Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light


You are the change. You are the light. Let your light shine! So how does this work? In a post a few weeks ago, You Are The Change we talked about change and it comes down to you thus you are the change. In another post, was about being transformers of energy We are Transformers. This post is about turning on your light and letting it shine; “in lighten ment.”


Let’s start at the why, when and where of shining your light. A while back the post was about shining your light during a stormy dark night. Dark and Stormy Night Being a stormy dark night why wouldn’t you let your light shine? Perhaps you are in the boat being tossed by the sea or perhaps you’re on the shore signaling a way to safe passage by your lighthouse. Or you find yourself surrounded by darkness and by the mere lighting of your light provides the comfort of hope to yourself and others lost in the dark.


What is turning on your light and how do you make it happen? It’s like waking up in the middle of the night feeling around for the light switch and flicking it on. Pretty simple! Where do we look for the light switch? I’m sure if you’ve been following this blog, you know what I’m going to say. The light switch is inside. You are the light switch and the light. You’ve simply concluded that it’s dark, and it would be nice and helpful if the light was on. You decide to turn on the light. Okay, you’ve decided, you need light. If you don’t know your light, I am sure that you have seen and experienced the light of others. It is simple: someone has inspired you by their action. And you want to learn to do something similar. By using their light, you merely hold your candle wick close to their flame and light your candle. This is just passing the flame; and now there are two flames. You are a candle that has the wax of potential. Your potential are your dreams, energy and experiences. The wick is your desire and need only to be lit. Maybe you wander through the dark room and drawn to the light of another. You only need a moment or two; to catch afire. Throughout life we see the light of family, friends or kindness of a random stranger; and they spark the desire. Perhaps it’s only a moment and our wick smolders. We only need to fan the ember of desire into a flame. The traditions of fanning the embers are by prayer, meditation, yoga or finding a teacher and so forth. But I wonder, if we all have come to this time, having already spent lifetimes preparing and now is the time to alight? To take the basket off our light and let it shine. What if Gaia is the dog and we are the fleas? I don’t ever remember any mention that both the dog and its fleas help the other ascend at the same time. Maybe it’s like doing a multi-dimensional “hokey pokey” dance for a planetary ascension?


Head, Consciousness, Imagination.

The practice is straightforward. Make a quiet space just by envisioning a bubble for yourself to abide and float in. Imagine a light, perhaps a just a candle flame or ball of light. Spend a few moments focusing on the light. Mindfulness and Conscious Enganglement . Once you can clearly visualize and hold the image. Then move toward and into the light. Immerse yourself, surrounded yourself in light. Spend a few moments to becoming familiar with the qualities or characteristics of this light. The light could be any color and hue of the rainbow. Bask and soak in the light; let it fill you. Then dissolve or surrender into the light. You have become the ball or bubble of light. Now you and the bubble of light are the same. Take a few moments and get used to the feeling of being light. The awareness of your physical body has dropped away. You could jump back into your body, but your light body feels so free and unburdened. Play with your light body. Move it around, do cartwheels in space, make your bubble bigger, smaller, expand it to fill the entire room, your house, neighborhood, the planet. Try to focus it to a laser point shooting across space. Try sending your light to energize a plant in your garden, to heal your cat, dog or friend by sending a ball or bubble of light to encompass them. Use the laser beam to focus on a bodily ache or emotional knot. Feel the laser of light gently warm and dissolve the ache or pain. Feel an emotional knot that was twisted up and relax, become un-tied, release and let the energy flow. link insight mindfulness. This is primarily using your consciousness. Specifically, intuition, visualization and intent. (link to 4 I’s)


Heart, Connection and Feeling

The above consciousness thing is pretty darn simple. Now power it up and connect with your heart. Use your heart to really power on the light. Warm blasts with feelings of love. Become the sun radiating out love, light and energy. Understand there is no scarcity of love; only an abundance. The more you give, the more there is to give. Research is emerging that the heart’s electromagnetic field is more significant than the electrical field of the brain HeartMath and The Heart’s Electromagnetic Field Is Your Superpower | Psychology Today  


Simply use your consciousness to turn on and direct the love light via intention and visualization. Make a sacred space, expand the bubble that connects heart to heart to another. You have envisioned the light, now just power its heart/love/feeling. You can do this with anything you can imagine; throughout the earth, galaxy and universe. It’s like when you are holding your cat, child or lover. You flood them with heart/love energy. And time, space and surroundings just disappear. All that exists in these moments is love. Nothing else needs to happen. You connect and there is only the feeling/experience of love. A love bubble of integrity, compassion and grace. Head + Heart = Experience light filled love reality. A simple technique is to quietly and comfortably lie on your back, place both hands over your heart. And then drop into your heart. FEEL the energy connect and flow between your heart and hands. Then get your head/consciousness in the game. A more tantric perspective is that the head/consciousness is the male aspect. And the heart, creating space/connection is the female aspect. Everyone has both aspects. Traditional metaphysics/alchemy/tantra note when both the male and female aspects connect, there is the conception of the spiritual child, followed by gestation and birth.


