Education Part 1 of 3

Getting Schooled: Elementary and high school experience started with the kindergarten teacher being my mom. School was about playing, socializing and having fun. High school was about cat and mouse games of staying out of trouble and being terribly bored. My junior year was skipping 2 days a week, showing up for test and otherwiseContinue reading “Education Part 1 of 3”

Parenting Part 4 of 5

The overall task is emancipation. That is to learn to make it on their own. To learn how to fly out of the nest. The challenge is several folds. First, they won’t listen to parents. Second, they want to do it themselves. Third, they think they know what to do and that it just magically happens. 

Parenting Part 3 of 5

The second seven-year period from ages 7 to 14 years is where the child develops a sense of group norms and expectations, i.e., normalization and socialization with the world. This is where they learn how to interact and socialize with their peers and the world. The important reference is their peers, the group of kids that they interact with. Parents, be attentive to and guide your child in respect to their peers. And in what environment and activities they are involved in. 


We are threshold where the power of the ego has matured to its sovereignty. But also recognizes that the itself, the ego does not operate without interdependent connection. Individuals realize that they have the ability and responsibility to choose but they also must consider that they only exist meaningfully; in relationship or connection, i.e., existentialism. It is the connection with their environment, whether is physically, energetically, socially, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, etc. It is the embedded interdependent connection that provides meaning and purpose to the experience of existence.