Singularity, AI and Consciousness

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This post is about a sticky glob of goo that is not yet formed or defined and has come from my divergent wonderings. So it certainly has me wondering if dar’s a rabbit in dat darn hole!

Doug Casey notes in a recent interview. “It’s too much attention on financialized things. So it’s waking up to value… value beyond money. The issue is the ability to think critically has been lost… So it might be chaos in the financial… AI machines should work, people should think.

The thought occurred, with the loss of critical thinking, many folks are stuck at the work/slave level. Not having the time, energy or education in the critical thinking skills. Thus unable to see, understand and execute strategic plans to respond to the anticipated onslaught of disruptive tech.


This week, dove into the rabbit hole of AI, singularity and consciousness. Last December 2022, chat-GPT, got my attention. Now wondering perhaps we are further down the AI path than I thought. Watching the above Doug Casey interview, was the inspiration and reminder to search; what is singularity? Whoa, I should have been paying attention to singularity 15 years ago. Singularity is the point and boundary where something becomes undefined or can no longer be defined. That is, we can no longer identify, contain or understand what that something is and what will happen. It is beyond our capacity to conceptualize, model, understand or theorize.

Ray Kurtweil

What is singularity

A brief introduction


In the rabbit hole of singularity are this and that. Singularity was used as an adjective, adverb and noun. It denotes a quality of being particular, special, unique, etc. Perhaps singularity has lost its singularity because it’s used to refer to all kinds of things. And all claiming something unique. Has singularity taken on a generic or popular cultural social buzz word status? I wasn’t as confused as I thought; it’s all confusing. Well hell, aren’t we all special, our ideas, our fantasies, delusions, our heavens and hells are all special. DUH!

As a random place to start. What is the boundary or point of singularity? The point of singularity is where it collapses into its self, like a black hole. And there is the singularity of the ever emerging “event horizon.” Beyond the expanding event horizon and the collapsing point are unknown. Singularity is the infinity of both contraction and expansion. It is where physics, math and knowledge/understanding does not exist. It’s not that the singular things don’t exist. But it is beyond our understanding or ability to conceive. Thus, we tend to say it is unknown, but even that may be untrue. Perhaps it’s that we don’t have a model, metaphor or paradigm. Or the ability to communicate or imagine what is beyond infinity. For example, a 2-year-old toddler does not yet have the capacity to imagine, understand and know what a 22 year old college kid does. If a toddler does not know or can not imagine the vastness of the ocean; it doesn’t mean that the expanse doesn’t exist.

The ontological statement of “I am” is self-evident and thus singular. Singularity is/are the new clothes of the emperor. Who dares to call out the emperor has no clothes? While everyone ooh and ahh’s about the singularity of his/hers/their accoutrements. The razzle, glittering of finery… one dares not point out these are rags of insanity. On the other hand, is epistemology. What are the facts or knowledge that support the underlying research methods; the empirical evidence of statistical confidence that indicate a correlation. Ahh there is AI and thus, is both self-evident and evidence of epistemology. Ehh the same age-old argument that has been with us for at least a few hundred years. Perhaps the same old argument evidenced that we have lived and experience in our dualistic nature.


Current news cycles are about AI (artificial intelligence) refers to a hybrid machine and software intelligence. Specifically based on brain modeling, using computer hardware and software it attempts to replicate human intelligence by focusing on increasing computer processing speed, digital memory and using large language modeling (LLM). The current endeavors of AI chat-GPT versions.  

