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At one point you looked through your mother’s face… when you were in the womb. Learning as you go, learning in the moment provides the opportunity to change. In the moment, frees you from looking back. Or moving back-ass-wards and unable to see where you are going. And prevents you from getting ahead of yourself. Thus, end up chasing your tail to nowhere. It is fine to be situationally aware. But the key is to be aware and focus in the moment because this is where the power of opportunity awaits.

You have different layers of awareness or senses. We all know of the bodily five senses: touch, taste, smell, seeing and hearing. They are focused on the physically or body. However, there is at least one more sense that operates on a different “frequency.” This sense is on a spectrum that extends from the physical beyond the ego realms. Physical senses are oriented to surviving, navigating and existing with a sense of self. We refer to the sixth sense to as the psychic, psi or extra-sensory-perception (ESP). An easy way to conceptualize this is to think about it as a sense of receiving, translating and transmitting energy. Often referred to as intuition or gut instinct. The difference is that intuition and instinct are poorly understood. Versus knowledge and ability have foundations, concepts, structure, processes and progression.  

Extending the Senses

Think of it as extending the frequency range of the basic five senses. For example, people seeing auras are extending the frequency range of sight. Or with clairaudience, extending their frequency range of hearing. And with touch, extending the feeling range to work with energy such as with Reiki healing, etc. We can learn to extend our frequency range of our senses. This is like learning to see thermal images that are now done with infrared technology.

During the human experience, there have been those who naturally had ability. And some that had opportunities to learn about PSI. However, currently psi abilities are activating or coming on board for many folks. There are some interesting theories why this is occurring, which is not necessarily important to discuss here. What is important is to note that psychic ability has been expected and is within normal experience of the human condition. In history, we often feared folks that had this ability and they were stigmatized and shunned. We called them witches, shaman, the mad and saints (remember sainthood is given after death). Perhaps it’s in our ego-centric nature to descriptively codify and standardize the PSI experience. Yet folks are individualistic, creative and sovereign with free will. Most folks are more about their experience than the theoretical machinations of the academics and cultural overlords. The issue with the academic and cultural pharisees is that they have difficulty understanding from their frame of reference and are unable to recognize, understand and acknowledge new emerging paradigms. But this is nothing new. It is the familiar “rate of adoption curve.”

Parallel Paradigms

“Mirror, mirror on the wall… “We have two emerging paradigms that are reflective but opposite of each other; centralization versus decentralization. Centralization is a command, control and scarcity paradigm. Versus decentralization is a sovereignty, free-will and abundance paradigm. Both think and feel the other camp is delusional and conspiratorial. The central folks are paranoid. And the de-central folks tend to re-focus to move on toward a new reality. What a mess! Again this is familiar, when an old paradigm is collapsing and a new one is emerging.  


If we make the basic presumption that experience and existence unfold. This aligns with the notion of emerging abundance. Abundance comes from the idea of revealing more or discovering or remembering there is more than we have known or thought. Therefore, we are increasing our capacity or awareness, i.e., extending our frequency range. Recognizing our ability for more capacity. Being able to recognize, understand and work with and increased range of frequencies. Thus, our presumption is supported by scientific and technological discoveries which confirm there is a larger spectrum of frequencies that heretofore were thought to be beyond the capacity of human consciousness. And yet mystics and shamans have demonstrated ability of PSI phenomena. It is no longer a question of does the PSI phenomena exist. It begs the questions of “what, when, where, why and how does this happen?”

Realms Beyond the Ego

In the metaphysical, meditative and spiritual realms are the worlds of instruction, treatise and teachers/gurus. It’s like buying a car. It depends on what you want, can afford and find. Before the internet, we found the smorgasbord or buffet at gatherings such as the Kumbh Mela. Currently there is an expanding infinite array of offerings that comes right to your preferred digital device. It’s mindboggling and confusing. Where or how does one start? It starts with you. Actually, within you and because you are sovereign and of free will, you are the one to ask yourself the questions of “why, when, where and how?” Nobody but you can answer these questions. Sorry, I know, not helpful. However, just know that since you are reading this, you are well on the path. 

Time and Effort are Relative

The time and effort on the path are relative. They are relative to the pre and post experiences on the path. WTH are you talking about Timmy? Just know that anticipation is long, the experience is timeless and the memories are fleeting.

Guidepost and Warnings

Realize guidepost are merely pointing the way. However, they are not the way. They are not the experience of the walking the path. There are many warnings about making your way through the PSI realms. There are distractions, pitfalls and dead ends; essentially a labyrinth with only one way out… which is to go in. It is not for the faint of heart and one must prepare by having the skills and compass points of navigation. One must commit to undertake this mythic journey. And once started there is no return, refund or travel insurance… lol. 

One and All

There are many paths that end up in the same place. Each cosmology, culture, religion, spiritual journey has their own structure, techniques, accoutrements and paraphernalia. Yet also there are some underlying similarities. Which is it’s your choice, your responsibility and your journey. Even though you travel the path and encounter friends and foe; most of the journey is unseen by others. Some paths are direct and others meander and wander. The person who finishes this journey is not the same that started on the path. But surely your awareness will expand..

