The Opening

The Opening


Many are seeing this opening of the gap. Some are fearful of what’s happening; is it a chasm opening up? A few see this opening as a tremendous opportunity. One view is that there are many things that are collapsing. The other view is that the old paradigms are no longer useful and thus need to breakdown to breakthrough. As always, it is the question of what needs to go through a transformation? As you know, from my perspective, it’s consciousness, heart and being. It’s the transformation from the ego to the WeGo.

I just got back from two days of marketing training. The focus of the training was the opportunity and methods of making some big money. It was basically to go from making very little or just a few thousand a month to folks having the potential to make over 100,000 per month with a relatively low investment.

What was shocking is that I discovered the potential of my market value. If well executed, I could provide a 1:1 intensive consult at $10-50k. For the less-monied, I could easily set up a small group or pod consulting of 4-5 persons with a three-month contract for 20k (80-100k cash). Or it would be easy to get $300 per seat for doing a webinar with a limit of 100 participants, which ends up to be $30k a webinar. Believe me, I have already sketched out 4-5 webinars, pod consulting and 1:1 consulting service. Content wise, I’d ready to go in 20-30 minutes.

Holy crap! The basic idea is to make a lot of money in a brief time. Then leverage the cash in undervalued assets in the crash, ride the wave up and at some point, cash out and repeat. Of course, this is a wickedly seductive concept. The underlying premise is “what can I get?” The presumption is that the redeeming value/condition is then a person COULD afford to be very generous; but would they/I?

There was discussion of various opportunities and how to make things happen in 2023 as the prime, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for generational wealth and legacy. I get it, at least conceptually, the information presented. However, it also made me focus on the basic things of who in the hell am I, what is my passion and what do I want to do about it? As you know, these questions are the central ideas of my posts. Which also brings up the issues of sovereignty and free will. But all this thinking brought me to the question of “why not eliminate the money exchange and move toward the idea that love is the new money and sharing is the new wealth economy.

I want to go viral in the change/empowerment space while disrupting the old marketing/money thing. I only need enough to cover cost and not make a butt load of cash. The focus is to make an impact, to help others rise up. The more money that a person has that is beyond meeting their reasonable needs, creates a lot of un-needed burdens and responsibilities. While the counterargument is that money makes life convenient… of course depends on one’s definitions of convenient?

For those that have been following me, you know I believe “love is the new money and sharing is the new wealth economy.” During the training, there was the nod to developing joint partnerships with micro-influencers to reach a larger audience. It was an inspiring, talented and dynamic group of participants. There were many entrepreneurs for potential creative partnerships who are also trying to make an impact of helping others to rise.

Still working on the plan, execution and sharing the love change grow in an efficient and low-cost manner.

This week I am asking you to consider becoming a micro influencer for Love Change Grow. To help spread the movement. Honoring your sovereign free will and your discernment, to share with your tribe. It would be like giving them a gift of an opportunity to love, change and grow.

Peace, love and light!



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