What if Earth is The School of Free Will?

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What if Earth is The School of Free Will?

What if earth is the school of free well? Presume that Earth is a grand school that provides the opportunity to choose between opposites. Opposites being positive/negative, light/dark, good/bad, male/female, right/left, yin/yang, etc. Much of the human condition of being on this planet is that we make choices. Even the choice of not to choose is still a choice.

Also on this planet, we have the divine right or opportunity of free will. Every day we make thousands of choices or decisions. Perhaps most are automatic subconscious decisions that have become habits or automatic responses that require no active alert awareness. A simple way to think about consciousness is that it’s a range or spectrum of consciousness. There are 4 general levels: the unconsciousness, sub consciousness, active alert consciousness and higher consciousness. The issue is what, where, why and how to access a specific level of consciousness. For example, a mostly subconscious yet complex cognitive task is driving to work. You take the same route every day; stopping, turning, etc. and you arrive. But you have been on auto piolet, with very little conscious involvement because you are thinking about vacationing on a warm sunny beach. However, with a bit of awareness you could have decided a different route, stopping for coffee, etc. Often daily thoughts, emotions and behaviors are automatic patterned responses as we move throughout the day.

Now for some big leaps. Touching or even a brief experience where a person is present/alert/active is a level of consciousness, which is like an initiation, download, expansion or an upgrade. It is the rush of a new awareness. The perspective of an addiction model. So, a person has an initial rush experience when being introduced to a new drug or behavior, a fresh experience, an unfamiliar taste. Seemingly supported or correlates to an internal biochemical response of endorphin dump. The person’s subjective experience is an awareness of “whoa, OMG, wow; I love this; this makes me feel alive or normal. Or it can be a relief experience where there is no longer focused attention on pain, suffering, fear, anxiety, etc. Subsequently there is an awareness and behaviors seeking to repeat the experience. Their consciousness and behaviors become oriented towards searching out and again having a repeated experiencing. In addiction terms, it is noted as “chasing the dragon.” That is a person’s behaviors and awareness become more focused or oriented to the “rush.” We can see this basic pattern in all kinds of behaviors, whether it is shopping and eating for comfort to avoid boredom or low self-worth issues. Or as addictions to drugs, sex, gambling, bdsm, self-harm, etc. And even in the positive or beneficial cases of chasing after enlightenment, sports and fine arts performances that seek flow state experiences.

I’ve often wondered if states of psychosis and being enraptured are when a person has mistakenly or with purpose/preparation or from karmic propensity, stumbled into a realm where a person is seemingly unprepared or disoriented or is beyond the boundaries of consensual notions of reality. The Buddhist (all religions and psychology) note a spectrum of realms ranging from being lost hungry ghosts to supreme beings creating heavenly buddha fields. Or with psychology that includes bio/electrical/chemical realms, psychotic, flow states, etc. At a level of casual observation, a psychotic catatonic state and an enraptured state can look to be quite similar.

What if the Garden of Eden was the garden of free will? Initially, this Garden of free will was a Garden of bliss and blessing. Where the only awareness was a non-dual awareness where all things just exist. It’s interesting to note, initially there was only Adam. But that Adam wanted a playmate. So God took a rib out of Adam and created Eve. And for a while Adam and Eve wondered around in the garden. But was also told not to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge.

But what is the fruit from the tree of knowledge? What if this fruit is self-awareness? One can easily see that self-awareness creates all kinds of issues for an individual. If there is self-awareness, then there is also the co-occurrence of free well? Subsequently, if a person has free-will, then they might have occasion to do something; like they want to hide or cloth themselves. I wonder if this is the notion of the fig leaf? Self-awareness, free will also has the third piece of the ability to create or do something different. And with the ability to create, then are we not similar to a god being but not GOD? God’s children, made from God, in the image of God. I wonder if “in the image of” presumes that we are the reflection of God?

IF… the above is the premise. We eventually learn and figure out all kinds of realities, up to the point of an individual ego. It is at the individual ego level; we recognize we are sovereign, have free will and create something. Are we and can we be godlike?  

What if, along the line that, the brightest folks understood the dynamic of being godlike and because of their ego, wanted power (or dominion) over the other lesser beings? And so, the bright folks told stories and created infrastructures of kings/queens that were confirmed by religious doctrine which supported stories of a succession of their divine rights. That is, having the authority to manage the lesser beings. So now that we have played around for quite some time in the ego’s age.