Have we have entered the time of birthing our light being? A few weeks ago, the post was about the storm during the dark night Dark and Stormy Night. A later post was about the “I,” intuition, imagination and intention to manifest. Four I’s and Know I This post is about putting it all together and lighting it up. Perhaps we have been gestating and are now going through birth pangs and are soon to be birthed a light being on a planet of light.

You are the center of it all: Musing from different perspectives.

Light Being

So here is an interesting aspect that is rarely discussed. So where does light come from? Dumb question it comes from the sun and light bulbs. Energy transforms into light. It is a mere shift in the energy’s frequency. Yes, we know that, duh. And we know our eyeballs process frequency and their brain interpret them as different colors. However, what about when the mystics and metaphysicians note the idea of inner light? What is inner light and how does that happen and what does it become? In another post, that we are transformers of energy. That we take in energy (i.e., food, thoughts, feelings) and transform and into other thoughts feelings and behaviors etc. so the basic question is, can an individual also create light? Some folks note, “of course we do,” evidence by common statements of “you are the light of my life, I love how you shine, you have a glow about you etc.” But how does this actually happen? Is it by some unknown mystical frequency shift? By electro-chemical bio-photonics? Or is this psychotic madness? Isn’t it interesting that there is a common reference to the ability to create light but no scientific explanation, theories or research of how this occurs? An alternative theory, perhaps another’s light or glow or their color is merely a reflection from our light (the observer’s light)? Wait a minute this leads us right back to how does the observer even can produce and shine a light that is subsequently reflected and experienced as another’s glow? Link mirror and butterfly Another alternative premise: perhaps we all, just generate and shine light, maybe some try hide are light under a basket and thus appear relatively dark. In metaphysics, psychic, yogic, acupuncture phenomena there is information about etheric energy bodies, levels and shells. Whether it’s chi, prana, astral, chakra, meridians, subtle, etc.

The Hamster Wheel

Are you the center of it all? Is the human experience is being as a hamster on the wheel of karma? Until now, have we only been able to experience and recognize that we are hamsters on this wheel? Perhaps we are becoming enlightened or maybe the veil is thinning and we now recognize that we can get off the wheel. So how does one get off the wheel? By recognizing that we are the center or the hub or the axle in which the wheel spins around. We have the experience that we could see ourselves being the hamster running around on the wheel. But now we recognize the wheel is for our exercising. Now we recognize we can jump off the wheel. That we are the center (axel) of this circus, we can jump off and watch it spin for some entertainment or jump on it for a bit of exercise. “Oh what a joy” it is to run on the wheel and to get off the wheel and watch it spin around for our entertainment. Or is it for our inner-attainment? So, being at the center we choose and are able to transform our experience. What do we choose to transform?

Long-form Slog

Another way to look at this is that we are that actor, the director, and the play of this theatrical experience. This sound familiar with being the gardener, the garden and the tomato plant in the garden? The gardening metaphor is the long-form of moving from energy to imagination, to planning/preparation, to doing, then harvesting; and in the winter returning to a resting/death/rebirth state of winter. This long-form experience of the human condition has been with us for millennia.

Entanglement and Short-form

Perhaps we are now moving into a space/time/energy where we can learn to use a short-form? It is the realm of the mystics and metaphysicians. The short-form recognizes that we are transformers of energy. It still has similar aspects of changing energy states. Having the desire to manifest in a different frequency state, i.e. reality. There are the familiar aspects of desire, imagination, planning/preparation, doing/being, harvesting the fruits and then returning to an energy state that has produced seeds and gained lessons (frequencies) that can carry forward to another round of the next experience. Perhaps the same old hamster wheel but now instead of spinning one direction on an axle; perhaps we are now learning how to spin on a single point, in an infinite number of planes. Maybe we learn we are not limited to a single plane of existence spinning in a single direction. But we are a multi-dimensional. That we have a single-point existence and can spin in any direction, expand, contract and exist in any space/time/sphere. If we can be in any time or space, does this mean that time and space are collapsed or vanishes? That space and time are just a figments of the Vedic maya or magic show/circus? Is this the opportunity to move beyond the containment of time and space? Does this allow for heart powered consciousness to travel instantaneously beyond the speed of light? To exist as a particle and wave, or to be in two places at the same time? Is this entanglement? Is this the opportunity to quantum leap our experience of reality?

