Understanding Your Vehicle, Part 4

The tank, vipassana, and consciousness provide a unique opportunity, portal, or vehicle of awareness. To be clear, enlightenment is not a destination, journey, or adventure. It is simply being aware. By being aware (in the present or “now” tense) a person is sovereign in their existence, i.e., beingness.

The past week I saw a random question about how to change your sub-conscious programing? Which was the inspiration for this week’s post. It has emerged to finish this 4- part series of consciousness as a vehicle.

Computer Metaphor

The sub-conscious is your programing or operating system AND your stored data, i.e., your experience stored as memory.

Your consciousness is your RAM (random access memory). Which can access deeper stored memory. And can re-write, download new applications, or run the programs and operating system that are loaded.

There is also super or higher consciousness that has access to other operating systems, apps, and data that is normally beyond our normal everyday consciousness. However, our everyday consciousness can access other apps that are in the cloud. It’ just a matter of access.

Re-writing Your Subconscious

The conceptual approach is using your consciousness to access the sub-consciousness. There are many techniques. The basic idea is to shut off and quiet the normal chatter, information processing, alpha/beta brain waves of active alert engagement of everyday life. How do you do this? Easy by NOT thinking about pink elephants… lol. The technique is to focus on what you want to do. And the pink elephants will fade away due to inattention.

A simple place to start this progression of changing your focus is to attend to your breath… we got to breathe anyway. Attending to deep regular comfortable breathing contributes to decreasing anxiety, fear and hyper-vigilance. And increases calm, composed, and relaxed attention. 

As your body, feelings and thoughts quiet down, more subtle pains, knots, and constricted/blocked energy packages will become noticeable/revealed because your chattering monkey mind is subdued. 

The trick at this level of revealing the knots is to go into the pains, knots, blocks. But not with the focus to re-experience them (though you will feel it)… but with the calm intent, composed ability to investigate and observe the experience. You want to witness what happens without reactive fear or fascination. This mindful position helps you to witness the dynamics and patterns of the knots (remember pattern recognition). Essentially, this is the posture of being mindful reveals insight. You use your consciousness to scan for blocks, virus or inappropriate programs that are disrupting your beingness.

When your consciousness detects a dysfunctional package, app or program. Then you can let it continue, change it, delete or replace/upgrade to a better program. Ok, what and where to find an improved app or OS (operating system)? By again quieting yourself, becoming open and relaxed. And then intuitively sensing, or downloading an insight. Then checking it in relation to yourself. Does it align with your meaning, purpose and being? Does it have integrity with whom and what you are?

This is where and what your “super or higher” consciousness is for. It’s like going online and searching for the app that is right for your needs. First, you determine your needs versus your wants. Your needs are your minimal requirements. And your wants are your dreams. But the reality is choosing what will work for you… today! How do you choose? Choosing is via alignment with whom you are, your passions and what you want to do. Hopefully, this sounds familiar. You no longer need to worry because you know where and how to upgrade. 


Bandwidth is about the frequency and transmission capacity. The ability to process, access and operate. There are two ways to increase bandwidth. One way is to clear out anything that is not aligned or a bottleneck. This is simply deleting or detoxing what is no longer useful. A second and perhaps more effective way is to tune in to a frequency that has increased transmission capacity. It is upgrading your OS (operation system) to something more efficient and powerful. This is mindset, learning and using better paradigms, thought, feeling and behaviors. Things like more efficient behaviors, the ability to distinguish fear versus love, what are my responses to attraction versus re-coil/avoidance, etc. And using strategies such as first principle thinking, figuring out the presumption of the position. Using a structure of what, when, where, how and why. And information, analysis, synthesis, integration, innovation, and execution. And a heuristic process such as Love Change Grow. In part 1-3, it was alluded to the psychic realms as the upgrade to the new OS. In short, focusing on love versus fear is simply more elegant. 

How to change the apps or loops of your mind. The subconscious programs, the basic OS programing. How to turn them off? What, where and when they become a pita. Often these apps were useful and usually equated with survival. But as we grow and expand, they become limiting and no longer work well; a pita or irritant to our existence.

The Deep Dive

How to change and access better OS and apps is the challenge. It can be easy or difficult. The place… where? Dive into the self. When something is not working or there are glitches and dropouts. Perhaps causing you to become fretful, anxious and have feelings of dread.

There are myriad of approaches and techniques. Every person has their own path, discernment, and sovereignty. The intention is only to note my experience… for entertainment and information purposes.  

The Vipassana Recipe

  • Get a handle on vipassana or mindfulness. 
  • Understand or intuitively recognize that irritation presents the doorway or portal to its remedy. Thus, go into the irritation, examine it with the laser-focus of attention. 
  • Having the equanimity or composure to watch and observe when the energy releases to gain insight.
  • Understand, allowing an irritant to heat-up and release blocked energy provides an opportunity for insight and energy to flow. 

