Galactic Interstate and Our New Vehicle, Part 1

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This post is about travel. Why travel? Because of being curiosity, in need, want for new experiences, etc. The list of why we travel is infinite. For most, travel means externally, to a new place to have a new experience. Perhaps for immigrants it’s having a new life or better opportunities. When do we travel, when we have money and time? The where depends on our why?   

In life there are two paths, the inner and the outer path. The right-handed and left-handed path, etc. Both paths are valid, have benefits and their pitfalls. It does not matter which path you take, as long as you recognize you are on a path. If you are on a destructive path, does it lead to a good path? All paths come to a fork in the road, left or right. Which way do you go? A person usually has a bias, like are they left-handed or right-handed, but they choose to change it.

Coming to a fork in the road, is viewed as a separation, splitting, differentiation or individuation. But we are beginning to see paths converge; instead of forks they are nodes. Our path which we thought were separate, are crossing paths. Folks are referring to this as unity awareness. A recognition that we are intertwined and entangled. That time, space, energy and consciousness are more like a mass of entangled mycelium. This convergence begs the standard questions of what, when, where why and how. 

The What?

It is the awareness and capacity to hold both the “and” and “or” paths simultaneously. We can expand our consciousness to recognize the pattern of pulsing or cycling (waxing and waning). We recognize that time is not linear but is circular; that things flow in cycles. We come to understand that all is part, parcel and the whole. That both the I (ego) and we (other) are in unity. With this pattern recognition of unity, it becomes easy to drop the concepts/perspectives of separation, differentiation, and fear. Thus, we begin to consider and explore the path of unity; intertwined, entangled and pulsing. Pulsing at a frequency or resonance.

The When of Opportunity

Unity paths are contemplation and service. It doesn’t matter which path is taken; neither is greater or lesser. Let’s first discuss the path of contemplation. We often practice it in isolation and learning about the self and all its myriad of presentations. Its experiential consciousness/knowledge of the body, emotions, mental and metaphysical. The spectrums of frequency spanning from dark shadows to heavenly lights. Recognizing the myriad of illusions and reality. The second path is service. Service entails the interaction with others. It’s the down and dirty guts. Ultimately, recognizing service to others is service to self. Knowing I, we and they are part and parcel of the whole. On the contemplative path, we dive deep and investigate our being and realize that we are part of God/source/universe. And on the service path, it involves realizing that service to others is service to our self. That there is no distinction between self and other.

We are at the opening of a fresh path. A path that includes both the inner and outer, of contemplation and of service. We recognize and understand that it is “both and.” Understanding this fresh path requires contemplation and service. And in the recognition of our current planetary state there is a great need for both service and contemplation. It is an opportunity for the great liberation or ascension to being with the planet and all of her inhabitants.


We are walking down a path and we come to a fork in the road, one path goes right the other left. Which path to take right or left? Or we have another option is to sit down and wait for things to sort or shake out giving us a clearer picture of which path to take. However, now opening is a new perspective or opportunity. Now the paths are blending and merging into a larger path. The right and left paths are merging, creating the opportunity to access the central or middle path. It is an opportunity for a novel experience.

In some traditions there is a right-handed and a left-handed path, but it is the intertwining of these paths that creates or gives access the central or middle path. For example, in the chakra/nadi traditions, there is the chakra or energy centers and the flow of subtle energy via the left and right nadi or energy pathways. And where these pathways cross, is what is known as the chakra/energy vortexes/portals. The flow of subtle energy through the right and left nadi give rise to the chi or kundalini via the central nadi. By the way, the symbolism of the medical staff or caduceus somewhat parallels the chakra yogic symbolism.

The Galactic Interstate

Well, kids we are now merging on to the galactic Interstate. There are an infinite number of on and off ramps, roadside attractions, places to go, and people to see. We are just getting started and have a bit of a learning curve of how to drive, navigate to where we want to go and to what we experience. Access to the galactic Interstate involves learning to use our new expanded snazzy vehicles. We have been driving these old jalopies that are quite cumbersome and laborious. But now we need to learn how to drive our new vehicle. Think of this vehicle as having different levels of interaction. There is the body or meat wagon, the mind, heart, energy, consciousness and soul levels of this new vehicle. And with access to the galactic interstate, we can go nano, micro, macro, psychic, planetary, galactic and beyond.