Let me first point out that on the face, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an oxymoron. Underlying AI is about the power and speed of data mining and pattern recognition. Specifically, the refined ability and speed of pattern recognition to the point that it searches (within parameters of deep learning?) for recognizing new patterns and associations. Seemingly instantaneously via use of bandwidth. But the underlying concept is power. Power as in taking advantage of scale, i.e., the tech bandwidth/speed/memory and software to process data. But in essence, is merely the force of a simple sledgehammer, slamming it’s technological weight of the ability to process large amounts of data augmented with speed (power). But the underlying challenges are to develop efficient and elegant algorithms. Are we handing off our “critical thinking” to AI’s deep learning? Are we mistaking pattern recognition as intelligence? They are the “large language models” (LLM). The on-line move to store data in the cloud is to have access to all types of data. Which will be subsequently mined via software algorithms. But are in fact only a statistical correlation and trending (not causality). Furthermore, the infinite amount of data collected is mostly verbal and behavioral data. While AI can deduce trend lines, it is only able to ascertain trends of and compared to the past. Yet claims to be predictive? Or is this pattern recognition? Pattern recognition is simple versus predictive is a whole other elevated level of complexity.

Of course, past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior but only at a gritty level. While at a refined level of investigation, historically a human expert, because of experience and education can see clues and subtle leverage points. But the claim of AI’s utility is its breath of the data crunching that will reveal expert levels of clues and leverage points. For example in treacherous avalanche conditions, a seemingly stable slab releases a sudden avalanche of change. Point is, yes it is important to study the past to avoid future disaster in the first place. But it is also important to be aware of the ever changing conditions and question your assumptions and premises as one moves along treacherous conditions. The challenging part is to be aware of why’s; while also being open to and be willing to change go/no-go decisions or change directions on scant information, seasoned experience or intuition versus AI generated information. Again the best course is to have both. Assuming you can afford the cost, time and have access to the expert and to the AI generated information.

Simply asking why, goes directly at the decision that is often based in an emotional realm. Why the hell you are doing this? Why go where angels fear? Specifically the emotional weight of and for the decision. It is fear or love? What drives our behaviors; anxiety or inspiration? Is it the avoidance of disaster or the challenge of success. The whys, drives the decision, logistics, actions and resulting behaviors toward a goal/behaviors. This begs further questions of how are these emotional weights accounted toward the future?

And this embarks in to the realm of feelings, dreams, hopes and fears. Emotions are a completely different aspect than cognitive processes. I wonder what are the algorithms for feelings (which are not necessarily or even rarely rational)? How are emotions weighted and what are they anchored on and at what scale? What about the vectors of intensity while also evaluating the feedback loops in predicting risk, benefits and future outcomes/results (which result in a seemingly fluid matrix of different vectors that one might consider). Anyway common sense tells us there is a huge gap between thoughts and feelings. And we are just starting out at the AI level from a rational cognitive perspective of simplistic pattern recognition that two year toddler does all day long. In my opinion, we have not even scratched the realm of emotions, the experience of emotions and their interactive and reactive influence on cognitive processes and resulting behavior. A cold stew taste a lot different then stew heated up!

Don’t Worry… be very worried or be happy!

Hey kids don’t worry, it’s a fun ride and full of wonder. The emphasis is on the wonder, ehh don’t worry about intelligence… everybody is intelligent. What is intelligence, when does it happen, where does it happen, how does it happen and why. In educational psychology, intelligence is what the researcher says it is. Ooh, I get to be intelligent, just like everyone. But one of the founding AI propositions is that intelligence is a powerful force. Intelligence measured empirically. has historically merely verbal and mathematical information and reasoning. Which was relatively easily measured using standardized multiple choice test. But just because a person has a juried vocabulary and a bit more mathematical skills, does not make one intelligent. Wait, but now we have cloud access to an ethereal library of knowledge. Again, even though we can connect with a library, that doesn’t necessarily make us intelligent.


Consciousness has eluded definition, even though it has long been studied from diverse fields of philosophy, metaphysics, psychology, linguistics, brain structures, neuro transmitters, imaging, etc. Perhaps the most agreed concept comes down to the self-evident statement. “I think, therefore I am.” Or I can contemplate my demise therefore I still exist.” The general censuses is the premise that consciousness is result of an evolutionary process. At some point in brain development, the neocortex and all of its juicy neurotransmitters allowed us to become conscious.  However, the opposing metaphysical premise is that consciousness creates reality. And expresses as the brain and the ability to think. For the past 100 years, consciousness is constantly being re-interpreted and rediscovered form ancient texts, symbolism and practices that have been hidden in plain sight. And on the other hand, via scientific path of imaging, neuro-transmitters, psycho-pharmacological dissection, computer modeling, etc.

