Spring into Creating Space

Spring into Creating Space

It is time to make space for the garden.  Prepare the soil to receive seeds which will germinate.

Creating space is essential and useful in many different contexts. If there is no space or it is cluttered with old leaves and sprouting weeds, then it is difficult for anything to happen.  Part of cleaning out the garden is getting it ready to plant new seeds and crops.  It is important to be able to create space for yourself, others and the universe.

It is important to learn how to create space and become empty so that we are able to be in a place to receive. An example from my mental health (MH) career. When called out to do involuntary mental health evaluations for the possibility of detaining someone to a psychiatric facility. I made it my practice to take a few moments to clear all of my thoughts, feelings, biases, agendas, preconceived ideas that had been given from the referral information.  I would also take a moment to bless this cleared space in order to make it a safe and healing place for this soul.  This helped me trust that it was an ordained opportunity and to know that whatever happened, I could relax into the faith and belief things would turn out well.  Many times, learning, healing and blessings occurred for both the client and myself.  Throughout the years it became apparent that some of these souls were there to teach me.

In conducting an evaluation, I was required to introduce myself, role, responsibilities and conclude this brief introduction with advising them of their civil rights. I would then, simply ask the question, “what’s up” and then remain silent.  This silence immediately created space.  I would just maintain being present, holding space and listened to their story.  Sometimes it could be a long while (there were just a handful of cases over the decades where waiting in silence would last 10-15 minutes).  Often the person was more than happy to tell me their story.  Frequently, the person would later note I was the first person to really listen and try to understand what was going on for them (by the way, these folks had already answered tons of questions from family, police, ER docs, social workers, etc.).  I won’t bore you with details of how and why this works, except to note the following.  In life it is a rare gift to have someone create and hold space for you.

How does one create a space for themselves?  Traditionally it has been the activity of meditation, prayer or the like.  It could also be a host of solo type activities such as hiking, swimming, walking etc. of just spending time with oneself.  Often this involve sorting out one’s next move or decision, searching for purpose or even meaning in life.  At times, its the petitioning for health, guidance and answers which are merely making statements of wants and desires.  However, this petitioning of wants and desires is not really creating space because our desires have already crowded in.  The Buddhist note that one must extinguish desire.  Christians it’s about filling the space with love.  And the Aboriginals, it’s about intuitive knowing.  Creating space for oneself is merely making space within yourself in which you can become, be and flow. The hard part is to let go, empty the space and abide in openness letting the universe flow.

Creating space for the universe is merely the recognition at we are part of the universe and the universe is a part of us.  “As within, so without, as above, so below;” the universe is a mirror.  We can expand and compress our awareness beyond space and time.  Consciousness with intention can create space.  We can fill or empty this space and fill it again. It is a great fortune to make yourself an empty vessel so that the universe can flow through.

Peace love and light!




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