Understanding Your Vehicle, Part 3

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Galactic Interstate and Our New Vehicle Part 1 and 2 were an attempt to discuss and lay out the opportunity of this the psychic/psi realm and to articulate that consciousness is a vehicle in which to adventure.

This post is a perspective to help maneuver your Psi-craft (vehicle). Understand it’s about maneuvering or positioning your consciousness. Your consciousness is your cockpit of your Psi-craft. It is where navigation occurs. Your heart powers the connection. We do not travel to or attract/repel experiences. We connect to aspects or experiences that exist in the field. Connection to experiences in the field is via the heart, fear, or love. However, mindfulness or vipassana helps to abide in the gap. The gap creates portals or access/connection to an infinity of experience. You use your consciousness and heart to wander around… and to get back to where you lost yourself. 

The tough part is if you become lost, confused, or disoriented, you can get stuck in heavens and hells. Most folks think… “oh I wouldn’t mind getting stuck in some buddha field of diamonds, unicorns and rainbows.” It’s well known that heavens become hells and that a mud hole is heaven to a pig. 

With the opening of the Psi realms, it’s a whole new world which is wickedly seductive or easy to get lost in. To deal with this, you need to know who you are. Knowing who you are enables you to keep your wits and traverse the Psi-realms. The Psi-realms are valuable because it is where we learn to create a more enlightened existence for the planet and all her inhabitants. This is easy to do. It’s just a matter of decision, intention, creating and being. If a person recognizes their “who am I?” They command their reality… and that is the heaven or hell of it… a blessing or curse? More important are the infinite opportunities to experience. The Psi realm is disorienting because space and time don’t exist as it does in the 3-D world.  

Three Paths

There is no place to start; starting is the place. The three paths are the contemplative, expressive, and intuitive paths. 

Conceptually, it’s easier to think of paths. The three great paths are internal, external, and intuitive. Contemplation is internal and meditative. The external is expressive; often as service to the Other. And the intuitive is the ineffable knowing. Often refers to the Aboriginal stories of the trickster/jester, spirit animals, shamanism, etc. They connect to Psi-realms via signs, symbols, divination, and stories. 

It doesn’t matter which path a person follows, for all are part of a greater path. These paths are not for the faint of heart or weak minded. But all of us are on the path whether we know, love or fear it. The adventure (progression), as we begin is intimidating. Yet completing the adventure and reviewing your experience it was easy. The adventure is just a matter of perspective, the beginning, middle or completion.

The contemplative path is an internal, introspective, and meditative. It is the mental conceptual, logic, analytic, and strategic. Often associated with the head and male energy. It is the development of mental skills such as of introspection, attention, observation, mindfulness, etc. It is more of a differentiated or individuated progression of referencing the “self.”

The expressive path is external or service oriented. Expressed as caring, attending, giving, and creating often associated with the heart and female energy. The expressing of the heart relative to integrity, compassion, grace and transforming that is referent to the “other.” It’s about action, connection, fruiting, and death/rebirth. The focus is on the collective network, collaborative connection, contextual/situational and the cyclical nature.

We often misunderstand the intuitive path as fantasy, magical, and ancestral worship. It is a path of see one, do one, teach one and be one. The skill is the ability to access and connect to other worlds via the divination of signs, symbols, and stories. It accesses the ancestral/celestial linage, legacies and Merkabah of the field. It is the path of intuitive connection with the field.

All paths are an intertwined self, other and field to create the experience of being. Of course, each path has its negative and positive aspects. But the task and subsequent skill is to recognize and abide in the opportunities which appear as you create and proceed along your adventure. That is, the bridge appears as you cross the bridge.

The action or being is to create and abide/flow with the opportunities. Confusing, yes, it is; unless you know… know what? Know yourself, not what you have been told, but the “knowledge/experience” of your SELF. The masculine direct is via asking yourself, “who am I?” The deep questioning of “who am I” will peel off layers of the onion. At the core of the onion is consciousness. But it is not the “I”. The esoteric traditions were of isolative contemplation. Or of the feminine expression of Dionysian ecstasy, which is the connection and experiencing creation. And the intuitive is the direct connection to the field via the knowledge that all are relatives. “Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ,” i.e., all my relations, Lakota Sioux. All three paths are just different approaches and experiences of the divine.

Consciousness is the cockpit of your Psi vehicle. Your instruments and controls are interactive; meaning they influence each other. The three paths are merely an array of their respective instruments and controls. You, the pilot need to re-calibrate or upgrade/level up. This enables more subtle interaction and response with the controls and instruments so that you can adventure the Psi realms. 

Elegant Vehicle

We already have the elegant vehicle of consciousness. We just need to figure out how it works relative to the Psi realms versus our familar 3-D experience. There are religious, metaphysical treatises and ancient civilizations which reference stories, clues, instructions, and examples that show consciousness is an exquisite vehicle. Evidenced by the miracles of earth and the enlightened.

The Psi realm presents the opportunity to connect and create directly to a more enlightened existence for the planet and all her inhabitants. It is easily done collaboratively with others. It’s just a matter of decision, intention, and being. Our sovereignty commands our reality… and that is the heaven or hell of it… a blessing or curse… either way it’s an opportunity. 

Ladies and gentlemen, at one level, this is the intent and purpose of the love change grow endeavor. It is simply refocusing attention. It’s a basic skill of travel and experience. Where you focus is where you go and what happens. The gardening metaphor provides a framework, process, and tasks. Earth is the school is of “free will,” deciding what you will be? In the Psi-realm, space, time, and linearity/cyclical are transformed/transcended to Being. The Psi-realm is about learning to BE… love, compassion, grace via your integrity, sovereignty, mindfulness, etc. (… or not). The dualistic aspect of light/dark, positive/negative, male/female, etc. remains, as the task or challenge to ascend. However, the Psi experience or adventure is direct, immediate and sovereign.



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