Time and Space are Malleable

Time and Space are Malleable:


The subjective sense of time is an interesting mental phenomenon. We normally think it is time as standard measured marks counted off in minutes, hours, days etc. Currently many people think of time as a number as a digit on their watch or clock. When I was a kid, pre-digital, time was represented in a circle on the face of a clock or watch. Seeing time marked off on a circle is perhaps more representative of that idea that we measure things in cycles. Growing up, this way I could glance at the face of a clock and easily know six hours past or present without having to do a math calculation. And depending on whether we use the 12-hour versus the 24-hour representation of time, from 9 AM to 3 PM, a six-hour time difference can be noted as either 3 PM or 1500.

There are different ways of conceptualizing time. Time can be marked as events instead of a standard of minutes and hours. An example is gardening. We mark gardening as events such as planting, growing, harvesting and winter as dormancy. Another conceptual notion of time is movement. Moving from one place in space to another place in space. Young kids will often say, “where are we going or are we there yet; without reference to the amount of minutes or hours.” And yet another concept of time is that of memories and of the future. We can easily remember and place ourselves in a past or possible future event. Both the past and the future are events, a movement to a different space that transcends the notion of time. Along with the past and the present is the experience of the now. Again, in the notion of the now can either collapse or expand an experience. We refer to the current popular notion as “flow or the dynamic flow state.” When a person is experiencing flow, existing as a single endless moment. An example of being in a car wreck, time seems to slow down, and the experience is of “slow motion.” Versus, when executing a performance such as a musical piece or snowboarding at 60 mph you come to the end and you know that time/space has passed but there is little or no awareness of all the minute and complex executions of the event; it’s like time did not exist.

We are taught to experience time linearly from the beginning to the end. The starting point is often on the left side of the page, graph and the arrow points or moves to the right side of the page. But if we pick up the piece of paper rotated 90° that arrow becomes a dot or the graph becomes a vertical line. Essentially, the linear idea of time compresses and loses the depth of linearity.

So why bring up the notion that time can be malleable? If we realize we can change our experience of time thus through conscious awareness, we can then open ourselves up to a broader experience. Through consciousness and intention, we can move ourselves beyond the confines of the normal or consensual time and space experience.

We are now at the point in the conscious entanglement series in which we can change our experience(s). Understanding consciousness as a transformer with the ability to tune in different frequencies or radio stations in the field. Realizing the heart with its positive and negative aspects creates or powers movement or magnetic flow in the field. And knowing that our body is a wonderful vehicle in which to cruise around and be the transceiver (to both receive and transmit) our experience. We understand and can move beyond the apparitions of fear. And now we have smashed the linear concepts of time and space. We have become the razor’s edge of conscious entanglement with the field. We have the skills and understanding in which to collaboratively create our world with peace, love and light. 

Peace love and light!



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