Wonder and Wanderlust Amongst the Stars: From Ego to WeGo

Wonder and Wanderlust Amongst the Stars:

The world is changing. The question is changing to what?

There are four basic responses. First, I don’t like change; I want to stay the same. Second, change is reactive. Thought of as something that is not working and let’s do a little tweak/improvement/adjustment. The third type of response is strategic. It is more preparatory/pro-active/preventive; considering the past, recognizing that some things did not work out well. The focus is on making unique plans, using different tactics based on presumptions of the future. The last type of response is visionary. Visionary response is thought to be “way out there,” beyond the leading edge. It is sensing and accessing “beyond” the horizon, a place that is not quite visible to most folks.

In the study of innovations, there is the concept of the rate of adoption curve (or diffusion of innovation). It is a simple bell curve. At the very far left end of the curve are the visionaries. As the curve rises, there’s a point where the “first move” innovators exist. As the second generation of innovators make improvements, there is a point of critical mass where the new idea/concept really takes hold. From this point to the apex (top) of the curve is the growth and acceptance of the mainstream. The top part of the curve is where the concept or idea is the widespread acceptance and use. Moving further right on the curve is the decline where the lagers/critics eventually accept the utility. However, this may also be in decline because it no longer has utility or something else is replacing it. The adoption curve is a simple and useful way to visualize how a new thought begins, becomes accepted as a mainstay paradigm and then declines in its usefulness.

On the downhill (right) side, we have folks who like the status quo that do not want change. The reactive folks are in the camp of things just need to be tweaked or adjusted and it will work fine. The Strategist folks know things are not working and we must transition to something new. However, the strategists’ dilemma is that they know the past, can see and understand the shortcomings of the declining paradigm require change. But do not have access to seeing beyond the horizon. Thus, preparations are based on the past. Furthermore, they can only extend to what they see or expect which is a short view to the horizon. In this short view is basically a transition or crisis phase to an unknown future.

On the other hand, the visionaries’ dilemma is they throw out the past. The past is generally dismissed. Perhaps it’s not that the past is dismissed, it’s just that the visionary is already beyond the horizon and focused on potential and possibilities. The strategists are not yet able to connect the dots of potential and possibilities. And the status quo folks and reactionaries think the visionaries are just plain wacky. 

Now we are at the point of wondering. Many recognize that the world needs to change. That we are somewhere between the beginning and perhaps the middle of the change. It is difficult to determine where in change we are until at the end and can look back retrospectively. Thus, one wonders if this change is reactive, strategic or one of those rare but significant paradigm shifts? Let’s go back for a moment to the adoption of innovation bell curve. The adoption/innovation curve is a way to look at the cycles of improvement, innovation and smaller changes, etc. However, if one looks at a scale of a longer planetary history, there seems to be these quantum leaps of evolution. The rhymes and reasons for these quantum leaps are mired in speculative interpretation, theory and perspectives. Not wanting to get stuck in this quagmire, I find it interesting to wonder how folks have come to their premises. Was it a giant meteor, aliens, solar plasma strikes, evolutionary eras, astrological movements, divine intervention and whatnot?

Let’s look at change. There is the what, why, when, how and the speed of the change. For the sake of discussion, let’s just refer to change as old world versus new world. There is the notion that the inner and outer world are mere reflections of the other. Basically, a person’s subjective experience of the world reflects their inner spiritual/metaphysical/psychological existence. And vice versa, an individual’s inner spiritual/metaphysical/psychological existence manifests in their outer world experience. Of course, this is nothing new. What is new is the exploding space of “manifesting.” Just a side note, “manifesting”…what about wo-festing (woman festing)? Of course, women are virginal mothers that can create something…well everything out of nothing. But also wondering if there is a thing such as woo-festing. Can we fest directly from the woo. Maybe all this fasting, festering, feasting and festivals are about festing? Lol. Point is, all this festing, involves consciousness.

The common ground of all this festing is consciousness. The what, why, when and how of change; and the speed of the change is arguably about consciousness. The festing explosion touts using all matter of techniques: Affirmations, crystals, feathers, tinctures, mediation, psychic readings, supplements, fats, exercise, bells and whistles etc. that can probably be app’d in your smart phone. The list of tools, techniques and trinkets is endless. My opinion, whatever works, for whatever reason a person believes…go for it. Proceed with caution…use your own discernment…you know you; reference reviews, consults and do your own research. A premise in psychology is, it depends on what you believe. Thus, the self-study of your beliefs, i.e., the what, how, why and when you came to these beliefs are factors in what determines what works for you.

Having a wee bit of familiarity with the philosophy of “phenomenology,” https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/phenomenology/  One can see that this has significantly influenced discussions of consciousness. I wonder how things like meditation, micro/macro dosing hallucinogens, hypnosis, flotation tanks, psychic phenomena, psychopharmacology and digital meta-verses will influence this discussion. Consciousness has been contained to the individual level of consciousness; centered on the “I/me” experience. However, we are now being forced to consider an inclusive or unity phenomenological experience of “we”. It is the “we” that we need to consider when looking at the global planetary boat. How do we move from an “I” centric focus to a “we” centric focus to ensure survival of our little blue boat that is cast amongst the dark night sea with sparkling points of light? But wait, what about aliens, multi-dimensional universes, energetic frequency shifts and the Aquarian age?

Back on task: There are 3-4 known world ways of we. There were the hunter/gathers of small families to ensure survival. Second, is the matriarchal world based on tribal/agrarian farming communities of sharing and complementary functional roles to secure survival. Third is the patriarchal world, based on divine rights and colonization. With the characteristics: top-down, structured and centralized control, socio-economic-functional class stratification and the fear/scarcity/greed-based motivation/control to ensure the survival of the empire/state/corporation. Currently, the battle is the patriarchal state versus the sovereignty of individuals. Of course, we are seeing this war on the battlefields of law, education, economic, security, political, social/corporate rights versus the individuals’ sovereignty. However, the emerging war front is the societal “we” verses the corporate state of we. The strategic and tactical tools are social media censorship, the lack of mainstream media coverage and the vilification/censorship of those who speak out or propose alternative premises to the corporate agenda we interest.