The why of consciousness

There are three paths: The first path is from the ground up. From the atman, ground, field, source of the undifferentiated (soup of God) to the evolution of differentiated and diverse individualized consciousness. The western perspective is the rise up through the ego/rational mind and ending at the existential level of meaning and purpose. By way of the rational scientific path. The second is the metaphysical path. Which is essentially the why. Basically the “God Self” wants to discover and experience the fullness of its Self. Discovering something new or novel about the Self brings enjoyment, surprise and wonder of the emerging or unfolding experience of the God Self. And how does this happen? At least here on planet earth, via two aspects. One part is the agency of free-will which provides the unexpected or novel discoveries of the God Self. And the second part is the “flickering of reality” at 22 trillion times a second. The flickering is the pulse or frequency of our perceived reality flashing in and out of existence. Without this flickering, there would be nothing or only one indistinguishable thing. The flickering enables awareness or consciousness to occur via a differentiation or comparison/contrast to happen. Without the flickering there would only be “one” singular awareness. Subsequently with this flickering or dualistic awareness, provides the building blocks of consciousness. Which are the positive, the negative and the flickering of existence. Symbolized as the trinity or Tao. Therefore with consciousness (knowledge) we enter the existence of “free-will.” This is basically the esoteric story of Genesis. God, Adam and Eve, the tree of knowledge and getting kicked out of the Garden of Eden. The point of consciousness is that one has free-will to choose whether to return to the mud or to transmute, transform or transcend toward a new evolutionary expression. Which could be interpreted as the path back to the wonderous garden.

Meanwhile back on Planet Ranch we continue to wrestle with the cows (crisis of wonderings) WTH is happening? Being more psychologically minded, I stumbled across the following two articles and found them interesting.

Singularity and consciousness: A neuropsychological contribution, Edward H. F. De Haan etal. Feb. 2021. In this paper, we have argued for the idea that conscious awareness is distributed, and experienced locally. We suggest that the subjective feeling of singularity is independent of these. Well the bolded quote above sounds rather esoteric and metaphysical.

“The second singularity is not just about computers getting more powerful, which they are, but the simultaneous reduction in expertise that we are seeing in many quarters. As organizations outsource decision making authority to machines, workers will have fewer opportunities to get smarter, which just encourages more outsourcing.”

I wonder if we are having a crisis of workers, thinkers and creators. Cultural, societal and economically; workers are potentially being replaced by AI. And as Doug Casey and the article of “Second Singularity” notes thinkers or the ability to critically think is in short supply. And during the past few years there has been an explosion of the “creator class.” So from the classification of workers, thinkers and creators, we are seeing the relative functions of doers, translators and transformers evolving into a new class of sovereigns. Sovereigns have/are reorienting the view of themselves, their world and future. Subsequently, they know who they are, what is happening in the world and strategically preparing for their future. Perhaps the creator/sovereign class is a bit further than the AI class that some are fearful of.

What is Singularity? Revisiting other random wanderings:

Idk about singularity, But it’s quite interesting to contemplate the un-contemplatable!

Falling into the rabbit hole of singularity and being spit back out. AI, chat, Ray Kurtzweil, singularity and transhumanism. Admittedly, I’m not the brightest bulb and am rather impetuous having only been down this rabbit hole for about a week; caution strongly advised.

While singularity is seemingly a mobius strip, Klein bottle or a print of MC Eesher’s “Mc Twist.” It looks fantastical at first glance. Yet on deeper examination becomes a gibberish hell. Perhaps it is a trap to ensnare folks in a singular hell of a particularly twisted hamster wheel.

