Master Strategy

Love Change Grow is a master strategy. This master strategy came from conducting crisis mental health evaluations. The challenge is to listen to their story, evaluate and suggest a direction of change; all within a period of 60-90 minutes.  Essentially, it was a consultation to help them change.  By re-orienting to where or what they wanted to do. Providing concepts of dynamic change. And a framework and process to grow. Using a garden metaphor many people are able figure out what to do. 

I began asking myself, “how does a person change?”  A seemingly simple question…”ahh Right!”  Reviewing theories of personality, learning theories and such; which made sense, however were at best difficult to convey or even apply in a short amount of time.  Eventually the idea that we change in cycles and seasons emerged.  Over several years, a more complete idea blossomed using the metaphor “gardening.”  The idea is that a person changes in cycles and seasons. During a lifetime, a person will have many gardens. grew out of the belief that love/joy/passion is the superior motivation for change. Change is a growth opportunity when we are inspired and guided by our love, passions and joy.

Change is constant and unending.  Change can cause crisis when a person does not expect or does not want it or it comes too fast. Change happens, whether we love or fear it. We can get chased all over hell by our fears, demons and anxieties. Or we can choose to chase our dreams, passions and love.

The garden metaphor is a simple, intuitive and elegant tool to help us learn how to navigate change while chasing our dreams, passions and loves…instead of being chased all over hell by our fears, demons and anxieties.

The garden metaphor provides a conceptual framework and process for growing. It clues us to the tasks of what to do and when. It is easily understood, simple and elegant. We change in cycles and seasons. In life we have many gardens: Projects, relationships, careers, family, and more.  Theses are the “Gardens of the Soul.”

Gardening metaphor:  Many people have little idea of how to strategically change.  They are unable to clearly articulate their process of change and growth.  Presume the following:  We are the garden, the gardener and the tomato plant in the garden.  Each season is different and requires a different task.  Spring is about planning, preparation and gathering resources. It involves germination and planting. Summer is about establishing a daily routine of working in the garden. It is essentially being the gardener and establishing a daily routine of tending the garden.  In the fall, we harvest the fruit of our labor. However, it requires us to decide which fruit is ripe and what to do with it.  Many, feel winter is uncomfortable. It’s cold, dark, filled with anxiety, loss of direction and fear. But winter is essential. Winter is the season of introspection. It’s a time of evaluation, self-reflection, renewal and rebirth. It is the process of examining and evaluating what went well and lessons learned. Of diving deep with in ourselves and finding our root or BEING. And last, discover seeds that have germinated for the next season. Once we understand the meaning, purpose and tasks of winter, it can be a wonder filled season for renewal, rebirth and dreaming of new gardens. Filled with excitement of germinating seeds for the coming spring.

When there is change and/or crisis, there is opportunity.  Change, crisis and opportunity are inextricably connected. Is there a strategy to anticipate change, navigate crisis and actualize opportunities for growth?

Whether, an individual is in crisis or an organization needing to change, there are three basic underpinnings. First, is to establish a frame-of-reference that offers hope.  Second, to establish a process that is easily understood, applicable and predictable.   Lastly, to inspire and motivate a person/organization to make the change. is a consulting/education endeavor to help people navigate change. The foundation is that “consciousness” envisions our experience and our heart powers it to happen. Our mindset is the premise that filters and bias our experiences. It creates our interpretation of our experiences. Currently, many recognize our ways of being and paradigms are inadequate for a joyful existence on the planet. There is a palatable shift/change occurring. Love Change Grow is here to help navigate new ways of being.

Colleagues and clients have begged me to write a book, present workshops…“just do something.” After a 37+ year career in public mental health, I’ve decided to pivot and offer consults, education and information based on an elegant master strategy of Love Change Grow.


Love is the great force in the universe.

Change happens, is constant and inevitable.

Growing can be simple, intuitive and elegant.