Crashing is the Opportunity 

ocean waves crashing near the lighthouse

When something is challenging or scares us, it’s an opportunity that is presenting itself. It’s the opportunity to change. It requires us to step up and be more than we thought was possible. Requiring to use our head, heart and intuition. To have faith, believe and step in to knowing that something greater is around the corner. Our challenge is to make it around the corner. How do we get around the corner? It’s behavior. Nothing happens until we do something. A simple de-construction of behavior is “be, have, yours.” It is your sovereign action. By action, we discover more than we thought possible. 

Whine or Wine

It’s the biblical story of pouring new wine. If one pours new wine into old skins, it spoils. One needs to pour new life into new skins. The wine analogy is simply this. New life requires a new paradigm, perspective or a new way of doing things; of being. We must move beyond our old selves. And become open to believing, feeling and knowing something greater. Our challenge is to go beyond our doubts and anxieties. What? How do we do that? Simple, instead of focusing on the fears and anxieties of the past. Focus on the “what if” potential, imagining, visualizing and acting as if it has already happened. And do this with excitement and wonder. Let go of the past. And open up, pour and receive life into a new being. That is a new body, heart and consciousness. Receive without expectations. Expectations limit or constrain what is possible. Receive with a new body, heart and awareness. Wondering opens us to bigger and better opportunities and synchronicities that are beyond what we can imagine. Feelings are the energy that makes the connection. Anxiety and fear repels while wonder opens us and surrender positions us to receive. Our cup overflows with abundance of love and joy. The sovereign ethic is to share blessings. Thus exponentially accelerating abundance. All that is left to do is to walk around the corner to discover, receive and give more than we thought possible. 

Similar But Different

However, as we step into a new energy of the unity dimension, it becomes the journey of USA… of “us all.” It becomes a two-part story of both the individual. And of “us all” in unity. It’s the story of helping, sharing and crossing together. As in any endeavor of this magnitude, we all have unique pieces or parts that we learn, contribute and share. Some are building the bridge, some are lighting the path, some are leading folks to the bridge. The first part of the story is that each person has the sovereign choice to take the next step. Folks are discovering they must move out of their old individual selves. Cross the abide (gap, river, through desert, etc.) to discover a new reality. It’s the story of the hero/heroine’s journey… are the tales of the great rum runners. The story starts by running from… and ends up as running into their new self. The gift of this time is the unveiling or revelation of our god nature. The challenge is for “us all” is to build the bridge by being the bridge as each step is taken together.

Side note:

It’s fascinating there is a huge unveiling of the crap of our past. AND the opening of a path to cross the abyss. Realizing that our past and tribal/ego centric sense are the old wineskins. And the new wineskin is the unity of “us all.” The opening of new models of experience of unity/entangelment from physics to psychic is gaining a rapid adoption of a new “consciousness technology.” It is interesting that 50 years ago, it was relatively rare that an individual could become enlightened. However, now it is more accessible, there are many teachers, guides and techniques. Enlightenment is simple. It is the discovery and revealing our god/source/universe nature. Perhaps Aquarian knowledge (liquid light) is being poured into “us all.?” The challenge is what are you going to do? Can we, i.e., “us all” together be the flood of frequency, energy and be the light of unity that rises us all (including mother earth) to ascend together.   

Crashing waves stirs; bringing in the new and washes away the old. Be light, abide and know all is well.

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