What if Love is the New Money

“What if… love is the new money?”
Love is valuable, abundant and infinite (Is this not self-evident?). Love can be easily and freely exchanged. There are no or very little costs. It’s instant and has no limits of space, time or dimension and is infinite. What if love collapses or compresses space, time or dimension? Or does love expand space, time and dimensions? What happens if love does both?


We are threshold where the power of the ego has matured to its sovereignty. But also recognizes that the itself, the ego does not operate without interdependent connection. Individuals realize that they have the ability and responsibility to choose but they also must consider that they only exist meaningfully; in relationship or connection, i.e., existentialism. It is the connection with their environment, whether is physically, energetically, socially, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, etc. It is the embedded interdependent connection that provides meaning and purpose to the experience of existence.  

A Transpersonal Psychology View of What The Hell is Happening?

The awakening folks realize that merely withdrawing their attention from external drama storms and realizing/understanding that an internal sense of autonomy and sovereignty, one understands it is one’s individual moral authority and our responsibility to change. That in changing our understanding of our self (identity), our relationships with others and claim our responsibility to create our unity reality.

Consciousness creates reality?

Does consciousness change reality or change our experience of reality? And if consciousness changes our experience of reality, what is reality? If consciousness is a tool of the spirit, then does consciousness create? The prevailing thought is that reality creates consciousness.