Galactic Interstate and Our New Vehicle, Part 2

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Is the new vehicle a light body, dream body, psychic/psi body, physical body, conscious body? Yes, it’s all the same vehicle. Presently, we can begin to use a few upgraded features. Those who lucid dream, energy heal, channel and have psychic/psi abilities are already using some features. We are now beginning to have access to new ways of experience. It’s a new way to travel, fresh places to see, do and be. Using the metaphor of an interstate being the path and the vehicle is how we get there and the experiences of what happens is easy to understand. We can easily learn to travel and experience stars, moon, ocean depths, any place or thing imaginable. The places are secondary, doesn’t matter wherever or whatever. The primary issue is learning how to get there, experience, and back. It is learning how to control our new vehicle.

Consciousness as the Vehicle and Cockpit

While listening to one of Clif High’s videos, ( It reminded me of the metaphysical concept of vehicle. Think of consciousness as the vehicle in which to travel (experience) the multi-dimensional galactic. Consciousness influences where, when and how to make it happen. Consciousness is the cockpit where all the controls, instruments and navigation system reside. It is what we use to get where we want to go.  The controls are intention, imagination, intuition, etc. The instruments are your awareness of both the external and internal situations. Awareness is the sensors that give information about your situation, direction, speed, etc. We navigate by skills of being, which are integrity, compassion, and gracefulness. We can get lost by not minding our consciousness. And the power-plant or warp drive is your heart. But you, the “I,” is the piolet. Consciousness is just an array or dashboard of tools, instruments, and controls. In a sense, you have a one of those new self-driving cars. They have all kinds of features such as GPS, wireless access to apps, monitoring of road conditions, engine management, traction management and so on. You don’t need to know how all these features work. But you need to know how to use them. In order that the “I” can experience/travel.

Travel is experience. Consciousness directs experiences and transformations. In other posts, I’ve noted that consciousness is the transformer of energy (frequency) that is experienced. Our vehicle has a lot of capacity, performance and features; it’s just a matter of using it. Here’s the thing: it requires learning to use our consciousness. It is a performance vehicle. We can perform miracles (or stunts). But a brief twitch can cause us to end up in the ditch. In any performance vehicle, whether a car, plane, boat, or skis, etc. requires the ability to focus or attend. A moment of inattention or distraction can cause a less than desired (unintended) experience. And could result in being in some confusing, weird, or dark places/experiences. 

It is learning to align and maintain thoughts, feelings, behaviors (habits). And understanding of our basic operating system. Some folks often refer to the basic operating system as our sub-conscious. Which is relatively easy to re-program. Learning to drive car is often a jerky and uncoordinated adventure. It’s just part of our training experience. Which is not a bad thing. The trick is to see it as a learning opportunity. With practice, we can become a smooth and coordinated driver. It is helpful to have a driver’s ed class or at least an experienced driver to be a mentor during the first few adventures. 

When you find yourself in the dark or working on a puzzle/problem. It’s not a matter of being in the dark or having a hard puzzle. It’s about “how do you handle or deal with it?” It’s about the finesse of your analysis, strategy and execution of responses or subtle driving skills. Like driving on a snow and ice covered mountain road. It is a learning opportunity of how to handle these conditions, your driving skills and your mindfulness. Eventually with practice, you learn to read the signs, road conditions, weather and competently and confidently arrive at your destination. It’s really the same underlying pattern of learning about change, progression, transformation and transcendence. 

The first place to start is discovering and learning about your gyroscope. The gyroscope is your center, reference, and balancing mechanism. If your gyroscope is broken or not working, you will have difficulty orienting and navigating. This is because  you won’t know where you are and thus your compass won’t be useful to help navigate. For example, frequently this is the case of being lost in drug addiction, trauma, or mental illness. A person has difficulty centering themselves (gyroscope) and using their wits (compass). Therapy/learning is about guiding to find the self, supporting the sense of agency, and assisting with the development of new skills.

The first part of life is primarily a learning experience. Learning to use our consciousness to deal with the situation, re-orient and navigate a path toward our destination. By these learning experiences, we develop our sense of our self, resilience, and attentional fortitude. It is a process of re-calibration and fine tuning the navigation system, i.e., consciousness. Each experience is an opportunity of curiosity, learning (new experiences) and mastering the flow of experience. There are no failures, only learning opportunities (experiences).  Along the way, we gain skills/abilities to master cruising to any place, at any speed… and have fun doing it. This is not something new… it is a recognizable pattern of progression. Whether it is learning to drive, ski, cook, garden, parent; practically everything. At some point we gain enough competence (skills/ability) which becomes confidence to go exploring the galactic interstate.

