Breakdown to Breakthrough

Breakdown to Breakthrough


There are many ways to view the upcoming season. The season being winter. Winter is the GAP/space/time between the old garden and a new garden. It is a time to be inside. Go inside yourself and abide. Ignore the storm raging all around you. Do what you can to care for those close to you. The short version is that it is an opportunity to go inside and rise up.

Winter is the time to withdraw and hibernate. Do not pay attention to what’s going on externally. A way to think about this is to clean your house. Discarded the old stuff, better yet gift/give what you don’t need to folks who are in need. By cleaning out the unused, you are making space for expansion and transformation. If one has not cleaned their home, it’s difficult to expand and rise. It is an opportunity to become enlightened.

On the world/global platform, we are experiencing a breakdown, i.e., a cleaning. We see the old worn-out things deteriorate and crumbling. If a person is attached to the things that are turning to dust; they react with fear, confusion and anxiety. However, if they are not attached; they are able to witness this crumbling and see it as a part of an expected process. And recognize it is an opportunity to create a new reality. Mindfulness

Allegorically, we are like a shepherd who sees a storm rolling in. A shepherd gathers their sheep and herds them into a cave. They comfort them. And knows this is merely a storm that will pass. The storm rages outside while the shepherd abides in the knowledge and reality that after the storm, there will be renewed pastures.

Clean your house and get it in order. Gather your family, friends, neighbors, community and have a plan when the storm hits. First, reassure them. Second, know that surviving is based on sharing. It is very difficult for an individual or small group to survive a harsh storm. However, as a community there is enough energy and diversity to easily meet basic needs. Primarily, this is going to be food, water and shelter. Looking at the ancient tribal cultures; exchange is based on giving/gifting/sharing. Giving whatever another member of the tribe needs. There is very little idea of individual ownership. As the storm hits, we don’t need to have 10 different kitchens of individuals sitting alone for an evening dinner; afraid of what’s happening outside. Instead, we can have one household cooking. And the other households bring whatever food they might have to prepare a meal for 10 families. It becomes a gathering of families and friends playing games, music, telling stories, etc. This the connection and communion with others by way of sharing. And the same goes for other groups, whether it is a business and its employees, a social or church group, etc.

Sharing is the new wealth. It’s not only harvested/stored resources of food, water or shelter. It is also sharing talents and skills, childcare, education, knowledge, arts and crafts. Everybody has something to share. No offering is too small. Sharing is a basic instinct of the soul. Love Is The New Money

Peace, love and light!



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