The Gap

The Gap

The gap is where the magic happens. Many folks acutely feel uncomfortable being in the Gap. They feel anxious, lost, confused, getting spun around, flip flopping, and feeling like the rug was just pulled out from underneath them. Being in the gap, a person feels like there is no ground to stand on or to operate from. Folks feel that things have become unreal, unhinged, and they do not know what to do. A bankruptcy, divorce, job loss, death in the family, moving to a new place; these are all common stress situations. A person can become overwhelmed with anxiety and fear. Some freeze, curl up and crawl into a hole. Some say cluck-it and do all kinds of crazy. And some try to numb themselves with work, alcohol and drugs.

Folks feel the dynamics of the gap but are not consciously aware that the gap is the opportunity to change. They do not know the dynamics of the forces involved in the gap. Nor how to handle or what to expect from the movements of the forces happening in the gap. Very few understand the dynamic forces of the gap. Even fewer that comfortably handle being in the gap. Rare are the folks that enjoy playing and frolicking in the gap. And where the unicorns abide, frolic and are able to help navigate the great divide.

The mythic stories of crossing the river, lost in the desert, the hero’s journey, and going through the jungle are the poetic tales of the gap. Having a map of the milestones, forging tools in the fires of your experience and being guided in the skills of navigating allows for safe passage to the other side. However, understanding the gap and experiencing the gap are two completely different things. One will encounter odd and strange beings on their path. Some will provide comfort or irritation, blessings or curses, and some with guidance or misdirection. None but yourself will accompany you. For you are the one creating your path to yourself.

Peace, love and light!



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