The Four I’s and the Know I:

The Four I’s and the Know I:

 There are four “I’s” to be aware of and then abide in the “know I.”  A way to think about manifesting your reality is the following.

The “I”:

The place to start is the knowledge, belief and statement of “I am.” This statement of “I” is the foundation/source of energy and frequency. It is interesting to listen to others make statements of I am…hungry, tired, sick, etc. Also, listen to the statements of I see, feel etc. things like I hate, I feel sick and so forth. The most important is to pay attention to “YOUR” statements of “I.” Of course, as in most things, noticing one’s behavior is a place to start. Perhaps take inventory, count or journal/write about when and what are your statements of “I.” This is just a tool or technique to become more aware of your statements and recognizing how it affects your being, i.e., existence/reality.

The next step is with consciousness awareness, to change the statements to ones such as I am happy; I am healthy; I am light; I am love and I love, I light, etc. There are several tools or techniques that enhance these statements. Affirmations are well known. However, there are a few simple tricks that when combined, become powerful techniques and subsequent skill set. First is to establish a quiet space without distractions. It is the creating a bubble of space just for you. Second, is to speak out loud. State the affirmation with conviction, authority and belief. Third is to speak the affirmation three times in a row. The first time is like a wake-up, initiation or tuning in the frequency. The second time ”okay I’m present and paying attention.” And the third time, brings in or powers-on and establishes the existence of the feeling of the affirmation. (Consciousness, Heart and Field) The next piece is to do these affirmations three times a day; morning, noon and night. In the morning, maybe before even getting out of bed. Mid-day as a reminder or booster. And before going to bed. The fourth piece is to do the affirmations for seven days. At the end of the week, you will have stated that single affirmation 63 times. Many folks will see and feel results. Do only one affirmation per week and then change to a new one each week. The thought is you don’t want to confuse or diffuse yourself. Besides, you have 52 weeks in a year. Is it possible to have a new whole new reality in 52 weeks? Using a bit of psychology, one could also incorporate a focused attentional state while verbally speaking the affirmations. A focused attentional state is simply a meditative, self-induced hypnotic state or perhaps in a flotation tank. It is basically creating a super potent bubble/space in which to do your affirmations. 

Realize that simple statements of “I” are surprisingly powerful. You are reprograming your subconscious mind or operating system. This reprograming works because the mind/body, at the subconscious level, has difficulty distinguishing reality versus imagination. And be attentive to what and where you give your attention. We use this psychology in marketing, advertising and to influence your interpretation of experience/reality and behaviors. However, you can easily use it for yourself. Be attentive to what you say about yourself and your state of being.


The second “I” is intuition. Intuition is the pre-cognition of “in-to-wish’n”. It is when you have an inkling, but yet, unable to logically and coherently grasp or articulate it. The question is, do you follow the hunch or do you wait until you have confirmation or a full picture? Or do you ignore it and then retrospectively realize it would have been a good to have grasped the opportunity, but is no longer available? Intuition can be in-your-face or just a glimpse but often fleeting. So you have to develop techniques for capturing these flashing moments. Learn about when, where and how these hunches present themselves. Like what are the particular signs, signals or symptoms of your intuition (maybe do a bit of research of the aboriginal elders/shamen)? Or when does your intuition happen? Perhaps make a space for these insights to present more easily. The often-noted contemporary tools are to make a sacred space, to carry around a small notebook or do the memo/note app on your smartphone, etc. Folks often have great ideas, but the trick is to capture these darn little seeds, store them and then later remember to use/germinate and plant them when the garden is ready to receive and support them. Collecting Seeds and Intuition 


Imagination is the fun part. It is a playground in which to play, to form and re-form. It is a place to create, recreate and play a scene; to fill the details, movement and multi-level dynamics/symbols/meanings. By stepping into the scene and play out different parts; become distinct characters and so on. Visualization is a powerful technique. It can be a daydream, learning the periodic table or to enhance top level performance. The high-level performers use it. Whether an actor, an Olympic gymnast, songwriter, poet, mechanic/trouble shooter, artist, expecting mother etc. Toddlers and young children live in imagination. Parents can use imagination to teach their young children to memorize/visualize all kinds of things. I taught my 4-year-old son to memorize things by using “the blackboard of his mind” which became a family dad joke. But in third grade, he could spell “psychopharmacological dissection.”