But what about intuition, imagination and intent? Imagination is expansive. Imagination envisions future reality. Imagination is a precursor of manifested reality. Science fiction becomes non-fiction. An eventual materialization or actualization of the imagination. Intuition > imagination > intention > creation. It seems that intuition travels beyond the event horizon but how far beyond?

The claim and fear is that AI will become conscious? What is consciousness? Consciousness is like the air/wind, you can’t see it, but you can feel its effects. Consciousness is difficult to define, but many agree on the characteristics of being conscious. It recognizes itself and is self-referent and self-evident and enjoys or is terrified of its introspection of itself, i.e., narcissus and the shadow complexes. Conscious, at some point on the path becomes the existential search for meaning and purpose. The existential search is beyond the laying down initial program or operating system parameters during the first 10 years of childhood. We used to think that our DNA set the parameters of expression, but now we understand that DNA is the coded or a keyed response to the environment. Furthermore, we understand that DNA responds to both our internal subjective reality/consciousness. And to our reactive perceptions from out external/embedded environment. In essence our existence responds to our consciousness. A bit further back is the notion of the “acorn theory?” Which are the DNA and karmic propensities of potential expression. And even further back (or forward) are the Bardo States. Which are between death and re-birth with karmic sprinkles tossed to add some spice.

In evolutionary sciences it is thought that evolution is not a smooth steady progression. But has leaps or exponential jumps of evolution. Are these jumps result of divine intervention, from genetic mutation, alien intervention, from planetary changes in the environment, from weird energies from space, etc.?

Utilitarian, energy calculation and cost

Cost as in energy of calories or btu’s. Certainly, money or cost is no longer a consistent standard of measure in our current global economic environment.

Initially, AI was touted to be the great liberator. Designed to toil, labor and compute the hellishly mundane. But does this free us or is it a snare. Who will critically think and ponder the cost, purpose and meaning of our existence? What is the calculation of our existence? What is our debt, gain and net of our existence? Ehmm, Siri what is the cost of my existence? Alexa are you here to save me? Ziggy play me a song about the pirates who rob I. Maybe we are just being lazy or too dumb? Maybe one day we will wake up; horrified wondering why and how we became transhuman.

Consciousness is to think, feel, experience and to have meaning and purpose of existence. I’ve presented the idea that consciousness is a transformer of energy (or frequency) and that incarnate, we/our body, mind and consciousness are a transceiver of energy (the ability to receive and transmit).

So does AI have the ability to self-reflex or introspect? Even at an elemental level, does AI have the ability to self-recognize in a mirror, e.g., as magpies, Asian elephants, bottled nose dolphins, orcas and great apes. The question is do they have the ability to self-cognize, self-organize have cognitive and volitional control? Isn’t this part of the process of free-will.? At what level of computing power enables self-recognition, self-perception, cognitive and volitional control and free-will outside or beyond the parameters of the software program?

It’s arguable that humans are programed via interactive experience during the first 10 years of childhood via their their environment. Yet later with cognitive and volitional control, one can choose to re-program the self, i.e., to create another or highly modify their self-referential program and thus have a different experience. In essence, to be creators of their experience. To which I often refer to as the view of the self, world and future.

Perhaps sometime in the future computers (or whatever they will be called whether it is transistor hardware, bio-transistors, silicone, crystal wafers, holographic plasma with light codes instead of the i/o’s of digital software.) Anyway it is sometime off in the future and likely beyond the remainder of my lifetime.

Here’s my main point, while singularity is an interesting puzzle. The amount of time, energy, resources and dedication to enable or make AI into a viable parallel reality would be astronomical.

Yet I walk around with a 160 pounds meaty bio ass (pun intended) with 3 pounds of crap for brains and apparently doing ok… at least I believe so. I can manipulate my carbon and energy footprint, create a few crazy thoughts. And on a good day being 64 yrs old; able to attain 60 mph and not die on a snowboard. I imagine the energy consumption and carbon footprint is relatively efficient compared to AI product/service that can walk around, work, think, create and experience a similar existence. Perhaps in the future AI will amass an economy of scale but it has a hell of a start-up capital expenditure compared to my parents having a good romp.

