Breath and Mindfulness

Breath literally and metaphorically connects you to life on this planet. Your breath has a tremendous influence on how and what you experience during your life. Breathing is foundational. We breath since birth and every moment since. The breath connects to life and enables us to change our life and the perception of our experience of the world. If you control your breath, you control your thoughts, feelings and responses. Mindful equanimous observation will reveal insights and opportunities for you to change your experience of the world.

Psychedelics Out of the Closet

Forty years later: Did I become enlightened? Yes, forty years ago, so I thought; but forty years later, nope. It was just a step on the path. It was my discovery of consciousness that occurred in the gap of change. Moving from an identification with my body contained ego to knowing/experiencing myself both beyond the body and ego. The question becomes, “so what?” What are you going to do with this knowledge or experience? What are you going to do, when, where and how?