Location, Location, Location…Where to Grow Your Garden

A 26 year old African American/Black woman had brought herself into the emergency department.  She was feeling depressed and suicidal but wanted help.  She was working as a cook in a diner, had her own apartment and friends, but was feeling stuck.  I ask, what was her passion?  Her reply was “cooking;”…but she was working as a cook.  I asked what kind of cooking?  She noted, her passion was to learn Cajun cooking.  “Well what the heck are you doing in the Pacific Northwest.  You got to go to Louisiana.”    The light bulb turned on!  Instantly, she livened up and you could see that she was making plans on what she needed to do.  We continued to discuss a few other life skills but essentially this young woman had a lot going for her, but the key piece was a change of location so that she could pursue her passion.

There are as many different kinds of gardens as there are gardeners.  There are vegetable, flower, cactus, tropical, fern, desert, indoor, herb, succulent, rock, terrariums and etc.  Gardens, are to an extent are determined by environment and climate.  In a sense environment and climate can be thought of as the physical, resources/financial, emotional, social, cultural, intellectual and even spiritual environment or climate which may significantly determine the success of the garden.  It is important to be mindful of the location of the garden and it may be required to relocate to a favorable environment and climate.

Does your location, climate and environment support you? In part, we are products of our environment. Sometimes you got to move to a place where you can grow, blossom and produce wonder fruit.

Peace, love and light!


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