Essential Recognition of the Soul

In this time of many challenges, there are seemingly few opportunities.  Perhaps the essential task is to recognize our soul and the soul of others.  To understand we are inter-dependent, with each other, the environment and the planet.   To experience participating, helping and sharing with others.   Changing our orientation from a life based on fear, i.e., separation, competition, hoarding and control to a life based on love, i.e., sharing, participating and abundance.  Begin to understand, it is not about what can I get…but what can I give or share.  Learning to acknowledge, appreciate and participate in diversity.  Learn that the world is full of wonder if we are open and receptive to the experience.  Recognize that we create our experience and the world. 

Many years ago, I attended a Sufi workshop.  One of the exercises had a profound effect.  It was a simple exercise of forming a circle with about 60 folks.  Then, collapse the circle into a crescent moon or “C” shape.  We were then standing face to face and instructed to remain silent but to look deeply in to the other person and acknowledge their soul.  After a brief moment, then take a step to the left, do the same with the next person…and so on until we had acknowledged each person in the group, and were back with the first person.  It was a powerful experience looking deeply while at the same time exposing or revealing one’s self/soul to another…and all done in silence.  By the end of the exercise, everyone was aglow and there was a deep awareness that something special had occurred…which was being acknowledged and received by 59 other souls in a brief time and without speaking word.

Essential Being and Interactions

So how do we meet another soul?  By simply acknowledging the other, while also being open and receptive to them and without fear or judgement.  There are four reference points, like on a compass that help orient us.  The first is integrity, knowing who you are.  It is merely knowing “I am” and this is my being.  Integrity is about “who I am.”  The second reference point is compassion, which is acknowledging, treating, and receiving others as you would like to be.  Compassion is about interacting with others “how you would want to be experienced.”  The third reference point is grace, i.e., manifesting a subtle yet receptive influence.  Instead of a forceful PUSH to make something happen, i.e., control.  Grace is beyond power, ego and attachment to the outcome.  Gracefulness requires mindfulness, i.e., patience and insight to watch for opportunities to act with integrity and compassion for the betterment of all.  Lastly, the fourth reference is that of presence of BEING.  The silence of being present.  It is not the silence of isolation or separation.  It is the holding of sacred space for the other person.  It is the willingness to hold and share space with another person without fear or judgement and being receptive to them no matter what.  Being, holding and sharing sacred space, things change, unfold and blossoms.  Our experience, the world and future changes, it becomes light, peaceful and full of wonder.

So got it…integrity, compassion, grace and being! 

Acknowledging all with integrity, compassion and grace, we recognize that each one of us is no different.  That each person is trying to make their way and we all get by with a little help from our friends and the kindness of strangers.  Understanding the difference between a fear-based life that centers around separation, hoarding and controlling others.   Fear, recoils, withdraws and isolates.  It seeks to control and have power.  While love-based life seeks to understand, appreciates uniqueness and participates in creating a diverse and beautiful universe. 

***Mindfulness…breathe, be patient, insight will unfold and then watch for opportunities to act with integrity, compassion and grace.

Peace, Love and Light!



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