101 Everyday Things To Notice Your Psychic Abilities

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Your nervous system is a huge transceiver that can both broadcast and receive subtle energies. 


268  Speed (in miles per hour) at which signals travel along an alpha motor neuron in the spinal cord, the fastest such transmission in the human body. Sensory receptors in the skin, which lack the speed-boosting insulating layer called a myelin sheath, are among the slowest, at 1 mph.

100,000  Miles of myelin-covered nerve fibers in the brain of an average 20-year-old. Neuroscientists at UCLA, who have studied myelination in the brains of adults ages 23 to 80, reported in September that the coating peaks around age 39—the same age at which participants hit top speeds in standard tests of motor abilities.

100 trillion is a minimum number of neural connections, or synapses, in the human brain. That is at least 1,000 times the number of stars in our galaxy. British researchers reported in December that genes involved in the workings of synapses account for about 7 % of our genome.

It is obvious that our physical nervous system is elegant. It far outshines any satellite, neuro AI, neuro-link interface/net, at a fraction of the energy cost. Not only that, our body, neuro system and consciousness are not only highly adaptive but creative. Command it to be! 

What we have is a huge neuro antenna. It can both receive and transmit energy on an infinite spectrum of frequencies. Consciousness tunes and processes frequencies. It does the processing and interpretation, i.e., encoding and de-coding. The heart is the power amplifier for transmitting and receiving.

With our neuro antenna, consciousness and heart we can bring in and operate a sovereign, decentralized and participative existence on this planet. 

An Opportunity to Reset Your Awareness

We are in a reset opportunity. I do not know what will happen. However, whatever happens it is an opportunity to reset our consciousness. We reset our consciousness by withdrawing from the external storms that rage and competing for our attention. Instead, we can drop into our self and gain our wits. Then we can choose how we respond to all the things that happen.

When we withdraw into ourselves and discover who we are, we discover a process of transformation and change. Perhaps a metamorphosis from a worm into a butterfly. This hibernation/metamorphosis/death-rebirth is about withdrawing your attention from the external and abiding in equanimity (calm composure) to allow an internal transformation.

Internal transformation is merely an awareness of the opportunity. With a few little brief tricks, you are on the way. It only takes a few minutes to begin. For example: My routine is waking up early in the morning but not getting out of bed or even opening my eyes. I let my consciousness transition from sleep to dream state to flow imagination. Then congeal into intention. Followed by ACTION of grabbing my cell phone and dictating a few ideas into the app. Finally spending a few moments lying quietly with my hands gently resting over my heart to power up or energize. And finally state or position, “I am excited about new opportunities of the day.” 

Then it’s on to the usual activities of getting out of bed, brushing teeth and taking the dog for a walk. It’s 6:00 AM, quiet, morning light is birthing its magic, the air is fresh and the dog and I are happily on an adventure for new opportunities.

This is becoming a daily reset routine to withdraw attention from the external storm and set my response and beingness for the day. Reminding me to proceed by being open and creating new experiences while moving through the day. Take a moment to be grateful for opportunities emerging. And all we’ve done is set an intention of being open and responding to opportunities that align with our passions, love, and joy.

101 Everyday Things To Notice Your Psychic Abilities.

This is just a random list of no order to get familiar with the idea that we all have a psychic existence and the ability in which to navigate life beyond the logical, analytical left-brain awareness. We can integrate our poetic right brain and access an intuitive synchronization, harmonization, resonating with expanding frequencies/realities. 

This is just a list to get you going. In fact, develop your own list and routine that works for you. Make your own list, write it down and post it some place you can see it several times a day. On your computer monitor, beside the mirror where you brush your teeth or on the refrigerator. Become accustomed to the idea of sensing and projecting frequencies and energies as you go about your day. With anything new, it feels awkward, unbelievable, and questionable. But the more you notice it, use it, the more familiar it becomes, and the more you discover its capacity and functions. Understand this is a list, merely a conceptual tool to remind and focus your awareness and understand an opportunity for a new existence.

Just get a list going. Add to it. If an item does not quite make sense, don’t worry about it; leave it on the list. It may make sense later.