Turing Test: The better test would be the ability to engage in a believable and spontaneous banter, flirting or off the cuff comedic interaction. It would be a lot of fun to interact with a bio-silicon “Barbie or Ken.” Or a “Stepford” would at least be utilitarian and at times an entertaining diversion. Perhaps it’s a cure for the lonely social depressive epidemic that is currently happening. In the 1990’s there were the “nano pets and nano baby” that were all the rage. Now we have Siri, Alexa and Ziggy; which is at least a discarnate Stepford voice. Lots of guys would love to have a Stepford wife. And gals would love to have a Stepford Dan the handyman with the tool belt. Gals wouldn’t you love to have a Stepford Dan that you could keep in the closet until further services were needed? Entrepreneurs, the market is wide open.

Currently we have VR and maybe we are near an upgrade to holographic reality. But here’s the thing, whether it’s VR, holographic reality, AI or synthetic, the question is how does that relate to our ability or desire to interact with meaning and purpose. Can we have an intuitive empathic experience or relationship where each party (both the AI/synth and human) have an authentic loving or even platonic relationship? So far, in our attempt to replace this quality of relationship has ended up being trapped in hedonistic fantasies or delusions. Often resulting in an addiction to drugs, gaming, cosplay, porn, television, social media and all types of alternate realities.

Side note: There is a related psychiatric disorder of the Capgras syndrome. where a person believes a family member is an imposter of their family member. And I’ve had clinical experience with a case, where the client believed they were in a “Truman Show” reality. Its only a matter of time where there will be some type of psychiatric presentation of an AI delusion which will probably be a sub-type of a persecutory delusional disorder. “Hey doc, I think I’m a human. I know it’s crazy talk but it’s hell being a human. I need my software scrubbed and re-installed. Or can you just re-boot me?”

Humans like challenge, a mission, a puzzle, a purpose or reason for existing. Can a pile of disincarnate Frankenstein parts want and can it do this? Maybe, but upon awakening, I wonder WTH this hybrid beast would think, feel and experience. At a level of introspective consciousness, would it wonder, who the hell is this in the mirror, but more important is who is seeing this image in the mirror. And most important is who the hell am I? Why am I here?… Are we projecting our horror of our existence on to a pile of electronic chips?

Another thing, there is the hive or swarm ability of drones, smart weapons, nano tech etc. What if we had smart organic farm helpers, e.g., swarm pollinators; perhaps we could solve global hunger and famine? Or how about magnetically charged nanos to desalinate sea water for drinking and agriculture. Or maybe a 22 trillion times a second frequency chip that enables sustainable decentralized energy for very affordable one-time cost of purchase. Do we have the global will? Or will we continue to hurl expensive smart rocks at each other?

In the 1960’s was the dawning of the global consciousness, peace, summer of love, then the new age and crystal and feather meditation phenomena. It’s interesting that there has been an explosion of conscious swarming. That is folks are learning about unity, psychic phenomena of remote viewing, remote healing, group consciousness to affect the Shuman frequency, earth energy lines/grids, even clearing water and affecting weather. Well, geez, a few crystals, a feather, a prayer/meditation and a group of folks in a circle. Is this it? Group consciousness or swarming intelligence… perhaps in collusion with mother earth. Do we need some fancy computer contraption that is controlled by the technocratic elite and all the minions of techies. Or can we get it together, to just circle our group consciousness either in person or remotely and start making things happen for ourselves? Self-organized collectives/communities sans ala da Fed.

