Light, Consciousness and Reality, Part 2

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There are many base number systems and symbolic representations. This week is a quick look into a base four system. In simple numerical terms, the base four system numbers are zero, one, two, and three. Representing a basic structure and process of understanding our existence.


From the perspective of symbols, here is the same thing you have a circle that represents 0. Again, the circle or 0 represents the ground. In some cosmologies the zero represents the womb of creation. It is the dark unknown and undifferentiated fertile ground. The symbol of a circle with a cross represents female and the process of creation and destruction. It is the 4 directions, cardinal compass points, 4 phases of the moon, the 4 seasons, etc. Number one represents “existence” symbolized by a dot or just a point. The dot/point pierces or interrupts an otherwise indistinguishable field or womb. Thus with the dot/point there is a simultaneous split-of the field and the creation of a binary existence of zero and the dot or number 1. In some systems of thought, the indistinguishable field is represented as the female being the womb of creation. And the male, representing the point or splitting and creation. Specifically the circle representing the female. Thus female symbolized as the circle with a cross or “+”. The “+” representing the phases of creation. And the association from the formless female creates with the cyclic phases of the moon and the four seasons. While an arrow of light, sun representing the male piercing the dark. Results in the creation of the binary system of the male/female, positive/negative, black/white, light/dark of dualistic nature. 

However the dualistic/binary nature is not static; it expresses and flows. This movement or flow is the number three. This third dimension is symbolized as religious trinity, three states of existence as solid, liquid and gas. As the Tao and formalized movements of the I Ching. Creation and destruction expressing is a dynamic flow. And this is represented as both sides of the same coin. But the coin has three sides. The head, tail and the edge. Two sides of the same coin. And now the coin can roll or spin on its edge. The spinning Tao representing the dynamic interaction between female and male creating the 3-dimensional time, space and flow. As the way of creation. 


From the numerology and cosmology standpoint, you have the 4 founding numbers of creation. Which are 0, #1, #2, and the resulting #3. And this sets the stage for an infinite fractal emergence of our reality. It lays out an infinite spectrum of singular existence.  The 0 and #1 is a binary based system of non-existence and existence. Which is represented in as the root or first chakra. That simultaneously and subsequently presents a triad of (0, 1 and 2). It is the emerging base that enables creation. Symbolized as a female and male consorts of tantric traditions and symbolism of the sacral or second chakra. Thus, the resulting creation of the # 3. The number three representing the energy, flow and infinite creation/diversity. And its infinite flow of emerging and destruction (reforming). This roughly corresponds to the 3rd chakra.  The root, sacral and solar plexus are the energy for existence.

To pique your interest, the 4th chakra (heart), associated with the female, the number 4 of the womb of creation and is the gateway to the higher realms of consciousness, ascendence and transcendence. The symbolism of the male and female consorts in tantric union are an esoteric representation relative to the higher chakras. Simply the 4 of the female plus 3 of the male creates a 7 chakra system.

As a side note: Again we have the pre versus the trans issues of development. The gateway is the heart or 4th chakra. That is the “pre” heart realms are oriented in an instinctual or non-conscious manner versus the “trans” (post or beyond) the heart is the threshold to the realms oriented toward a spiritual nature of the “self and other” that sparks the conception and begins to interweave, creating and birth something new. Anyway, it is interesting to ponder the of concepts, numbers, symbols, cosmologies, etc. are constantly weaving to create layers in the fabric of life.

Btw, just noting, there are many different base number systems, numerological and chakra systems that reflect the accouterments of different religions, cosmologies and arts of different cultures and eras. Just realize these accouterments are just clothes of the experience… but are not the experience. You are the experience. And you being sovereign, get to choose the style and colors of your experience.

Next week is part 3, which uses a more contemporary analogy.



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