Is Consciousness Under Attack?

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Is human consciousness under attack?

Recently saw an interview of E.B. Tucker (a specialists in the metals market) made the statement “that human consciousness is under attack.” He gave examples of how when he was a child, he had spent a lot of time with his grandfather.  His grandfather had taught him about all kinds of things. However now days, many folks under the age 30 are basically plugged in to some electronic device for their information and experience of the world.  Mr. Tucker referenced looking back on the time and experience with his grandfather that basically taught him how to understand the world. He encouraged folks, in order to deal with the assault on consciousness, is that we must be present with others and thereby give them time and experience so that they develop the ability to think for themselves. Otherwise, we risk being lead around by the noise/drama/propaganda narrative.

This prompted me to reflect upon my childhood, experiences raising my own three children and career in mental health.  I concur, that we need to teach people, especially children and young folks how to think, feel and consider things for themselves.  To be able to recognize and cut through the noise and distractions that are constantly in our environment.

The past few weeks I’ve been thinking about how do we set up folks for success in living their lives to their self-determined fullness.  Is there a way to do this efficiently? I’ve been working on editing the parenting and childhood development posts.  Is it possible to set up two generations at one time?  The initial effort may take three generations, the grandparent, the adult parent and the children.  I am the last generation before wide spread accessibility of computers and now digital reality.  I remember in my 20’s when computers, Atari and Nintendo games became accessible and popular.  My childhood and teen years were about getting dirty, having fun, mowing yards, gardening and working on family farms.  Living in small rural towns there were no supermarkets nor instant off-the-shelf fun/noise/distractions unless you created it yourself.  About the only distractions were AM radio, world news at 6 PM and the farm report at 9 PM.  Now, the sources of information vying for our attention are instantaneous, accessible, constant and enormous.  In many respects, human consciousness is under attack. 

A known and well researched psychological concept is that brainwashing occurs when a person is over-stimulated or bombarded with stimulus. When one looks closer at the techniques of torture and brainwashing it involves overstimulation. Folk that are held captive (lacking freedom and free will) and assaulted with loud noises, uncomfortable physically, disrupted sleep and basically maintained in a constant overstimulated state in a small uncomfortable environment. These conditions quickly produce a state of confusion and disorientation.  And thus, the person’s mental state or consciousness is more easily manipulated or influenced.  Additionally, if a person is mainly subjected to fear information, they will often develop a paranoid interpretation of common events.  And with more extreme and prolonged conditions can develop a paranoid reality.

Compare this to an environment that is calm.  Where a person can easily with their own freewill, able to engage to meet their physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs.    These conditions will lead to an empowered consciousness.  It becomes very difficult to manipulate, brainwash or change their sense of reality.  Furthermore, research clearly indicates that an enriched environment, allowing for wide range of experiences is much more fulfilling and meaningful.  And the emergence or presence of violence, substance abuse, depression, anxiety and such in folks is greatly reduced or not much of a societal issue.

 A major focus of this site is parenting.  Presenting psychological developmental theory in a simple and practical manner in which to raise kids to become confident, competent and respect themselves and others.  As responsible adults we want them to have the ability to discover and bring forth their reality based on their talents, challenges and joys.  You are their parents, perhaps teachers, grandparent and mentors.  We must have the presence of mind, be available to them and provide the space and opportunities where they can develop their experience and reality.  When they are an infant, toddler and child, it is well known, that the first 10 years of the child’s life has a significant impact on how they view themselves, the world and their future.  You are their introduction and the primary influence that forms their experience of reality. Your mindful presence, time and experience will influence them the rest of their life.  Help your children by role-modeling, teaching and encouraging them to unplug from the noise, drama and distractions.  Provide a non-noisy space and encourage them to discover themselves and their joys. 

Then as a teen, they will want to experiment, explore and participate in the development of their own reality.  They will be well equipped to handle this challenge.

The point is, we need to provide and encourage our children and youth with growing opportunities.  Young folks will discover, develop themselves and their world.  The question is…how do we encourage and provide these opportunities?  Sometimes, it’s the absence of noisy, shiny, busy and scary things that provides them the space and opportunities to shine forth their light. 

Peace, love and light!



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