Light, Consciousness and Reality: Part 1 

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This series of posts is a dive into a few different perspectives about the nature of light, consciousness and reality. Finding ourselves in the middle of summer. Summer is about doing, it can be hot dirty and exhausting. It seems that the only peaceful times are early in the morning or later in the evening when it cools off. But there’s always something to do and never enough hours in the day. It is the summer grind. Thus these posts are smaller chunks but hopefully will give time for blossoming and setting fruit.

Object Relations and Ego

Starting with an object relations model, which is simply a spectrum of emerging differentiation from simple to complex. There are two paths. One path is the search for this self. The other path is remembering the self. Either path gets you there. One path uses the question of “who am I?” And the other path uses the question “are you me?” 

When A person arrives at “the I am.” Simultaneously the “other” emerges. In psychology, it is the “self and other.” In a developmental or emergence perspective, at the undeveloped level of the “I am” and other are indistinguishable. One does not recognize or is unconscious of the other. It just IS. We perceive everything as part of the self. As a person develops, one becomes aware there is a dissonance or a conflict between the self and the other. At some point, it forces one or knows there is a separation or clear distinction between self and other. As the “I am” strives to discover itself, simultaneously the other also emerges. As this progression of emergence occurs, there is a developmental series of differentiation, individuation, integration and transcendence to the next level between self and other. In psychology, this is basically “objects relations” theory. From the transpersonal psychology perspective, this process of differentiation, individuation, integration and transcendence continues through full ego development. Or for various reason may become stuck or arrested; “arrested development.” Full ego development is the cognitive, rational ego that at full development, notes the statement of “I am.” At this apex, the ego continues a dissonance or issue with the ever emerging of the “other.” If the ego lacks development or ego strength or is overwhelmed and cannot cope, then the ego “regresses” back to an earlier level of functioning. If ego strength is sufficient and well developed. Then the ego engages is a lengthy battle between self/other, light/dark, good/evil, etc. This is the eternal battle whether it is played out internally or projected externally. There is the self-projects out what is within. We see this projection in the “mirror” of reality. And what is seen, a planet of battlefields or of heavenly gardens? A dying planet or a planet going through a re-generation?  

Beyond Existential

The horror… the insanity! The battle for meaning and purpose. The existential question of why am I here and what am I to do? Typically, we look in the mirror. And in the mirror, the other which we battle… is ourselves (internally). And externally, we recognize that those whom we battle are much like us. Especially if we recognize that despite a different race, sex, language, religion, beliefs and cultural accoutrements we are very similar. Beyond the ego and existential search for meaning is where we make the turn and begin to recognize and take part in our ascension toward God/source/universe. However, now we carry with us the recognition or awareness of the diversity and sovereignty of the other as also a part of the self or “I am.” It is this acknowledgment of the other as part of the self. Recognizing whether it is self/other, good/evil, light/dark are merely complementary parts of the whole. This is the insight that enables one to transcend beyond the fully matured ego. Beyond the ego awareness or path compared to the pre-ego or lesser developed awareness prior to the mature ego.  This is the stage where a great healing, forgiveness and gracefulness occurs when a person transcends beyond the “either/or processing to processing as “both/and.”


The transpersonal perspective Are we transcending from the rational/ego stage to the vision/logic and on into the psychic/unity stage? It’s fascinating that during the past few decades there has been and explosion of scientific thought nearing spiritual descriptions. And during the past few years there has been an explosion of folks talking about unity, intuition, near death experiences, out of the body experiences, channeling and psychic phenomena. In the transpersonal perspective, there are two more significant levels of the subtle, casual before enlightenment. But currently we are well in the vision logic stage and moving in to the psychic/unity level. 

Differentiation is infinite. An expression of God/source/universe emerges, discovers itself and is. An infinite differentiation and fractalization continually emerges and collapses. Is this the alpha-omega transcendent pulse of existence and non-existence? 

Another wondering post next week.


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