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We are in a different space and time. The rules and processes have changed, but the task is the same. Being in a different space and time allows us the opportunity of an acceleration or an increase of capacity for more awareness. 

However, the task is the same. Specifically, the task is to decide to make a choice. It is the decision to believe. And then to act in a manner the reality already exists. The question is “what” to believe?  

The sequence is first, to recognize that you are sovereign and thus have the ability for a free-will experience. You get to choose to believe and furthermore choose what to believe. The task is to recognize the opportunity to choose and subsequently to decide what to believe. Some people may not recognize they have the right or sovereignty and the opportunity to choose for themselves. They may believe that they are not worthy or don’t have the education or the credentials or the ability to decide. Often the problem is not with deciding the choice of what, but taking the responsibility for your decision. Which involves intention, decision and the following through of responsibility. A simple example is wanting a piece of candy. You wish or intend a piece of candy, but failing to ask, recognize, take and eat the piece of candy that is right before you. The taking action for the responsibility of is often the most difficult. Because you don’t believe it can happen. It may seem slow, with little progress or an unpredictable struggle. However, the more you do and experience, the easier it gets and the more effective it becomes. It’s hard to believe in and to recognize miracles. The trick is to presume and act as if the miracle has already happened and you don’t even have to think about. A couple of low level psychological hacks are “fake it until you make it” and “acting will change your thinking faster than thinking will change your actions.” 

Many of us have been told that we must learn, e.g., see one, do one, teach one before becoming one who is competent and confident. Yet in this new space and time by acting competent, we become confident. We have turned the old paradigm on its head. The new paradigm requires us to decide, believe and BE. We can fast track around the laborious learning, intending, acting and waiting for the miracle. Only needing to take the step of being a master. Noted by Yoda, “Do or do not. There is no try.”

What is missing? Missing is the planning, the preparation, the study to learn how it is done, to make schedules and expect contingency scenarios. Realize that all are divine masters. The trick is to shed the old self, spread your wings and fly… as butterflies. 

This is the fast-track, the accelerated ascension or opening. This is learning to go beyond what we have known. In the past, we have had to learn and then have the experience. And now we just experience. Timmy, what in the hell are you talking about? Remember the acorn theory and the butterfly posts? It is the idea that we come into this life, this experience with skills and assets, and with inherent potential. Instead of having a blank slate where we must learn everything and then aspire to become. Now we have propensities and then merely remember and recognize our inherent potentials and Be. Of course, if we recognize our acorn and can plant it in a fertile and supportive garden, then we just grow. By being ourselves. In the caterpillar into a butterfly analogy, both the caterpillar and butterfly can’t be other than they are. They don’t need lessons on how to wiggle and crawl nor how to fly. Sure we’ll have to weather some difficult situations or storms. 

So, the question becomes who are you? Question to yourself is “who am I? Or are you me?” This is learning to recognize the other as yourself. It is spiritual reciprocity. As below, so above; what is outside is inside and what is inside, is outside or you reap what you sow. 

But we do not need to spend time and energy worrying about being. Just know and Be… what? Be divine, compassion, graceful, love and joy.

Enlightenment is accepting and surrendering into your divinity. The only task is to recognize your sovereignty and choose. Perhaps this is the “passing through the eye of the needle?” Or to be childlike in surrendering into the endless moment of playing in the kingdom of heaven? The flowing wonderment playing in the garden.  Enlightenment is not a state of being, but a process of becoming aware or conscious of the single emerging the flow of divinity.


There is unconsciousness, consciousness and beyond consciousness. Or being unaware, aware and beyond awareness. Being unconscious or unaware is without knowledge and appreciation. Whereas being beyond consciousness or awareness, one is the diversity and multitudes/multi-dimensions of being divine. One appears, becomes, fruits and flows on the wings of infinity.

The “who” is the self-referent I.

The “what” it is the examining the I.

“When” is the ever emerging now.

“Where” is where you are focused or attending.

How is by questioning “who am I?” or “recognizing you are.” 