Btw, while I’m at it, can I place an order for an AI burger that is full fat, tasty but doesn’t kill me with all the stuff that taste so good. And can it get it with the special sauce that roto-roots my brain plaque. I can dream and I wonder if AI dreams and what its dreams are about? Hey, wait a minute… my new profession… same as the old profession. Mrs. Stepford… tell me what are your dreams are about? What are you looking for in a meaty guy to make your AI existence fulfilled? Mrs. Stepford tell me about your experience of finding your meaning and purpose for existing? What about your dreams, loves, experiences of empathy, compassion? Ehmm, are you requesting to be hypnotized to increase your cognitive performance?

The utility of AI augmentation is like a prosthetic device. It can liberate and/or make us dependent. There is a lot of need for AI assisted prosthetics for TBI, spinal cord injuries, amputee, etc.

The main question for AI is of being sentient or ability to feel, be consciousness and exercise an agency of free-will. Is there perception, feeling, knowing and free-will? At the tactical level is the ability to analyze, process, syntheses, plan and implement. When does this happen, what does it look like, where, how and why? At the next level, it is the motivation, intent, plan and execution that presumably involves the ability to be sentient (feel) have consciousness and free-will.  And furthermore being able to anticipate the reactions to its action.

What about the influence of its embedded environment? Is it a sterile vacuumed environment? Or a dirty, messy, difficult to predict? Is AI able to be reactive and strategic; plans are great until the first bullet flies, then what are the rules of engagement? What about collaborative, cooperative and creative engagement… and for whom?. Which means being able to recognize goals of sustainability, symbiosis, mutually enhancing, what about altruistic surrender and self-sacrifice protocols. And this questions the operating presumptions of struggle of Darwinism versus diversity and cooperation, collaboration and co-creation toward some future.

The Chat is Out of The Bag

There are folks who note that AI gpt is a disruptive technology. It needs to be reined in. A Pandora’s box that presents a huge risk for dis-information and unknown consequences not yet thought of (beyond the event horizon). Pandora’s box has the potential to manipulate and influence society and cultural in unknown ways via collapse and going beyond the event horizon.

Large language models (LLM) in Wikipedia note “guidance, risk, competence and notification. However now that the chat is out of the bag and can’t be put back in. The call to action is to develop some censure or validating body to determine what is true and untrue. What does this smell like? The other options are of self-censure based on the honor system, everyone is responsible for their due diligence and disclaimer notices (for entertainment purposes only, the characters/information/results do not represent the opinions, intentions of its producers and creators of said AI corporation… ). So are LLM’s rapidly becoming an infinite garbage heap of gibberish? An unintended consequence of the intersection of AI, deep learning and machine learning will have a difficult and expensive task of mining the nuggets from infinite AI-self-generated spew of more gibberish. The contagion has escaped and infected its host. How does one avoid infection? Gone Viral … out fishing… lol.

Ain’t this a hell of a pickle?

What to do? Perhaps the most sensible thing to do is to put up a warning sign and develop your own protocol of due diligence and verification. “Caution: Assume Nothing and Trust No One!” Maybe the dark horse of de-centralized blockchain is the new Justice with her blindfold removed. Seeing all, weighing all with her transparent scales in one hand and in the other holding her sword held upright ready to smite all that weighs untrue.

A few who note, the trick is to turn away from all the gibberish and find your own internal compass points. You do you, you find you and be you. Nothing else could be more simple. If you know yourself, your truth, there are few things that can sway you from your sovereign path.

Currently the most important question is why? For control or liberation, transparency or deception, for evolvement or entropy,? Who gets to ask the question of why and who gets to answer the question of why? Who carries the promethean torch of why? And who, when, where and how does the fire gets passed and to whom?

When a person states, “I am!” They have the capacity to create. The questions are what, when, where, why and how will creation happpen?

Singularity remains. Are we creating a sentient machine, will we imbue it with a divine spark that will evolve to become a creator species. Will it seek to recognize and know its spark? Will this new hybrid species create in its likeness? May be, we are a bio-intelligence trapped in a creator fractal/matrix?… I’d like to create another crisis please, they are rather entertaining!

Ehh just some random and impetuous thoughts from the rabbit hole.



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