  1. Read and research about psychic phenomena.
  2. Be a whisperer to your pet; they tell you things…listen quietly.
  3. Go beyond sensing things with seeing and hearing… what is the feelings that you see and hear?
  4. Feel energy with your hands; warm, cold, tingly, electric. What is or how does it make you feel?
  5. What is the sensation or feelings in your hands?
  6. Hear feeling with your ears.
  7. Seeing impermanence flowing. Is there a rhythm or pulse?
  8. Do reiki on your pets, yourself, plants, etc.
  9. Sensing energy flow through your body.
  10. Hug a tree and feel its energy, history; what stories is it telling?
  11. Hold a glass of water and flow light/positive energy into the water. Then drink it and notice the response of your body?
  12. While near the ocean on a quiet still night; listen to the music from the depths.
  13. Observe the reflection of the stars in the water.
  14. Observe the reflection of the stars inside of yourself.
  15. Quietly lie and expand your imagination so that you are floating amid the galaxies.
  16. Hear the silence between the point of exhale/inhale and the inhale and exhale. Does it roar with long forgotten echoes?
  17. Listen for the sound of a color; then try a different color.
  18. Feel the energy of a color; then try a different color.
  19. What is the difference between anxiety and excitement?
  20.  Breath in light, exhale love.
  21. Breath in fear, exhale love.
  22. Breath in darkness, exhale light… and so on.
  23. Walk in peace.
  24. Walk in light, love, and peace.
  25. Expand your field or bubble to 3 feet, to 9 feet, to 25 feet, and larger as you walk along.
  26. Breath in the pain and exhale compassion.
  27. Change the frequency by changing your thoughts.
  28. What is common between you and the other?
  29. Connect with a smile and light in your eyes.
  30. When observing, suspend your judgment and state “isn’t this interesting?”
  31. Notice your reaction to attraction or repulsion. Ask why is this happening? What is the pattern?
  32. When someone is angry or in pain, understand it’s merely a release of energy that has nothing to do with you. However, you can hold an empathic space for them.
  33. When there is confrontation, there is a grain of truth… find it.
  34. All that is presented to you is for you. The challenge is for you to figure out the meaning and purpose of what is presented.
  35. Be that light wherever you go.
  36. When you encounter darkness, be graceful.
  37. Integrity, compassion, gracefulness, and sovereignty are states of being. Therefore… BE!
  38. Help is on the way. The trick is to recognize it as help.
  39. Why is a whisper louder than shouting?
  40. Sit in silence and hear the roar of creation.
  41. Silence is the mother of creation.
  42. When butterflies and animals come to your space, greet them with your being.
  43. Everything is constantly moving in life, flow with it. And be still.
  44.  There is no path in life. Life is the path.
  45. When you trip and fall; laugh and rejoice at your good fortune.
  46. Find peace with all that is.
  47. Recognize that Love Is All There Is… what’s other half?
  48. Trials and tribulations are opportunities to find meaning and purpose. Your sovereignty determines what is useful.
  49. Recognize that earth is here for you. You have chosen this school. What shall you learn?
  50. Regardless of the glass being half empty or half full; there is room for more.
  51. Whenever you lie down, you rise some place else.
  52. All is flowing energy in infinite frequencies.
  53. Noise is energy in which you are not feeling aligned or resonating with… you choose.
  54. Look inward to find you. Look outward to discover you.
  55. Contrast and unity are both experience… why only experience half?
  56. Regardless, stillness and movement are relevant to you.
  57. Connection is a matter of attentional focus.
  58. Manifestation is experience. Your sovereignty chooses.
  59.  Play music… you just need to get out of the way.
  60. Differentiation, individualization, actualization, and realization are illusionary phases of being.
  61.  You are a great god/goddess to your pet. Maybe you need more pets?
  62. Open your heart to see.
  63. Close your eyes to feel.
  64. Use your voice and ears to connect.
  65. Smell energy… it’s what’s for dinner.
  66. Wake up and wonder what awesome experience awaits you.
  67. Take a walk in the neighborhood, it is a wondrous garden.
  68. Is wildlife concerned with yesterday or tomorrow?
  69. Standing up is an audacious state of resilience.
  70. When you are sovereign, you determine your frequency/resonance. 
  71. A seed only needs planting. Everything else is provided.
  72. Read your horoscope, tea leaves or the swirls in your coffee and wonder what that means?
  73. Wake up and state… “oh what a wonderful day, I am ready.”
  74. What is the weather showing you? Look at the sky, water, clouds, listen to wind in the trees, waves on the water, what are the birds, squirrels and insects doing?
  75. Look and notice the moon, stars, and planets’ position. What are they doing?
  76. How thick is the air? Does a ball fly easily? Or is it lethargic when you toss it for your dog?
  77. Breathe deep and smell the air, how does your body respond, what are your feelings and thoughts? Dissolve in to being.
  78. Take a nap to reset. What are your first impressions, thoughts when you first awake? What is your soul whispering to you?
  79. Up on awakening in the morning. Don’t open your eyes. Lie there and bask in your being… what comes to mind, what solutions and ideas are exciting. Jot them down on in a journal. Or dictate them into your phone so that you have a reference later.
  80. Greet all beings as blessings… and smile.
  81. Listen to your body… when it’s time to eat, exercise and sleep.
  82. Know that synchronicities are opportunities.
  83. Knowing, thinking, feeling, and doing are levels of action. Doing is has the most direct influence on your reality. Knowing, thinking and feeling are the preparations… “Do or do not.”
  84. Action will change your thinking faster than thinking will change your actions.
  85. You already know what will happen… it’s just a matter of greeting it. Regret is just a reminder that you knew.
  86. Most things are a matter of getting out of the way to enjoy it.
  87. What are the things that collapse time and space so that there is only being?
  88. Why wrestle when you can dance?
  89. What is the difference between creation and destruction?
  90. What causes you to disappear into each single endless moment? And where do you go?
  91. Your cat is a buddha and your dog is a labrador… both are joyous.
  92. Does a bird have anxiety? 
  93. All things change, but what if they didn’t?
  94. How do you change fear into love?
  95. If you weren’t you, who would you be… and why?
  96. From where does the sound of one hand clapping come from?
  97. If joy came from depression… would you still dance?
  98. Pre, post, and follow-up… chop wood, carry water.
  99. What is the difference between ignorance and enlightenment?
  100. If you knew everything before it happened. What would you do… when everything keeps happening?
  101. Get busy and take a nap!
  102. Bonus… What is your list of 101 things to expand into your psychic realm?



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