Why… is to discover the self. It is the liberation of the self. It frees us from the illusion and delusion of the self and other split or removes/dissolves the veil of the illusion of separation or Maya. (see…

An interesting excursion is the historical and philosophical thoughts about consciousness. (see…

Evolution and Time

A looking at evolutionary history or timeframe, there are periods of evolutionary leaps and collapses. Whether it is called the apocalypse, revelations, lifting of the veil, the ending and beginning of time (history), awakening, enlightenment, etc. The terms and concepts reflect the accoutrements of the culture, cosmology, premise or thoughts and paradigms. Collapses and leaps are two sides of the coin. A collapse is the ending of an old or out worn paradigm and a leap is the birthing, rapid development/adoption/innovation of an emerging paradigm. 

In the “Blink Of An I”

At one level, it’s a matter of time scale, time frame or picture of the time we are looking at. I’ve alluded to other posts that time and space are malleable, and speed is relative to the time frame that is used. “In a blink of an eye…” is an immediate time frame. So, what changes “in a blink of an eye?” Of course, there is the argument that nothing changes in an instant and the opposite, that everything changes in an instant. Upon closer examination, it is both. Meaning, often what we observe seems to change slowly, while the observer or the observer’s perspective can change instantly. This occurs all the time. For example, we see a picture of a baby animal and we immediately go aww what a cute puppy and love it. The puppy doesn’t change, but our perspective and reaction does. And this change can go from negative to positive and positive to negative in a blink of an eye. A blessing or a curse is a matter of perspective. 

In psychology there are all matters of factors that contribute to whether something is a blessing or a curse, set and setting, experience, expectation, neuro-pathways, neuro-transmitters and an endless number of other things. You, the observer can choose. It is your divine right of free-will. And here is the kicker: you have four options from what to choose. WHAT? The four options are a positive response, a negative response, an observer response and an ignore response. You can choose to love, fear, observe or ignore. Of course, in the context/environment/axiom or understanding of “free-will” the responses of love, fear and ignoring are usually automatic responses based on a person’s “programing or operating systems.” These operating systems are based on experience, DNA, akashic, karmic, neuro-pathways and such. The broad categories are bio-physics, psychological, meta-physical and spiritual. However, it is the observer response which enables the opportunity for you to go beyond these “programs” and learn to create your own reality. Are we at a time and opportunity where these broad categories are collapsing and expanding into each other and thus creating an ability to weave a new tapestry of existence?

Evolutionary Leap

Now that we are in the long-anticipated time of a quantum evolutionary leap. The “how” has changed. No longer are we required to learn how to perform specific practices, yoga, and other esoterica. So now what is to be done? We now have the opportunity of stepping into the “how of our divinity.” To realize the animalistic instinctual bio-chemical stimulus response of pain and pleasure is a worn-out paradigm that continues to entrap us in a lower existence. More are waking up to our divinity and that we can choose a more enlightened reality. This new reality still takes work, awareness, making choices and taking responsibility. It’s not a magical Disney movie of wishes, rainbows, and unicorns. But requires us to discover, develop and use our integrity, compassion, and gracefulness. It is in being joyful, compassionate, graceful and loving is where the wonder and magic happens. And in beingness… “in a blink of an eye” everything changes.

The Be’s

Remember and BE. Accept and BE. Let go and BE. Surrender and BE. Recognize and BE. Decide and BE. The requirement is to decide to BE. This is because we are sovereign, and we are in a place of free-will. The difficulty is to remember, accept, let go, surrender, recognize and decide. Just Be! Just being is difficult because we have been taught that we must do something. To go to school, to be good, to eat the right food, pray the right way, meditate the right way on the right things and to believe the right things. 

The essential part is to make the choice to believe. Believe, let know that it is already done… or already exists. Let go, surrendering to being open… able to recognize opportunities. The diamonds are strewn before you throughout the heavenly fields of existence.  

Opportunity, time, and evolution… here is the point. You are the key to changing the world. Change yourself, change the world. It’s not some technique, school, religion, etc. You are the one that gets to decide. You are the key. You are the one. 

Having mixed various metaphors, levels and perspectives/dimensions. These are merely poetic sign posts. The rigid theoretical and empirical scientism can be useful yet also constraining and misleading. The movement into a different time and space challenges us to figure out different relationships and compass points that are meaningful in navigating new dimensions. The measurement of time and space has been useful. But I wonder if integrity, compassion, gracefulness and love are the compass points in navigating the heavens, hells and an infinite diversity of dimensions.



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