The Portals

A way to view the journey is via portals. Which are merely doorways to different dimensions. Popularly known as chakras. Each chakra is an opening to an experience. This is the same as each of your senses as a way to discover, experience and emerge. You can touch, taste, smell, see and hear. A way to conceptualize this is that each sense will allow access to different experiences relative to the chakra being used. There is the phenomenon of synesthesia. Which seems to cross-reference with another sense. For example, hearing colors, seeing music or tasting sounds. This is not farfetched as many think. Many aficionados, musicians, sommelier, etc. can or are trained to have an expanded vocabulary or literacy to recognize and describe a piece of music as sweet, raw, woody, blue, ethereal, weightless, etc. 

At some level, it becomes a matter of consciousness, literacy/training and attentional focus. Of course, some have a natural or heightened propensity. Another example is that of an empathic individual who experiences or learns to access another’s life experience. Or a psychic that can access the spectrum of another’s life path or “energy.” Again, this is nothing new. I wonder if we are conceived, gestated, and birthed with this experience? “In another time’s forgotten space. Your eyes looked from your mother’s face…” (Franklin’s Tower, Robert Hunter, Grateful Dead). During the past decade there has been an explosion of thought that the “heart chakra” is the pathway or connection to the experience of empathy. That via empathy, we can connect and heal much of the world’s woes via frequencies and beyond space and time via entanglement.

Empathic Fields

Historically, there is an etiquette of empathic work. Specifically respecting the sovereignty of another. Which is simply, there must be an invitation to make the connection. The thought is you don’t want to encroach on another without permission. Ideally, to have a clarification and agreement of why you are engaging in an empathic meld.

On the other hand, masters can present an accessible empathic field. They open their empathic or energetic field so that others may access their knowledge/energy. Thus, each person determines their depth or resonance (frequency) of their empathic meld with the master (which maintains the axiom of respecting sovereignty). It is the ability to open and resonate. By the way, many folks note that being in the physical proximity of a master is a rarified uplifting experience. 

Other Views

The same thing happens in a tantric union between lovers when they open their chakras. And energy flows through the channels where it becomes a melded sacred experience (kundalini awareness) between them. Also, this may open the space or awareness of a new life to come in. The new life begins a physical-psych-spiritual conception and gestation. From the Bardo Thodal/Tibetan Book of the Dead it is the selection of the womb (a pre-conception/birth view). It is the selection of the father, mother and time of conception which offers the physical DNA, energetic and karmic propensities/frequencies for the next round of life. Simply, the time of conception and womb are the energetic portals for physical life coming into the world.

In the chakra systems, each chakra is an energy portal. A portal for an experiential experience. Each feeling is a portal to an experience. Each thought is a portal to an experience. And from a psychic perspective, each energy meld/frequency is a portal to an experience. “Ok, so what?…”

This is both an intra and inter nodal system of portals. Each node is becomes a portal or opportunity to a connected experience. WTH are you talking about Timmy? Whether we are viewing intergalactic plasma networks, the brain’s neuronal network, or mycelial networks, etc. it’s a similar fractal structure and process. In grad school, I was introduced to the method/strategy of “nodal interviewing.” Which is accessing a client’s experience via their story.  When the energetic story (a story with some blocked or knotted/tangled energy) comes to a “node” it provided a branching (or connection) to feelings, thoughts, experiences, behaviors, memories, etc. And from this “interconnected network” of a person’s subjective experience that becomes their sense of reality. This is very common when viewed from the perspective flow of consciousness; one sees or experience a person’s view, paradigm, story; or network of how they view their experience. Interconnectedness is a well-known phenomenon in body work.

Therapeutic Release

Therapy is an opportunity for the client to re-wire, re-write, re-interprets, re-experience trauma from a different perspective. For example, instead of from the perspective of being a child. It’s the opportunity to view the experience as a functioning adult. The same occurs when doing the “experiential” workshop geared toward a more integrated being. However, the general thought is to resolve the trauma so that the tangled/knotted energy (pain/suffering) can be freed-up or released. This energy can then be re-directed toward integrated wholeness. Simply, fear/pain/suffering takes a lot of energy to maintain and contain. And releasing or surrendering these energetic knots enables this energy towards more life enhancing pursuits/pathways. In part, this involves creating different interpretations, creating a different story, history or mythology. Or re-orienting toward “wellness” instead of illness. Instead of stating and identifying as a victim, re-stating that you are a survivor and moving on to activating behaviors that “thrive;” which will quickly become competence, confidence and identification as a hero/heroine’s journey.

The Point

Admittedly, this post has wandered. “Dad, where are we going? Crazy!” The point is, we are being presented with an opening and opportunity to move into the PSI or psychic realm. The intention of this post is to remind folks that the psychic realm has been with us for millennia. Religious, cultural and esoteric metaphysics were obscured via symbolic metaphor and allegories. Now with the “thinning of the veil” the psychic realm is not that unfamiliar, as one might think. The fact is there has been a significant re-emergence during the past 70-50 years. Particularly during the past 5-10 years there has been a revealing and access to the psychic realms.

The narrative is that there is a battle between the old school way of doing things and the proposition of a digital centralized reality. Which is perhaps diversionary. Yet there is very little presentation of the emerging parallel psychic reality. To be fair, both the digital and the psychic realities each have their benefits, risks and side effects. 

I expect the “rate of adoption curve” for the psychic realm will be slower than the digital centralized reality. However, the capacity, duration and resilience of the psychic realm will expodentially surpass the parallel digital centralized reality. 

I encourage folks to get their house (self) or foundation in order. Specifically, establishing a solid foundation of integrity, compassion and gracefulness as a practice and pathway in which to journey into the psychic realms. 

Great opportunities are often interesting times.



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