Here It Is. Get Ready. The Grand Event!

Here It Is. Get Ready. The Grand Event!

So here it is the grand event. The great opportunity. What if Earth is a school? A school of free will. The students of Earth school, having earned sovereignty to be educated in the knowledge of light and dark. Each lesson provides an opportunity to choose love or fear; or light and dark.

However, we as individuals beings on the planet and with mother earth/Gaia have a great opportunity. The opportunity is to ascend as a planet with all of its beings or stay in the old schoolhouse for more lessons?

One view of earth is a place where we experience both love and fear. The opportunity to learn and work with the dynamics of both love and fear. And once we learn this, we have free will. The opportunity to choose what to do with love and fear, good and evil, light and dark, etc..

Wondering why now, why us, why come and be on Earth? One perspective is that we have come to earth to experience the transformation and transcend ourselves along with the planet. Some are still in the school of light and dark. Some have the knowledge of light and dark; but are figuring out the dynamics. Some are in the battle between light and dark. Others are the teachers. And there are those who are here to anchor the light, be lighthouse/light bearers that light the path.

This is the time of opportunity. Foretold by the scriptures, the ancients and seen in the movement of the stars. Have we reached the limits of rational scientific empirical thought? We know there is more than what can be contained in the vessel of academia and science. Have we come to a point in our knowledge where we must now make a leap? Or continue to hold on to the trapeze bar, swinging back and forth. Are you ready to let go? And fly with the greatest of ease?

The revelation is that each person is sovereign and has free-will. The great hope is that folks have faith; let go and fly across the gap. Or to walk across the invisible bridge of faith. Will you choose to continue on walk in a worldly labyrinth or choose love light? To ascend with mother earth. To be a graduate in the crowned school of free will. Planet earth is where beings come to experience and learn the ways of love and wonder. To become beings of love. The bearers of infinite love through out darkness.

I wonder if this is the connection foretold of the Aquarian age. The Aquarians being the knowledge bearers. Pouring out the living waters of liquid love light? Will earth become the ascended school where all experience and learn to create the love that is spoken about by the mystics, masters and teachers?

We are at the gate. Are you ready to answer the question of the gatekeeper? What do you choose? Are you the key? Or… you are the key!

For quite some time (at least the past two decades), I have struggled with what the hell is going on? And for the past 10 months, these blog posts have been thoughts and wondering about the rabbit holes encountered, experiences thus far, what the hell are we doing and what is happening?

Change happens! We are crossing the threshold and moving into an experience of an enormous change. There are two simultaneous choices. One is to abide in the being-ness of yourself; so as not to get swept up in the storms of politics, economies and culture. The other is, with your divine sovereignty and free will; choose! Engage your full Self/Being or not. Use your thoughts, feelings, actions; your existence to step into an ascended reality. This happens by dropping into the heart of your Self. Of course, there is the heart of darkness and the heart of light. Both are masterful teachers. However, we now face this rare opportunity to cross the great divide together with mother earth (one time per yuga Yuga – Wikipedia). Each moment is an opportunity to choose our reality.

Meanwhile, on one level, this is the time of transformation. It is the GAP. Take the opportunity of this winter to go inside. The space in which to find, become and Be. It is a time/space to dream, imagine and find our seeds for a new planet. This is the unique and grand event to ascend with Mother Earth. Blessings!

Peace, love and light!



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