Light, Consciousness and Reality Part 3

a vintage film projector

An old film projector is a useful metaphor for viewing light, consciousness and reality. The workings of a film projector comprise of a light bulb, film that consist of separate pictures moving, a lens to focus the images on a screen. Light is the energy that propels the image of the film through the lens which focuses the image onto the screen of reality. It is a simple and elegant metaphor. God/source/universe is the light. The film is the flickering multi-dimensional experience. The lens is our consciousness the tool which focuses on the parts of the film that are meaningful and have purpose. And the projection of the image(s) on the screen of reality presents the opportunity to recognize and experiences our divine self. 

This is the spiritual “reciprocity” or mirror metaphor of the external reflects internal realities, i.e., and the internal projects on to the external reality screen. Simply, the reality is our reflection. This is spiritual reciprocity. Projecting what is inside on to the external screen of our perceive reality provides an opportunity to discover and remember what is inside. It is the conceptual mechanism of manifestation. Initially, the troublesome part is to believe the manifestation has already occurred. Having the realization that the diamonds are strewn before us and are awaiting to be picked up. The only thing is to recognize that they are diamonds. There are four parts of manifestation: the realization/knowing/believing, the recognition, picking up and blessing of the heavenly buddha fields.

Back to the analogy of a film projector. There is the concept of frames per second (fps). If one only has a slide projector, then only a single frame or picture appears on the screen. It is a just an image without movement and for however long one wishes to view it. Versus a film projector shows a series of images that moves. The movement and details are in relative to the speed or “fps” that the film is recorded and played. If the frames per second is relatively slow, then we get a jerky strobe-like movement of an image on the projection screen. If the recording and playback of the film matches or is within-normal-limits of our brain’s optical processing, then the movement will appear lifelike and real. If recording speed of the film is at a high rate of frames per second, there is more capacity to capture finer detail. And when we show this high-speed film at a slower or normal rate of speed, then we see the movement as slow-motion and can observe more subtle and fine detail. Depending on the frames per second of the film being recorded, the frames per second of the showing/viewing of the film, influences the graininess or subtle details of the experience, i.e., perceived reality. However, the high fps requires significant processer speed/brain capacity or consciousness. 

The Side Show

During the past 20 years there has been the emergence of the digital, AI computer enhanced optical/holographic technology. Go see a new sci-fi movie or window shop for a new tv. What you get is mind blowing hyper-reality. And on the other front, there is the emergence of multi-dimensionality in physics, psychology and psychic space. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? One wonders if this question has become insignificant; are we seeing a real chicken or an AI chicken? Even chicken nuggets and wings has become questionable whether it’s real or result of some culinary wizardry.  Perhaps we need to re-calibrate and optimize our senses to determine what is real versus AI/digital enhanced hyper-reality.  Hmmm… if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck… it must be a duck. Well, does it smell like chicken shit… where’s the real chicken? Yet once a person experiences a real chicken; one knows. Knowledge encompasses an experience of seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, touching and sensing the dynamic or energy of a chicken. There is little doubt between the real thing and an AI/digital image. 

Reel to Real

The old reel-to-reel film projector metaphor is useful to show light, consciousness and reality. A bit more meandering. A month ago, I was reminded about a concept which I’d come across some 45 years ago. If I recall, it was in the Vedic or Upanishads traditions. It’s the idea that reality collapses and manifest at 22 trillion times per second; a flashing or ultra-high frequency rate of pulsing. Well, at 22 trillion frames per second that is going to catch a lot of fine detail and allows for the presentation of infinite spectrum of time/space/reality.  

Breaking this down further:

The Numbers

First, We have the un-emerged and undefined alpha-omega infinity field represented as # Zero. 

Second, is the singular God statement of “I am… the light of the world” as #1 and simultaneously creating #2 (other) and the subsequent #3 representing emerged infinite diversity. And thus the base 4 numbers as noted in part 2.

22 Trillion Times Per Second

Third, is as film images on the screen of reality flash at a 22 trillion frames per second. The concept is this extreme frequency of flashing or pulsing has the capacity or bandwidth to present the full spectrum experience from binary or dualistic modes to unimaginable hyper-multi-dimensionalities.

Consciousness and Reality

Fourth is simply the movie screen or projection screen of reality. The flickering images on the screen can be out of focus, flickering, sharp, smooth, etc. The key is consciousness. Consciousness is the lens that sits between the film and the projection screen of reality. 

Consciousness focuses the flickering film images on to the projection screen of reality., what is seen on the screen is filtered and processed by the lens of consciousness. The lens of consciousness is tinted or biased by cultural, religious, language, basic operating system, phenomenological, neuro brain capacity, DNA, akashic, etc., the accoutrements of the human condition. And thus, results in what is seen on the movie screen of reality. 

A simple conceptual model

The model easily accommodates concepts of manifestation, reflection, projection and cosmological/spiritual/sacred reciprocity. Reciprocity meaning the familiar concepts of “as below, so above or as within so without, reap what you sow, etc. Furthermore, is this not entanglement?

Want a different movie on the screen? 

Change your consciousness. What? The concept is simple. Experience of reality is simply the result of using your consciousness as a tool of attentional focus. What you focus on becomes your reality. And your reality reflects where your focus is. It’s using reality as a tool of reflection (mirror) to help you refine your awareness and consciousness. Thus, the Buddhist meditative technique uses the logic of polishing the mirror. Islam, Judaism and Christianity emphasize sacred affective (heart) reciprocity of love your neighbor as yourself or the “other” is you or a part of you. Hindus focus on the “other” (deity worship) for all are a part of God. Aboriginals use intuitive connections or relationships as we are a reflective part of the whole. And noetic sciences use concepts of fractals and holographic patterns. Apologies for the broad-brush strokes. Which are simply a forest versus trees views.  

Consciousness allows us to focus, attend, create and dissolve our reality. In other posts I note that consciousness is the transformer and transceiver of energy. Whether we call this energy, light, life or love; consciousness can transform states and types of energy. And it can also receive, change (frequency) and project (transmit) energy/frequency. This is not some hocus pocus, alchemical wizardry or esoteric technique. We do this every day and all day converting food to energy to power our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Present thoughts and blessings via emojis, prayers, meditation, fine art, writing, music and dance performances, etc. We send feelings via Hallmark. Are we at a time where we are learning to expand our capacity or bandwidth to do much more. And at an expanded and refined level. We can still pick and deliver some flowers, send a card, make a phone call or digitally chat. We can still operate in meat space and digital space. However, now we are expanding our capacity into the psychic space. Some note this as etheric, energic, intuitive, light, love or whatever. Each person still has the capacity for sovereign freewill; determining the “how, what, when, where and why” of their reality show. The macro and micro multi-dimensions are determined by the observer. At the individual level of consciousness is often noted and determined by an individual’s tribal culture and social accoutrements. Yet an individual can easily elevate their consciousness beyond the individual/ego level by focusing on a planetary, galactic and multidimensional level. It’s often noted that when a person is in a state of awe-some-nature they feel the insignificance of themselves. But the insignificance can be easily changed by focusing on the wonder and grandeur laid out before them, for it is also a reflection of your magnificence. 



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