Essential Questions That Root Us

The next few posts are about essential understanding.  Essential understanding provides the ground or soil in which to grow.  Soil provides nutrients but it also provides the foundation that allows a plant to stand up via the roots.  They are the concepts that give both the meaning and protocol for our everyday life. 

Essential Questions

Each person needs to find his or her reason for being.  If not, they often feel lost and don’t know what to do and seemingly wander along at the mercy of the wind and rain.  The place to start, is to ask the question; “why am I here?”  What is my purpose, what do I need to do, to learn, what can I give and etc.  To get meaningful answers, you must to ask meaningful questions.  The questions of “why am I here and what is my purpose” are the essential questions which only you can seek the answers.  Once we have an inkling of our purpose and meaning than it becomes much easier to set down roots and get on with growing.  The world’s religions, philosophies and arts are reflections of this quest for meaning and purpose.  I encourage folks to explore these fertile grounds relative to their cultural or ethnic roots; or with what resonates.  The essential questions are:  Who am I?  Why am I here (what is my purpose)? What is my passion(s)?  What do I want/need to do?  Subsequently, the search for these answers ground us, enables us to set down roots and grow.

 Setting down roots give access to water and nutrients. Which enables us to grow. The roots are in the ground and the uptake of water and nutrients are unseen. But there are there, they are the small unseen daily gifts that the roots gather while growing down further in the soil of day to day life.

The roots also provide support, enables a person to stand up right and reach for the bright sun of your passions and joys.

Peace, love and light!



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