What if Love is the New Money

“What if… love is the new money?”
Love is valuable, abundant and infinite (Is this not self-evident?). Love can be easily and freely exchanged. There are no or very little costs. It’s instant and has no limits of space, time or dimension and is infinite. What if love collapses or compresses space, time or dimension? Or does love expand space, time and dimensions? What happens if love does both?

Essential Recognition of the Soul

Essential Recognition of the Soul In this time of many challenges, there are seemingly few opportunities.  Perhaps the essential task is to recognize our soul and the soul of others.  To understand we are inter-dependent, with each other, the environment and the planet.   To experience participating, helping and sharing with others.   Changing our orientationContinue reading “Essential Recognition of the Soul”

Spring Equinox…Get Ready!

Spring Equinox…Get Ready! It’s the spring equinox, what are you planting in your garden?  For the past month or so what have you been dreaming about?  What seed has germinated and taken root in your unconsciousness and do you dream about?  What has sprouted into your consciousness and taken root in your imagination?  What areContinue reading “Spring Equinox…Get Ready!”