Rainbows and Unicorns…What?

Rainbows and Unicorns…What!


Daniel Pinchbeck posted last week, “Waiting For The Miracle.” Waiting for the Miracle – Daniel Pinchbeck’s Newsletter (substack.com). He notes being uncomfortable with the new age consciousness guru phenomena. He picks out two well-known personalities of Joe Dispenza and Tony Robbins. Part of me thinks it would be cool to be a celebrity like Tony. But perhaps it would be hellish to keep that circus going. The past week, I’ve been wondering am I just dropping rainbow cupcakes all over hell? I certainly don’t want to be a multicolored fart machine selling farts to support fattening addictions. So what?


Being interested in consciousness since the early 1970’s, I’ve been a witness to the new age and self-help movement of the past 50 years. The question of; is this a miracle or snake oil is nothing new? Nor is the guru worship phenomena. There has always been the flavor of the week celebrities/miracle/gadget. Not to disparage anyone or their beliefs or the followers; but fans swoon, sway, testify and do seemingly odd behaviors. Whether it be JFK, MLK, Jerry Garcia, Tom Brady or one of many “Holy nesses” of the planet; raving fans, the disappointed, the un-anointed and nonbelievers wonder what the hell? What is the deal, “Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?” (Queen, 1975) Perhaps another circus act but with levitating monkeys? Let’s not talk about the money or the obvious flash of cash. Everyone has an opinion about another’s addiction, the remedies that worked. And not to forget the tales of the hell and their hellish recovery.


Perhaps the difficulty of consciousness and science is that everyone “knows” their version of consciousness. Yet the science has difficulty identifying, defining and containing consciousness to the degree in which it can test an accepted theory via an applied empirical method. This is the same as the blind men and the elephant. We have different approaches based on different premises. There are the broad strokes of spiritual, metaphysical, philosophical, psychological and some kind of physical-chemical-bio-electrical thing. Each approach paints a different color to add to the kaleidoscope. But what we have is this enormous elephant that ranges from DNA, neurotransmitters, electro chemical signals, psychological substrates, philosophical meanderings, metaphysical postulates and spiritual beingness. Of course, this expanding multi-dimensional space of consciousness there is certainly room for a few snake oil remedies and magical incantations of nefarious moneymaking’s schemes. Then there’s the arguments of who is making the money. Is it the big pharma, the gurus, the insurance companies, etc? And who is getting fleeced? Is it the poor naked sheep that has no other reality than “am I missing something? Isn’t this reality? We’ve always gotten sheered; “Buuutt, Baa, baa, it’s cold out here.”

I am certainly in camp consciousness. Building a fire at night, wandering amongst the stars while drinking a beer, laughing and playing music around the campfire. Many have walked the path of the little “i” of the ego on the transcendent journey to the unity of the big “I.” It’s the hero’s journey of claiming one’s sovereignty while learning to maintaining a state of grace that recognizes and accepts another as the unity of one’s self.

The issue of “changing consciousness,” is not the drama and the players. Changing consciousness sounds easy. Just a flip the switch (perspective) and everything changes. There is the before and after of flipping the light switch. Before is darkness and time slogs. It’s like being in a dream and stuck in the ooze. Running as fast as you can, but stuck in slow motion. It is not a straightforward task to arrive at the point of turning on the light. It takes the good fortune to hear the tales of the great light switch. Then developing the sovereign courage and determination to go fumbling around in the dark. You find several switches and try all of them. Suddenly, one switch turns on the light. Behold the light, it’s a whole different world. You can see and understand things; how it works. You’ve realized a new operating system where you are the creator instead of a victim of your experience. Maybe there is not THE light switch that works for everyone, but A light switch just for you?

Chop Wood, Carry Water

However, work remains to be done. What! I thought it was rainbows and unicorns? Now the work is done by you. Instead of wondering around lost in the dark? Now you have to step up and actually do the work. Instead of things happening to you, you are the one making things happen. You are no longer a victim but a creator. The difference is, instead of slogging around stuck in the ooze. Now things happen fairly quickly. Perhaps it’s instant manifestation and instead of dark things slowing you down. Now the whole shebang is helping you to manifest things effortlessly. So, what is there to do? There is a lot. You now have to be attentive to what you give, how you shine and share. How to best use your passions, talents, skills and opportunities. Instead of figuring out how to deal with challenges. It’s what and how to deal with opportunities. The difference is instead of being chased all over hell by fears, demons and anxieties; getting bloodied, sweaty and in tears. It’s about learning to flow with all of your loves, dreams and joys. There is still tending to your gardens. And after turning on the light, there’s still blood, sweat and tears. But it’s the blood (light) of life, sweat and dirt of work and tears of joy, love and passion. So what’s for dinner? Ya still have to imagine, plan, cook, and share it with other hungry souls. But it’s no longer drudgery, it’s the joy of sharing your rainbow cupcake.

Peace, love and light!



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