Three Books of Life + 1

There are three must have books in life. 

The first is a “week at a glance” type of appointment book.  It is where you track appointments, things to do, lists, phone numbers etc. It is organization at a glance.  However, it is also excellent source of feedback; it allows the review and realization that over the past few months or a year you have done many things to get you where you want to go.  You are not the same person, nor are you at the same place; you have changed and grown.  Seeing and remembering that you have accomplished these tasks can be great inspiration and motivation to continue to chase your passions.

The second book is a blank book, it is where you store and keep your seeds.  This is the book where you put things of your imagination, passions, dreams.  It is for the seeds and things that are inspiring and that you might want to plant in your garden.  It could be a poem, idea, song, a lyric, recipe, picture of something you want.  Whatever it is, tear it out, glue/tape it in the book.  This book is your seed catalog.  Albert Einstein proposed, “imagination is the greatest creative force in the universe.”  Everybody has great ideas, thoughts and solutions but often we forget about them. They get blown away or lost by the busy winds of time.  If we do not collect them, we may not remember or find them again.  In the late winter when we are wondering what to plant in our garden, open the “book of seeds.”  Perhaps it was 5 years ago, but now there is time, space and resources to plant this seed.  Maybe 85-90 percent of the seeds may never be planted.  However, that does not matter; they are not lost.  What matters are the 10 or 15 percent of the seeds that you do plant.  How many times have you thought, what a simple idea, I wished I had thought of that million dollar idea.  How many seeds have we lost that could have been valuable?

The third book is the book in your hand that is interesting and that you enjoy.  Books are time machines, spaceships and your ticket to the universe.  Unlike movies that are illustrative and descriptive, books require imagination.  To the parents of children, one of the single best things you can do to help ensure academic success and the most reliable predictor of graduating from college is to instill the passion for reading…Period.  Children who are read to when they are toddlers and into the elementary school years; become people that enjoy reading and are generally more successful. 

The plus 1 book is a journal of “Lessons Learned.” This book contains the adventures, stories and tales of your life. Perhaps you will not need this book, except as a reminder of the path taken. But it might be interesting for your family or others so they might gain a sense of your adventures. And become inspired to bushwhack their path through the wilds.

Peace, love and light!


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