Moving and Changing

Moving and Changing

Things are changing and moving at Love Change Grow. The past month has been an autumn whirlwind of falling leaves, storms of wind, rain and a tad of snow. As often noted, we think that fall is a time of harvest and thanksgiving. But it is also a time of separating the kernels from the chaff. The storms help blow away the old husk that is no longer useful. During the summer, the husk help protect the growing fruit or seeds but now that seeds are matured, ready for harvest, the husk is no longer needed. The past month has been determining what are the seeds that have the most potential for the next growing season. Being whipped around in the storms is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is once you weather the storms; it is much clearer to know what the essential kernels are. The curse is that you must weather the storms. But knowing that this is a natural process that happens, it reinforces feelings of hope, faith and belief that the next growing season will be beyond my wildest imagination.

Changes for Love Change Grow: The outline for these changes is the following. First will migrate to a new platform. The basis is for enhanced connection and interaction with you all. And for increased efficiency, i.e., being less overwhelmed about the technical aspects while also being able to grow and be of service to more folks. The intention is to produce more content and have more interaction with you. Also, to cover the cost of this operation and while developing a small amount of working capital for improvements and modest growth. I want to be mindful of finding a balance of what you find valuable while remaining very affordable for you, your family and community.

The past two months have been investigating options of providing services, marketing and tech. This has clarified exactly what is possible at this stage of Love Change Grow and its future. Initially, I wanted to provide 1:1 consultation, but it’s inefficient, has limited accessibility to a growing audience, fraught with regulatory issues and would end up being prohibitively expensive for most.

The plan is to provide general information and education about how to change. Specifically, presenting a “master strategy for life.” It is a conceptual master strategy that is simple, intuitive and elegant and can be easily applied to many of life’s gardens. Basically, this endeavor will be blog posts, texts and master classes that are the tips, knowledge and the secret sauce that I wished I had known as a teen, young adult, grad student, father and a counseling, crisis consulting professional. The master classes are the deep tips for both professionals and you of those services. Being more informed, you can get more out of those services and better advocate for yourself, family and friends. Basically, if you are more knowledgeable, your experience will be more efficient with less waste of your time, energy and money to get what you need and want. It’s like learning how to buy a car. The more you know the better the deal you can navigate. But instead of merely a car, we are talking about life. Specifically, learning and developing your strategy, knowledge and skills to get more out of life!

To wrap this up. I am working on a better interactional platform for connecting with folks using email, text and reels (short videos). There are at least 4 master classes drafted for 2023. I’m at the stage of figuring out and executing the specifics; a balance of value, affordability and accessibility.

SAVE THE DATE! Mark your calendars for Wednesday, December 21, 2022; winter solstice. I will present a free “Winter Solstice master class on the tasks of winter.” Invite your friends, family and community! Give them the gift of this season and tell them also invite/gift their tribe this master class. On December 15th, I will start and repeatedly send out the link for this master class. Share the link so they can sign up, invite others and attend.

Peace, love and light!



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