The Vehicle

With the upgrade to this vehicle, we have to learn how to drive this thing. The good thing is that we have dabbled in a bit of this new driving experience. What the hell are you talking about Timmy? We have had some experience, think of this as having different bodies. We have DNA body, biome body, physical body, conscious body, dream body, energetic bodies, astral bodies, interactional, subtle and causal bodies. These bodies/vehicles are “experiences.” This are common, such as, lucid dreaming, out of the body experiences, astral projection, hypnotic, fugue or disassociated states, hallucinatory, plant induced states, conditions of psychosis/schizophrenia, channeling and accessing different experiences whether past, present or future etc. At one level, these experiences are bodies… or bodies of experience. We see this in trauma work, in physical body work, the triggering of memories, behaviors etc. It is simply when one body accesses (via a “portal”) to another level of body. 

The Party Bus

We also have access to the party bus. We can join others going the same way. It’s the biblical thing of “where two or more are gathered.” When there are a group of folks experiencing the same or similar thing, then there’s an exponential effect. Some folks call it a vibe or an experience of proportions. This is also a common everyday experience. For example, the increased energy, frequency, vibe of a stadium filled with soccer fans, Taylor Swift concerts, or the Pope coming to town. It’s interesting to observe various cultural rituals, process, symbols, are used in marketing to influence the experience of a stadium, e.g., NFL half-time show, etc. The basic questions are: is this the bus we want to be on, where’s it going, who’s driving the darn thing and is this the experience that you want to contribute to and take part in? Realize you are the person choosing to take part and it is your sovereign choice. You can choose to get off the bus. The other day, I came across a fascinating video with Roy Duff and Pam Gregory. The discussion was the insights and growing process of group meditative experiences. It’s not a steady state, but a state of flowing emergence. (

The galactic interstate, its ramps, our vehicle are merely opportunities or portals to travel to other experiences. It is simply having the vehicle to travel, i.e., access to other experiences. If we take the perspective that instead of forks in the road there are nodes along the entangled galactic interstate. And each node is an opportunity to explore and experience distinct realities. And here the question becomes, does one have the skills to drive this new vehicle? Can we navigate to where we want and to return or at least not get lost? And how do we drive this vehicle so that we don’t wreck? Who’s the space alien… meow!

How To Fly This Damm Thing?

This is just like driving a car or flying an airplane. Perhaps the only difference is that this is an upgraded machine. It’s a responsive and dynamic machine. And if not paying attention you can quickly get into trouble. The basic operations are how to stop and go. And how to navigate to and from my destination of choice. It’s more like entering the GPS (galactic positioning system) coordinates and pushing the “take me there” button.

For example, we have been driving around an old jalopy that can barely make 50 miles an hour and rattles and shakes when we try to turn a corner. And now we have a high-performance vehicle that can manage 200 miles an hour and responds to how it is driven. And since it can easily move at high speed, it’s now a different scary ride from the old jalopy that shakes rattles and rolls. Learning how to drive is a recalibration of what we need to do or our inputs into the vehicle. The recalibration is learning to increase our sensitivity and connection to the new vehicle. Part of this involves learning to integrate the opposing functions, i.e., finer subtleties. With this integration we increase our capacity to open up and communicate or connect better with this vehicle. And what the connection we learn more subtle inputs and communicating with the vehicle and what the vehicle is telling us. This is very similar to what we have done before. Which is learning to ride a horse. Any experienced horse person will tell you that you need to understand and be able to communicate with the horse and understand what the horse is telling you. And the same thing goes with a performance car. The more we know and can communicate with the horse or the car the better our experience will be. The more trust we will have in the horse or the car getting us to our destination. 

Next, we’ll get into the nitty gritty of how. In the meantime, relative to our meat wagon, decide what upgrades you want in your new vehicle? It’s an opportunity for a large jump from knowing how to manage a horse pulling us around on the meat wagon to getting into a UFO (unified field object/craft). There will be a learning curve. We don’t necessarily need to know all the workings of how this new vehicle works. But you need to figure out how to fly it and where it can go.

This new vehicle is called consciousness. We can customize the new vehicle with many colors, features and options. Some folks wish to call it the light body or energy body, plasma body et cetera. And it doesn’t matter the color or the features you have. And in fact, some get a shape shifting model. The point is you want a vehicle that can do what you want it to do. “OK Timmy that’s cool… where do I get one?” You already have it. You just need to discover or remember what it can do and use it. When can I use it? Anytime you want, you just got to decide to use it. There are all kinds of fascinating rabbit hole propositions of why we are having this opportunity. They’re not relevant. We are in a time where we need to figure out how to work this new vehicle and what to do with it.

Part 2 is the “how” to operate our new vehicle, coming next week.



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