A Casual Perspective

Maybe on this planet we learn a new way of being. A new tool of unity consciousness. That each sovereign individual has the choice and ability to participate as both an individual AND with unity. Unity consciousness is simply that we can, as individuals, choose to come together, collaborate and focus on establishing a common mutual experience. And we can do this via the short-form of manifestation directed by our individual consciousness and powered by heart coherence. And when put this together with others, “whomp” of a frequency change and things can happen in short order. Unity consciousness differs from a digital central control systems such as digital central crypto currencies, social media systems or other monitoring platforms. Unity consciousness is different because there is no hierarchical structure that can control or monitor it. Its not a de-evolution to an amoebic organization, but transcends beyond the mere functioning of an individualistic rational egoic state. With expanded capacity, the unity realm exists as a de-central participatory experience AND is inclusive of an individual’s sovereign choice of when, where, what and how to participate. Besides in a multidimensional universe, it is a buffet of options for experience that are not restricted by time or space. It would be like a multidimensional web of ecological diversity. A planet of infinite frequencies that has underlying casual and subtle principles of sustainability, resilience, interconnectedness and interdependence.

 Stew Pot

Another perspective is that of the Atman, the universal soul or subtle realm of the spirit. It is the realm of the formless non-manifest nirvana, pure emptiness. This is the realm of formless mysticism. It is where God/source wants to materialize or become a physical manifestation to experience itself. Then, once it has manifested and physically experienced itself, it returns to a primordial universal God/source. The spirit/soul energetic changes frequency and becomes a “solid physical state” that returns to an energetic state. In both the energetic and solid-state, the energy is the same; it just changes and presents different frequencies. In part, we are always in a dynamic state of change. The adventure of spirit to experience itself. And then transform back into a primordial energetic source. But now accesses or carries frequencies of the experiences (via karma/akashic/dna) and then moves toward another experience of becoming something else. Sounds like a re-incarnation pattern? Perhaps represented by the Taoist dualistic Yin and Yang symbol. But the circle around the Yin/Yang is the Wu Wei of existing/being without attachment, i.e., it’s just the “way.” This is kind of the “soup theory.” It is where the primordial state is a pot of bubbling soup. And each bubble represents an individual experiencing a moment as an individual AND is aware that it is also the soup. Or as a drop of water returning to the ocean.

I have wondered, “am I full of crap?” link to Rainbows and Unicorns. However, many have had experiences of “synchronicity, miracles and what not” that are beyond rational scientific evidence or belief. There are also stories of being able to affect the weather, spontaneous healing, psychic phenomena that eludes empirical scientific rational, measure or definition. Perhaps the scientific community is not allowed nor feels comfortable to investigate or release their findings transparently. And if that is the case; it is a matter of social, political and economic will that has little to do with mysticism or metaphysics. Meanwhile, the yogis, mystics and others wander around in the heavens of light and the diamond buddha fields. But what “if two or more are gathered” with resonant heart consciousness and easily affect change? Miraculous or just little understood abilities?

Let’s discuss the tools that we have always had available as sovereign individuals. Few have recognized, but with the increasing planetary unity consciousness (maybe because of the potential for widespread planetary malfunction) are we are poised to make and take the opportunity for a quantum jump into a new reality on this planet with heart and consciousness?

What if we focused our heart powered consciousness with unity to clean oceans, to stabilize and balance weather patterns, to work on innovating magnetic electric generators for heat, light and desalinate water for food production in empty shopping malls? Would something like this eliminate issues of planetary scarcity, competition and war? Could abundance, collaboration and peace become the planetary ethic? If we could land and walk on the moon 53 years ago, why can’t we today do a little more at home?

Awakening can be a simple affair. You are already awakened. Move beyond the puny narcissistic ego. There is the energetic self, the realm of casual Unity and the subtle dropping back into the ocean of the universal SELF. Readily available are the frequencies of love and light. There is no separation. By shining light, others turn on their light.

Don’t follow me, follow your SELF.

Peace, love and light!



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