Update, November 27, 2022

Hi All,

I don’t have a post per se, but an update. The update is that I am deep into setting up an information and educational endeavor. The core product/service is the Love Change Grow method/strategy.

After discussions with my attorney and business consultants. 1:1 personal or individual services will not be offered. However informational and educational seminars, master classes and Q & A’s via in person and virtually will be available. The focus is offering informational and educational webinars/masterclasses of the Love Change Grow strategy.

·      Seminars/Courses for learning how to change, grow and develop a simple, intuitive and elegant strategy for life.

·      Parenting and education using the Love Change Grow strategy.

·      Folks (in a group format) who are trying to navigate the mental health system.

·      Group Mentoring for those who are in careers needing clinical supervision hours.

I am primarily interested in collaborating, partnering and creating with others for their communities. Including interviews, keynotes, workshops/webinars. I’m already in the process of several of these projects. I would love to work with parent groups, homeschoolers, native tribes, recovery groups, etc. facing challenges of integrating/finding/creating community, such as teens wanting to find direction, combat vets groups, programs working with former incarcerated, domestic violence survivors, etc.

Note: Despite having extensive experience in mental health counseling and evaluation. I will not provide counseling or therapy. I will not provide any diagnoses, treatment or treatment recommendations. This is strictly an informational and educational endeavor. Thank you for your understanding.

Below is a brief of introduction of the nuts and bolts of the Love Change Grow method/strategy. It’s basically level 1 of 4.

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Counselor and crisis consultant of 25 years. Providing education about how to navigate change.

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