Perhaps we’ve come to the understanding there is more to this Garden in the ego’s age. In the meantime, we have had quite a long time to develop the institutions of religion, civil and administrative laws and regulations, technologies of money and basically how to control the lesser beings.

So now we are arriving at the point where more folks are recognizing both the grandiose delusions of the ego and that the institutions of society have become a thick, dark and heavy veil that hides or separates us from recognizing our divinity. That this veil has blocked our pathway or ability to recognize that we are already and have always existed in the garden. Perhaps we have forgotten or not been told that the garden is within us. But those bright individuals that wanted to be kings/queens have kept our awareness/focus/consciousness up on external drama and events. I wonder that the notion of “the thinning or lifting of the veil” is not also the concept of the apocalypse and revelations?

The mere recognition or suggestion that there may be a path back to and again entering or the ability to creating a new garden of Eden is heresy to the institutions of the ego. Of course, these institutions want to maintain the heavy veil. Because if the veil is lessened or thinned, then the institutions of the dark veil turned to dust. Again, we arrive at the story of revelations and the apocalypse as the story of the veil thinning and turning to dust?

What if the awakening or the second coming speaks to those who have realized there is more to existence than the ego? Or perhaps they have perceived, experience or pierce through the veil to realize there is a reality that is beyond the ego’s grandiosity. This brings up Wilber’s pre versus trans fallacy that was noted in the post, titled “Transpersonal Psychology View of What in the Hell is Happening.” Are we returning to an oceanic differentiated (Wilber’s “pre” notion) garden of bliss? Or are we now beginning and have the wherewithal to move beyond the ego. To create infinite buddha fields of multifaceted fractal diamond lotuses? (Wilber’s “trans” notion)

There are common themes among those who have touched/experience reality beyond the ego. The themes are of unity consciousness, the discovery of sovereign divine free will; entails also the ability to create a different reality. And the two concepts of unity consciousness and free will lead to the thought of “when two or more are gathered together, I am (God in the holy spirit form) amongst you and thy will be done.” Of course, if this is the case surely the age of the ego has passed, is done for or at least in the throes of death.

A few other issues: one is consciousness or the awareness of what to choose or do with our free well?

If we have unity consciousness, does this not also bring in a new awareness of not only unity but the idea that we also can “see” each other in a godlike manner? If this godlike awareness is available, then we are naked, i.e., transparent to each other. And if we are transparent or exposed to each other. Then what are we are to wear? Of course, the new age answer is, we don’t worry about the clothes we wear. But is one’s lightbody, i.e., one’s light/energy/frequency that matters. That these colors of the light; an aura or lightbody readily reveals are intentions, integrity, compassion and gracefulness… or lack thereof.

But, but, but… what if some being is dark or has evil intentions, and an evildoer? Well, the first thought is that the evildoer will probably not want to be near the light to be exposed, i.e., naked. The second thought is that if the evildoer is exposed to the light, they might recognize that they are smelly and begin to consider that they might want to take a bath. And there is the projective and reflective notion that the evildoers are merely the wrathful aspect or appearance. But, they are peaceful and masterful teachers that are in wrathful form/appearance. (Buddhist notion of the “mirror” and the wrathful and peaceful deities).

If this is the new unity realm, then things like consciousness, energy healing, light bodies begin to go beyond the laws of our current understanding of physics and have entered into being “mystical,” entangled, synchronistic spontaneous connections, multidimensionality, etc. The notion of psychic/esp ability become possible, i.e., the realm of psychic abilities. If we are moving into the unity and psychic realm, then we need to learn a whole new social, relationship, communicative way of being. Because if each one of us can read each other’s thoughts, emotions, agendas and can predict or see the reality of interaction and relationship in front of us and are engaged in; we better start upping our game of what we think, feel and do; because it is all on parade. Maybe the emperor does have new clothes… lol.

We are standing upon the threshold of recognizing our free well and our are responsibility. We have the choice to continue to take part in a thick heavy veil of ignoring our divine sovereign being. Or we can become aware, understand and stepped into our divineness and our responsibility of being co-creators of a transcending reality. It’s each person has a choice because they have chosen to experience to live on a planet that is the school of free will.

Some folks have thought that this is a fractionalization into a multi-dimensional universe. Others have seen this as parallel evolving or perhaps a bifurcation or forking of the old earth and new earth. And others have seen this as the first steps into the Buddha fields or just figuring out heaven on earth thing. I don’t know; but it seems consciousness is a linchpin or connector to this fascinating and wandering ride.

Peace, love and light!


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