background. I’ve had a 37-year career in MH, starting as a psychiatric tech in the admissions unit of a state MH hospital. Then an outpatient day treatment group leader and case manager before getting a master’s degree in counseling psychology with research in flotation tanks and hypnosis. After grad school, I returned to public MH service; specializing in crisis/emergency services. Eventually, with 25 years of crisis investigation, evaluations and consultations. I found crisis work was interesting, challenging, difficult and humbling. During the years in crisis services, Love Change Grow became a shorthand way of presenting information to help people quickly grasp how to change. In 2015, Love Change Grow was a very small and unknown blog. Posts were intended as a quick reference/review of topics we had discussed during the client’s consults.

In 2021, I left my beloved public MH service because the MH system had become too crazy. During the past year, I considered various avenues in which to pivot my skills. Ultimately, deciding to present information to folks about how to navigate and advocate for getting their needs met in the MH system. An insider’s perspective; revealing information, thoughts about the way things work. The intent is to provide information so that individuals, family members and other professionals can better navigate the system and better advocate for themselves.

The carousel of MH posts are an insider’s perspective to help navigate the MH system.