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A person creates great change when they take responsibility to make something happen.

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    Master Class 2

  • Parenting Part 4 of 5

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    Diagnosis, Clinical Formulation and Treatment

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    Parenting Part 3 of 5

Parenting Part 3 of 5

The second seven-year period from ages 7 to 14 years is where the child develops a sense of group norms and expectations, i.e., normalization and socialization with the world. This is where they learn how to interact and socialize with their peers and the world. The important reference is their peers, the group of kids that they…

Parenting Part 2 of 5

The first 7-10 years is where the child gets the core sense of themselves, the world and future. Essentially they are learning the operating and processing system. Or laying down the fundamental neuropathways of their experience.

What is Mental Health?

A way to think about mental health is “wellness.” Simply it is having a routine of “wellness.” Wellness is both the foundation and the dynamic practice or routine of living well.

Parenting Part 1 of 5

Knowing what a child goes through, you can gracefully help your child learn how to love, change and grow. This parenting series provides and outlines an intuitive framework, strategy and process to help you raise happy, confident and competent children as they become young adults.

The Gift of Empathic Witness (MH2)

Listening to the client is one of the most obvious things to do. And yet one of the most over-looked and under-appreciated. Basically, the client is telling you what they need help with.

What if Love is the New Money

“What if… love is the new money?” Love is valuable, abundant and infinite (Is this not self-evident?). Love can be easily and freely exchanged. There are no or very little costs. It’s instant and has no limits of space, time or dimension and is infinite. What if love collapses or compresses space, time or dimension?…