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Why This, Why Now?

Many need a clear understandable and accessible strategy that helps put things together. A diy approach to make things happen for themselves. There is a infinite amount of information about tips and techniques on the web. Yet little about a strategy of how to make it work. There are the academic ivory towers of theory, research and statistical evidence. Professional services are hidden behind a “Wizard of Oz” curtain of degrees, credentials and licensure. And a paywall of professional standards, regulations and confidentiality that result in expensive and restricted access. Coaches, counselors and consultants charge $$$$ for bread crumbs. What is forgotten, is that value or worth is determined by the user, customer or client. During my MH career, I was the student receiving lessons from souls with tattered wings. I was humbled and in awe of clients’ courage, faith and determination.

Share & Support

Love Change Grow operates on a Share and Support model. Essentially it is a combination of “pulling back the curtain” (WYSIWYG), support what you think it’s worth (PWYTIW) and “reverse crowd funding.” That is you first get the goods/rewards. Test drive it to see if it’s relevant to your situation. Then consider financially supporting Love Change Grow. The Share and Support model inspires me to do my best. And for you to discern if it is applicable, valuable and works for you. The share and support model checks the boxes of integrity, compassion, gracefulness and sovereign discernment for both of us.

Additionally these are my personal and professional reasons:

  • First, I don’t want money or access to be a barrier to this information. Sometimes the folks that are most in need, are the least able to access and afford it.
  • Second, the act of receiving or consuming MH services there are significant stigmas, shame and accessibility issues. Furthermore, it’s difficult to sort through the jargon, marketing and regulatory issues only to find that what you need is unaffordable, not easily available or has a long waiting list. Meanwhile desperation turns to panic and grows into hopelessness. Finding a therapist, counselor or psychiatrist that is knowledgeable, has the skills and experience to help you; and the integrity and personality you can work with is like winning the lotto. The system is severely lacking. The result is there are few competent professionals and a very narrow access to services. The MH system is a mishmash of old notions, expensive new treatments and a nightmarish maze of bureaucratic/political agendas. It’s time to pull back the curtain! And reveal common sense basics. We all need help!
  • We all get by with a little help from our friends and the kindness of strangers. The new wealth is “sharing” (what-if-love-is-the-new-money). We are recognizing the need to move beyond the old paradigm of “greed … what can I get” to “what can I give/share.” Essentially the old model is an ego driven grab for money, fame and power that results in inequalities and disadvantages for most folks and the planet.
  • Last, having received many blessing throughout life. My needs are minimal. My passion is the Love Change Grow endeavor. I will do this regardless of financial gain or ruin. Love Change Grow is a community garden. A place where we can all love, grow, share and support each other while moving toward a more enlightened planet.

Supporting versus Free?

When you choose to support something. You are aligning your beliefs, values with taking action. Action aligned with your beliefs and values results in integrity. Integrity courageously claims “this is who I am and what I do!

Support also comes in the form of sharing, following, comments, collaborating and participating in community.

Consider contributing financial support to help grow and spread Love Change Grow. This is my passion and will continue for as long as possible. And when it come time for my exit, the plan is to gift it to our future to become our legacy.

Thank you and Blessing!

Tim Justice

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