Vipassana is a significant technique to guide you through expressions of “reality.” It is a strategic tool help navigate and surf the waves of reality. Being able to understand the forces, dynamics and experiences in the flow reality is a great aid or help. The result is an opportunity to choose to do, become and be in alignment with whom you are, your passions and how you are going to make it happen. https://lovechangegrow.com/breath-and-mindfulness/ and lovechangegrow.com/wrathful-and-peaceful-deities/

The difficulty for many folks is they don’t understand following or going into the irritation is the opportunity or pathway for releasing or surrendering the knot. They feel they are stuck between pain and the fear of what might happen. The fear is simply anticipatory anxiety because they do not know to trust the process and have not experienced the other side of the release. Therapy, education, experiential groups, workshops, retreats, gatherings provide support toward “normalization” that these experiences are opportunities for not only survival but a path toward thriving. The basic concept is that an irritant is a guide or teacher. And if ignored becomes a sterner teacher with more pain, fear, etc. Teaches What? The finer qualities of life. That being understanding (insight), grace, surrender, compassion, etc. For example, the “Tibetan Book of the Dead” is a treatise of life and the path toward liberation. And same with the wrathful deities, death and fear are masterful teachers of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

IME (in my experience)

Retrospectively, in my experience (and always subject to change via new understanding) is the progression as gardening. If you have been following, this is nothing new. The first is initial recognition or awareness (germination of the seed). Followed by the preparation or spring, summer growing, blossoms. The fall is fruiting and harvesting. And winter’s death and rebirth that involves evaluation, introspection and dreaming of the new season. 

A Direct And Involved Path

As a teenager searching for meaning and purpose, I became fascinated with the idea of “enlightenment” and figuring out a way to do it easily and quickly. I discovered the “Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment” (Thaddeus Golas,1972). Which began a lifelong rabbit’s hole dive into religion, psychology, mysticism, Psi, meditation, hallucinogens, a host of gurus, etc. It was a 10-12 year the germination and preparations of spring.

The culminating event of moving from spring into summer was my flotation tank experience (https://lovechangegrow.com/psychedelics-out-of-the-closet/). Summer has been doing the external tasks (or expression) and via of marriage, kids, and career. This has been about learning, experiencing, and doing life… without parole. It is the mixing, refining, and distilling life. Or just tending the garden. 

Now solidly being in the fall. It’s about harvesting and sharing.

The intent of this post is sharing thoughts about my flotation tank experience some 45 years ago. A direct, rapid, and lazy event of “questionable enlightenment.” 

The Tank

Flotation or sensory deprivation tank provides a unique experience. There are many different perspectives of this environment and its effects. However, the focus in the tank, there is only you. Like the saying “whatever happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas.” “Whatever happens is the tank, is you.” The experience in the tank is to experience you; the good, the bad and the ugly. Jumping in the tank, coming face to face with myself. There are several unique psycho-physical aspects that enhances the experience of self-examination that are not important for this post. 

Mirror Metaphor

Using the metaphor of a mirror, it is the opportunity for a thorough analysis of examining you. (Or not, in that there are many other endeavors a person can choose to focus on such as sped up learning, sub-conscious programing, psychic phenomena, performance enhancement, etc.) 

Side Note: In my experience, the tank is an effective place for an internal focused state that is free from distraction. If, however, there is “a disturbance in the force;” either an irritant or bliss. Either way, to deal with this to directly focus and enter the experience of the irritant or bliss while doing vipassana. The irritant is a masterful teacher as wrathful deities. Specifically, fear, demons, and anxieties as irritants, pain, suffering, etc. Note, indulgence of the irritant is not the point, but but maintaining a composed posture of non-judgement and non-attachment. Approached as a challenge, puzzle or teacher. An opportunity to investigate an apparition or illusion. Bliss and ecstasy are also perilous and even more seductive. Trapping oneself in the illusion of a self-made gilded birdcage. Thus, a person can inadvertently get stuck in their heavens and hells. (See above links to mindfulness, vipassana, wrathful deities). The tank provides some interesting enhancements of supporting a composed posture that helps this investigation. Maybe “investigation” into the “I” is the 5th “I” lovechangegrow.com/the-four-is-and-the-know-i/

The tank, vipassana, and consciousness provide a unique doorway, portal, or vehicle of awareness. To be clear, enlightenment is not a destination, journey, or adventure. It is simply being aware. And by being aware (in the present or “now” tense) a person is sovereign in their existence… or beingness. “Be Here Now ” (Ram Dass)

Beyond the Tank

Once I had a handle on the INTERNAL “I” mediative experience/awareness. Then it was the adventures of learning the mundane worldly masters of the EXTERNAL/expressive/service. Specifically, career, marriage, parenting, and household adventures. Being mindful and aware in the tank was a piece of cake. Versus the unending onslaught of the hurricane called life. Life is the finishing school. Being able to abide while the storm of life is relentless. Integrity, compassion, grace, and sovereignty are formed by the storms of life. It’s a big adventure, the school of being, with infinite opportunities to come to BE. It is the adventurous path of meaning and purpose via navigating the ethos/ethics of the experiences in this escapade.

Part four of this series of consciousness ends the discussion of consciousness as a vehicle.


Wondering if folks would be interested in a scheduled, informal drop-in weekly group chat? Just a conversation sharing with each other. I do not know the logistics of how this might work. Invited are comments, questions, logistical/tech how to’s of this interactive experience. 

If this interest you, leave a comment and reach out via my contact page (link). 



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