The Foundation

Traditionally, there are practical, moral, and ethical issues to be attentive to. Things such as the physical/bodily yogic practices. The moral integrity character of being compassionate. And the ethical actions of being graceful. The culmination is the idea of sovereignty. Recognizing and respecting the free will of self and others.

The Practice of Minding Your Mind

Learning how to manage your mind, emotions, thoughts, and body. Learning how to breathe. How to navigate your responses of fascination or attraction (getting sucked in), recoil (aversion and fear). Learning to focus or attend. Learning to remain in a focused yet detached manner non-judgmental (mindful observational position). And learning how to move your awareness/consciousness beyond your physical or ego body and other identities beyond, race, age, gender, name, personalities, nationality, species, etc. Basically the skill of moving your consciousness and also re-integrate or land back into your ego and body.

Vipassana meditation technique is the common “householder’s” path. It’s breath, focus, observation, and insight are the foundational skills of minding your mind. With a bit of effort, it is relatively easy to learn.

Experience and Knowledge

The experience is that of driving, having adventures and thus obtaining the knowledge via experience. Experience is knowledge. In the biblical sense of knowledge is experience. Reading travel books, itineraries, how-to’s, academics is informational knowledge that is unexperienced, or lesser vehicle. While the actual experience results in significant understanding knowledge, i.e., the greater vehicle. This is seen in all kinds of religious and metaphysical traditions noted as the lessor and greater paths, vehicles, etc. There are also the four levels of experience. Which are seeing a roadside attraction, becoming a student, teaching and BEING.  It’s the familiar pattern of “see one, do one, teach one and be one.” It’s similar to the Star War’s “the force” and Yoda thing.

Opportunity of a New Vehicle

We are in a new yuga (or age). We have moved out of the kali yuga, but we are still having kali yuga residual effects. We have just entered the ascending dwapara yuga. An analogy is that in the kali yuga, we were stuck in the deep mud at the bottom of a lake. The experience was like being in the dark and stuck in the oozing mud; barely able to move. And now, entering the ascending dwapara yuga, we are no longer stuck in the muddy ooze. But are still muddy. We are discovering we can swim and move about, i.e., a new vehicle… “Ladies and gentlemen, the yellow submarine is freed from the mud.” 

However, we still need to learn and attend to our practical, moral, and ethical character which was near impossible during the kali yuga. Now we can grasp these issues more readily because we are not stuck struggling and fighting the mud and dark. Yet all this still takes some effort, learning and experience… but it becomes much easier in the dwapara Yuga.

The New Vehicle

It doesn’t matter whether we call our new vehicle a smart car, floaty RV, or spacecraft. What matters is that we discover its features, the dashboard, controls. And re-calibrate ourselves (become less twitchy) to its enhanced performance and capabilities. We need to learn how to navigate in the new environment of the galactic, in which this new vehicle can easily operate.

Worm holes, black holes, rabbit holes, entanglements, split location, etc. The galactic is infinite. How do you get sucked in, yet not trapped? Why do we end up in these strange places, with strange circumstances and odd beings? How does one engage and interact yet maintain their orientation, wits, and sovereignty and return home? 


All of this can be quite confusing, disorienting and just gobbledygook. How to fly your spacecraft? One needs to understand who they are, what they are, when and where to go. And how to engage, let go and return. The kali yuga was dark, operated via fear. The usual existence was being chased all over hell. The ascending dwapara yuga (bronze yuga) is about the beginning transition or orienting toward light and love. This transition does take some effort verses just “being” as in the Satya or golden yuga.

Eventually, one figures out the “who am I” question. The “who am I” answer is your gyroscope. It is the center from which all is. Once you get a handle on who you are, things drop into place or align in a relationship. Connections make sense. And portals open up for your adventures. It’s about navigation by being compassionate, by sensing using different ways of looking at things, but not being attached to the outcome due to the principle of sovereignty. By being able to do the above, one can travel and zip around the galactic. Understanding how to manage your space craft by using energy, frequency, and consciousness. 

Training… Driver’s Ed

Where and how do you start the training? You already have. If you have gotten this far in the post, you have wings. All you need to do, is issue some commands.

There are the external “real-world-life” trainings for developing gratefulness, integrity, compassion, grace, and sovereignty. And there is the internal “contemplative or meditative” side of life where skills of introspection, attention, insight, mindfulness, and intuition are developed. Both internal and external experiences and skills are required to navigate the galactic on this planet and beyond. 

Happy Trails and Blessings,


Next week, part 3. Zippy!… Boomer to Zoomer. We already have exquisite technology that is beyond AI, exotic metals, floaty RV’s, and UFO’s (un-finished objects).

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