The core of this great change is consciousness. And the battleground is the narrative/the story. This is not a new battle. Whoever controls the story, controls consciousness; and seemingly will control the next paradigm. It’s fascinating that the new buzzword is narrative. Narrative is simply “the story told.” History notes that it is the victors who get to tell their story. However, since the 1990s, the widespread adoption of the innovation of personal computers and smart phones. And now the potential adoption of meta-verse experiences have ushered in the ability for individuals to share their narrative in a digital immersive environment. This seems like a screaming mess of everyone yelling their story to a stadium full of others also shouting out their story. While the stadium announcers are attempting to maintain a centralized control of broadcasting their play-by-play narrative of the game. The interesting thing is, it that now there are fewer and fewer folks are going to the stadium and fewer are listening to the play-by-play action that is of the “control broadcast.” Of course, you have the social influencers, which are the modern-day carnival barker; who’s job is to the get a passerby suckered into the sideshow. While on the other side there is a ground swell of energy devoted to establishing a de-centralized network of nodes with the ability for sovereign participation.

Back to the beginning of this post. Last week was the post about shutting off the distractions and that you are the change You are the Change. About a month ago, there was a post about intuition Intuition. Intuition is a way to go beyond the cognitive, ego constraints into the visionary realm beyond the horizon. Why go there? The reason is that you are beyond the control of other’s narratives. This is where you access and create the narrative for your own sovereign reality. Remember that you are the change and that time is malleable.

 I wonder if we are just about to do a quantum leap? A difficult to imagine life changing leap?

Are we in the same boat? A Perspective:

There is a lot of change occurring. Of course, the future is constantly changing; largely based on what is happening now. The underlying beauty is to recognize that what we do now changes the future. The question becomes, what can we do that will move us toward the future that we want?

Of course, the current media/news tells us we are currently in some bad times and the future is rather bleak. On the other side of the coin, what are the challenges that will move us forward to a more earth friendly future? Again, it’s the similar crisis/opportunity of what do we decide now, how to navigate and work our way through this labyrinth?

Awareness is moving and changing. Moving from the old maps (paradigms) of the world to developing our internal guidance systems. We are taught to reference the external maps of politics, economics, religion, psychology, etc. However, there is an arising awareness that these maps are no longer working well. And this has created a dissonance within ourselves, between others and among nations/countries/regions. The current world/planetary state, is forcing us to question the ways, presumptions and events that are leading us to our own demise. We can look at this as a crisis. But what is this crisis? Is it a reckoning or judgement? Has this been fore told? Is this the time of revelation?

History is provocative, because we are facing the demise of our old self, old ways of being, worn out paradigms and beliefs. Perhaps we are just leaving the shore of our old ways and navigate a crossing (transition) of a river, sea, land of the dead, etc. towards a new land (new paradigm). There will be folks that choose to remain on the shore of the known. Others have left the past, the old paradigms and the old ways. And now are in search of a new world. Here we are, in the boat, with little but our belief, a smattering of skills and visions of what it could be.

It was a dark and stormy night, without moonlight or stars to guide us and the wind, rain and cracks of lightening was fierce upon the heaving seas. The question is, what are we to use on this dark night to navigate this crossing?

The foundation is to believe in our journey. Then acknowledge our fears and recognize them as the ghosts, apparitions and unsightly things that were merely our fears. Fears based on our past. The ardent task is to recognize these fears are of the past and leave them there. To see them as lessons that are useful guides in our journey forward. They are the wrathful deities that reveal their true nature of being peaceful deities, shining light to our hearts. It is the inner light that guides us forward to a new shore of meaning, purpose and existence. Are revelations the lights that help us journey across the dark waters to a new shore?  

If the entire planet is the boat and we are all together, we each have things to share, teach and receive. Perhaps to tell tales/lessons of the past, share dreams and plans for landing on the new shore. Are we not all souls in this boat together? Does it really matter the age, gender, culture or experience? If we are traveling and navigating together; what kindness, care and tending do we need to offer to each other during the stormy night to reach the new shore?

So here we are in the boat, on a dark and stormy night. What is the best thing to do? Is it to run about, panicked, cringing from ghosts of the past, shouting, crying, throwing each other overboard? Arguably, the best thing is to gather quietly in the center of the boat, remain calm and vigilant to abide the belief that we will find the new shore. Being in the center will stabilize the boat while it gets tossed by the wind and waves. Huddled close, we quietly share the hopes, dreams and visions for the new shore. These dreams, visions and hope come from deep inside us. They are the tiniest lights/seeds that we have bought from our travels amongst the stars and galaxies. Are we here to bring these lights to share with the new world? The stormy night passes, the dawn awakens and the sea stills. On the distant horizon, we see the new shore. Get ready to make landings on the new shore. We have a lot of exploring, planting, growing and celebrating a new world.                                                                                   

The point is each culture, country and individual has a narrative or story. This has been told to us since birth. However, it is the story of our past, our homeland and life thus far. However, history changes. It changes because of our understanding of who we are, of how we view/interpret and experience ourselves. Now we are facing a global or planetary situation; and it is not just as an individual/cultural or geo-political region. Can we come together and choose a different story/narrative/interpretation and change both our history and the future of the planet? Will our story be another retelling of the hero’s journey? Or will we be able to tell a new story of WeGo to our future selves?

 Peace, love and light!



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