Times of Great Change Presents Great Opportunities:

Times of great change presents great opportunities:


Most can sense, feel and know we are in a time of significant change. We are constantly bombarded with news of problems, theories and solutions about the climate, economy, social issues, politics, etc. In part, we understand and perceive these issues are relative to our global/planetary history, background, experience and are a geo-political reality. This is only an external manifestation based on a conglomeration of averages and of the loudest narratives. The other side is each person’s internal reality; their beliefs, stories and actions. These individual stories are often silent and untold but none-the-less are great testaments to the influence of the soul.


I wonder if we are at the carnival. The barkers are calling us to come see the bearded lady sing, the alligator man swallows a duck, the magician changes a few beans into gold, the mighty flyers swooping through the air with the greatest of ease. Perhaps we have entered the house of mirrors and fun. Meanwhile, we have gorged ourselves on peanuts, popcorn and cotton candy. We have spun on innumerable amusement rides. And now, we are feeling queasy and ready to puke. Oh, what a freak show, the oddities, horror, fascination…”Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality” (Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen, 1982). 


Have we decided enough is enough; is it time to stop? It’s like when you have been twirling about and suddenly stop; the world continues to spin around. It takes a few moments to regain our balance, whereabouts and the sense of being centered and grounded.


How does one stop the spinning and regain being centered? Do we try to focus on the myriad of events that ever beckons for our attention and at the risk getting sucked into another side show or rabbit hole? Arguably, we turn our focus inside. We examine how do we feel? Not about how we feel about the spinning myriad of external events that we have little or no control of. But our feelings of health and well-being? Perhaps we feel a bit discombobulated, which cues us to focus and regain our center ground. What is the center ground? The center ground is that internal space where we feel centered and grounded. It’s a calm where we can easily abide and let the whirlwind of sideshows continue without them influencing us. Wrathful and Peaceful Deities


Once we can abide/endure/intimately know this intentional space; we can then decide either to let things spin and react, or just watch the show or strategically navigate the whirlwind of events. We discover, from where all things spin. Simply, it is ourselves. Realizing that it depends from where and on what we focus (internal or external) will determine if we are at the mercy of a storm or that the storm is a minor inconvenience. Realize we are, from where all things spin or come to rest. Is your center spinning or is it calm and peaceful?  


First, recognize that our nose led around us. And if one wishes to no longer be led around, then we need to find the place behind the nose. And that place is inside. To get there is via introspection. Introspection


Second, introspection is simply self-observation/examination. However, skillful breathing and mindfulness are useful tools to steady us in our self-examination. Breath and Mindfulness


Third, once we find ourselves; and can abide in our center or ground. We are then able to decide to either watch and enjoy the carnival. Or be a two-bit actor in somebody else’s sideshow. Or we can choose to produce our own show.


Fourth, if we decide to produce our own show, what do we base it on? How do we tell the story? The central question is, do we use fear or love to carry the story? Is it light or dark? Shall we use comedy or tragedy? Is it a simple plan or a twisting tale? Is it about the formidable storm of sins or the greatest of loves? It is your choice.


Last, realize that it could be the sowing of seeds that result in the bitter or the sweetest harvest. Sowing seeds and reaping harvest are basically the same thing. The only differences are the time and form. Both seeds and fruit can be enjoyed and shared; or not. A large part of the show depends on your intentions; the seeds, your gardening methods and what to do with the fruits and seeds.


The point is, in times of great change. The place to start is to go inside. Introspect, find yourself and then navigate from there. Doing this, we avoid becoming confused and lost in the storms of change. We survive and are able to navigate toward new horizons.

Peace love and light!



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