What if Love is the New Money

“What if… love is the new money?”
Love is valuable, abundant and infinite (Is this not self-evident?). Love can be easily and freely exchanged. There are no or very little costs. It’s instant and has no limits of space, time or dimension and is infinite. What if love collapses or compresses space, time or dimension? Or does love expand space, time and dimensions? What happens if love does both?

Time and Space are Malleable CE ep4

Time and Space are Malleable:   The subjective sense of time is an interesting mental phenomenon. We normally think it is time as standard measured marks counted off in minutes, hours, days etc. Currently many people think of time as a number as a digit on their watch or clock. When I was a kid,Continue reading “Time and Space are Malleable CE ep4”

Elegant Metaphor of Gardening

Elegant Metaphor of Gardening Gardening is an elegant metaphor.  It is established, intuitive and is a universal archetype complete with representative concepts, processes and vocabulary.  The gardening metaphor is multi-dimensional.  It is useful for describing intra-psychic processes, interpersonal relationships, organizational and societal change. It also lends itself concepts of ecology, ecosystems, interdependence, stewardship and sustainability. Continue reading “Elegant Metaphor of Gardening”

Essential Questions That Root Us

Essential Questions That Root Us The next few posts are about essential understanding.  Essential understanding provides the ground or soil in which to grow.  Soil provides nutrients but it also provides the foundation that allows a plant to stand up via the roots.  They are the concepts that give both the meaning and protocol forContinue reading “Essential Questions That Root Us”

The Essential Skill of Decision Making

The Essential Skill of Decision Making We are the sum of our decisions.  If we know how to make good decisions then we should be doing well…right?  During mental health consultations, I’ll often ask. “How do you make decisions?”  “Well they just feel right or they make sense.” “What decision lead up to being hereContinue reading “The Essential Skill of Decision Making”