Time for a Change, it’s 2022

Time for a Change 2022. 

With the start of the new year, this is also the start of a new phase of this venture.  With a wall of blog topic ideas, I will be posting at least once a week along with a video each week…hopefully more.  And there are plans to conduct one or two workshop/webinars this year.  These are to flesh out and do a deep dive into the gardening metaphor.

Every moment presents an opportunity to change.  Seemingly for whatever reasons our planet is in the process of significant change. There are all kinds of rabbit hole explanations that refer to this time of planetary history. The discussion of the whys, what for and how these changes occur can be interesting and provocative. Perhaps it is of some use for you to investigate your opinions and/or biases of why this might be happening.  However, you are a sovereign being; responsible for your due diligence and research. This new year, the new purpose of this website is to focus on presenting a model or metaphor in which to help navigate the process of change.

There has been a lot of changes over the past year.  Change marches on and more to come.  Some of you may not know that I have left mental health service after a 37 year career in public mental health.  In August, I decided it’s time to try something new. This fall, the evolution of Love Change Grow became an LLC.  Using my experiences and skills that were developed during my MH career, I decided to pivot to providing education and information of “navigating the process of change” so that folks can help themselves to change.  I am not providing the fish…but providing information of “how to fish.” 

I continue to be a licensed mental health counselor but NOT practicing.  To be very clear, I am not your therapist or counselor.  The information and opinions expressed at Love Change Grow LLC are for general education and information purposes only.  It DOES NOT constitute Love Change Grow LLC nor Tim Justice as providing professional counseling or therapy.  You should not act or rely on information contained in this website without first seeking independent professional therapy/counseling and/or medical services from a professional that knows of your specific circumstances, needs and goals.  Love Change Grow LLC does not represent the information is accurate and complete, up-to-date or to be taken as an indication of future results and it should not be relied upon as such.  Love Change Grow LLC will not be held responsible for any claim of loss, damage or inconvenience caused as a result of any information or opinion contained within this website.  If any action is taken as a result of opinions and information contained it is at your own discernment, risk and under the recommendation of your therapist, counselor and/or medical professional.  Please refer to Love Change Grow LLC policies that are provided via the links in the footer (Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions, and Privacy).  Now that we have the housekeeping notices addressed.

I need your help to get this going.  I’m asking for a favor one or more of these things.  First, subscribe to get updates and notices of new blog post and videos.  Second, if you know of someone this might be of use, please share.  Also, if there is an agency/program/business where this information may be use to their goals/mission please refer them to Love Change Grow LLC for the possibility of doing a collaborative project.  Lastly if the information has been of value and you have the resources, a donation/tip/patronage would be much appreciated thank you.  I look forward to us creating something beyond our wildest imaginations.

Peace, love and light 2022!



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