Imagination and visualization are closely tied and operate at a potent level in both the subconscious and conscious levels of awareness. Remember, at the subconscious level, the brain/body doesn’t really distinguish between imagination and reality. This can be a great remedy or hellish existence. There are endless beneficial and tragic occurrences noted in the fields of metaphysics, psychology, meditation, hypnosis, neuro development, psychiatry, memory, spontaneous healing/remissions, brain-neuro plasticity, medical/pharmacological research of the placebo effect, wellness, PTSD/trauma, etc. The difference between heaven and hell comes down to what do you choose to believe.


Intention, you are the I, that has grasped hold of a glimpse of intuition, embellishing it with imagination and now proclaiming the intention. The question is what do you intend; when, with what, to whom and how etc.? These are significant questions with potential consequences and ramifications. Allegorically, you are standing in front of the mythical gatekeeper requesting the gate to be opened. Of course, the question is; what gate do you believe you are at and commanding to be opened? More importantly is, who is this I? Thus, we circle back around to the start of this post but at a deeper level of “who am I?” Once answered, “I am….” One can go about creating themselves, their experience and co-creating with others. 

Jah I:

“Know I” is the perplexing piece. You have had an intuition, have spent time and effort to imagine and have clearly and succinctly stated your intention. You have sent your request out to the universe. The last part to occur is the manifestation. It is a simple thing, yet for many is difficult. Simply, it is acceptance. “Accept the blessing.” What!!! Let’s unpack this “accept the blessing.” There are several aspects to this. First, is to understand that “I am” is the “I am.” It is, you are the alpha and omega, sound familiar? Second is that you are worthy, ready and deserving of the blessing. Third is to have faith and belief that this blessing will happen. In fact, the blessing has always been and is already yours; you just surrender to it. This “know I” is the abiding in the flow of the “know I.” The Rastafarian statement of “Jah I” is the knowing that God, I and the blessings/flow are the same. Understand the I/blessing/manifestation already exists and is the God/source. Manifestations are waiting for you to sense, imagine and claim them (intention). Realize that all you need do is “accept” or “surrender” to the blessing, i.e., manifestations. Knowing it is already a part of you. Just surrender and BE!

However, the manifestation might not be in the form that you imagined it to be. It could also be as a puzzle, challenge or lesson; but it will be. Often it will be bigger and better than what you could have imagined. You walk in the belief and faith; knowing the next stepping stone will be! The age-old adages are appropriate; “be careful of what you wish for” and “choose wisely.” 

But here is the secret to cracking open the nut. Let go, let God, do not attach nor recoil (Mindfulness) and let go of expectations, judgements, fears, anxieties etc. Trust and abide in the flow. It is not about attracting things to flow to you. Its about letting you flow through you. We don’t have anything; we don’t own anything. Realize that we can use something for a bit, pass it on and let it go. Remember by using our consciousness and heart we are transformers of energy. We all are just part of the flow. Grasping, grabbing and holding hinders the flow. Interrupting the flow is interrupting the I. One of the most difficult yet simple things to do is to release. Let go of whatever you are holding on to and let it flow through. At first, letting go feels like a free fall into the unknown. After a short while, you realize you are supported in the flow. You are grateful to be free from the bonds of holding on. You realize that there is nothing gained by holding. And by giving away (flowing) what you want, there is abundance of more to give. Be the flow, flow I, Jah Rastafari! 

You are the change. It is your choice. What do you choose? “In a twinkling of an I…pass (flow) through the eye of the needle.”

Peace, love and light!



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