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How do you connect? One way to look at experience is via connections. In a very intimate sense, connection is the way we have an experience. The questions are what, when, where, why and how we connect. This may seem elementary, but it does significantly influence our experience. What, when and where of our connections is relatively straightforward. For example, we want to connect with our pet cat. So there is the what. The when we connect is often determined by purpose and proximity. For example, we make connections with this feline either using food or cuddles. Why do we want a connection? It is based on whether we like cats or a particular cat? And then there is the how; by getting an actual cat and then interacting (connecting) with them by picking them up, petting and talking to them, entertaining them, which also entertains us. Thus, by our connecting and then subsequently interacting (connecting) with the cat we get the experience. If we do not have a cat, we can imagine an experience. But that experience is on an imaginal level of connection instead of a physical connection.

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One can see that the levels of connection, interaction and experience are on a spectrum. For instance, our connection with the cat could be primarily imaginal such as in a dream or wishing we had a cat. At the other end of the spectrum of actually having a physical cat produces a unique experience. This physical connection involves scratched furniture, cans of cat food and the cleaning of its litter box. It’s a completely different experience than watching cat videos on YouTube.

So, at different levels of connection, producing different experiences depends on one’s decision of what level of connection they wish to have with the cat. The same goes with one’s level of connection and the experience of both the internal sense of the experience and their experience of the physical or worldly connection.

You can tell a lot by merely observing a person’s connection or interaction with both themselves and with their world. One perspective of being a crisis evaluator/consultant was to look at the different levels of connection that the client was interacting with; both internally within themselves and externally in their environment. The basic evaluating tool was seeing how the client interacted mentally, emotionally, socially, energetically, physically, etc. And also in the temporal sense of the past, currently and how likely were they to interact in the future? This was a jigsaw puzzle. If I could conceptually put the pieces together, a reasonable clinical picture of what had happened in the past, what was happening currently and what would likely happen in the future would develop. This same scenario plays out in all kinds of interactions, whether you are a dentist or needing dental services. The same thing happens with a car mechanic, a veterinarian, physician, teacher, electrician, plumber, etc. A seasoned professional can often take a quick look and determine a profile or picture of what is happening of how things connect.  

Hopefully, this makes sense. It is not rocket science and is fairly straightforward. So why am I presenting this? There are several reasons. First is to point out that if a person is aware of their connections, it is fairly simple for a person to figure out the what, when, where, why and how of their experience. This type of assessment/analysis is useful when a person is trying to figure out “what the hell is and why is it happening to me?” The second reason is that each one of you is an expert at making connections. You have been making connections since the moment you were born. You have been making connections with every breath you have taken; breath is the connection to life on this planet. You have connected visually initially with your parents. And subsequently with your environment, friends, work, etc. You have used your senses of sight, hearing, tasting, feeling, movement and of your other sense of intuition or psychic vibes. In the Eastern meditative traditions, there are the systems of chakras or energy centers. The chakra systems are basically the same thing but have the cultural accouterments of eastern meditative/metaphysical traditions. And from the Western perspective, for example; if one takes all the neurons in the body and lines them up end to end, there are about 27,000 miles of neurons in a person’s body. Basically, the body’s nervous system is like a giant transceiver that can both transmit and receive energy, frequency, experience via this huge yet intricate neuronal antenna.

If we take this foundational premise to be true. Specifically, the premise is CONNECTION = EXPERIENCE = AWARENESS/CONSCIOUSNESS. This triumvirate creates each individual’s subjective reality. Triumvirate in this context meaning the connection, experience and consciousness are the three aspects that control, organize and act both in the presentation of and the experience of what we create. The trinity concept is noted in many political, religious, metaphysical and spiritual traditions. The triumvirate step is beyond the dualistic or dichotomy concepts of experience that are noted as positive/negative, good/bad, light/dark, male/female, yin/yang, etc. And yet the triumvirate is also the exponential transcendent of the dual.

“Ok Timmy, wtf, why does this matter?” It matters because it brings in the concept of consciousness. And with consciousness there then exists awareness, free will and sovereignty. Whereas in a dualistic aspect there is merely the black and white; it is just two forms of existence that interact in an oozing ebb and flow manner. It is a dynamic state of a dimly-lit-consciousness. But with the third aspect being introduced, allows for self-awareness, i.e., consciousness. The fruit from the tree of knowledge. Self-awareness, the three sided coin. There is free-will on one side and on the flip side of the coin is responsibility. And then there is the edge in which a coin can stand motionless or roll along and occasionally be made to spin.

We are threshold where the power of the ego has matured to its sovereignty. But also recognizes that the itself, the ego does not operate without interdependent connection. Individuals realize that they have the ability and responsibility to choose but they also must consider that they only exist meaningfully; in relationship or connection, i.e., existentialism. It is the connection with their environment, whether is physically, energetically, socially, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, etc. It is the embedded interdependent connection that provides meaning and purpose to the experience of existence.  

Perhaps we are seeing the last of the war and battles of the old paradigms of the narcistic ego (i.e., only being able to see themselves). The death throes; grasping and gasping for their last breaths of control. Meanwhile, folks all over the planet are making new connections, socially, relationship wise, communication, thoughts and are appreciating and understand each other’s cultural accouterments. For example, my wife has discovered the travel foodie shows of Anthony Bourdain, Jamie Oliver, Phil Rosenthal, David Chang, etc. I find myself drooling and in awe of how different cultures; because of, within their environment; is also an expression of cooking and eating wonderful food. Even though my connection is only imaginal, my mouth still waters and inspires me that I might experience kimchi enchiladas or Mexican sushi would smell and taste. In essence we have an ever-expanding buffet of options and creations spread out before us which we might experience… a foodie heaven. And with each new experience is not only and initiation, but also a connection; an awareness/consciousness of a new reality. (Which might also become an addiction and hell; A future post about addiction profile). Whether we use one of our physical senses, mentally, emotionally or chakras to connect with new experiences. Physics note entanglements, metaphysics note consciousness and others note soul or spiritual connections. Perhaps there are an infinite number of different doors or pathways to connect with new ever-expanding realities. Whether it be meditation, crystals, plant medicine, music, sweat lodges, rainbows, unicorns, etc. But it is each person’s sovereignty and responsibility to decide what, where, when, why and how they connect. And with each new connection = experience = awareness then a person has a new opportunity. What will you do?


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