Change Happens!

Change Happens:

Understanding that “all things change” is a huge realization. More important is understanding that you can take part in change. Learn to recognize patterns of change. And discover opportunities to change. 

Change (love) is invisible. There are three faces of change. Space/time, form and movement. Movement from one space to another space shows a change. A point in time from the beginning to the end shows change. And things change form, e.g., like water can change form; from ice, to liquid to gas; which are merely different states of existence. These faces result from change; but are not THE change. But we can see the results of change. There are the two forces. One force is to stay the same, to stabilize, to have a state of equilibrium or a constant state. An unchanging state helps with predictability and knowing. It is the rules and routine. However, if everything stayed the same, it would become stagnate, boring and non-dynamic. There would be no challenge. There would be no curiosity or wonder. Nothing new to learn or explore. The other force of change is dynamic. Something new, different and challenging; “sa la vie!” (It is life).

Obviously, life is a dynamic change. Life provides opportunities to change, discover, learn and grow. Life flows, there is an ebb and flow. And by now, you know that change is cyclical. That there are the waxing and waning rhythms. This waxing and waning when viewed in two dimensions is the peaks and valleys or the sine waves noted as a graph on a piece of paper. Verses turning the paper on edge, we can view it as a vertical line showing. Verses in a three-dimensional space, it becomes a sphere that spirals through the expansion and contraction of time and space. And yet, from another perspective, change becomes a point of endless, dynamic existence that is beyond space and time. Knowing this allows you to maintain a position of relaxed attention.

On this planet, how or where do changes happen? Change happens where and when there is space and time. WHAT! Change happens. If we expect and allow or make space and time for change to occur. Then change can happen quickly and without disruption. Change happens whether we give space and time. There needs to be space and time or allowance for it to happen. If everything; activities, schedules, etc. are so compacted or filled; change has brief or very little opportunities to blossom into our consciousness. And if not aware of change, when things do change, it upsets our schedules, activities and sense of reality. Often resulting in surprise, anxiety and fear.

However, if we want, expect and look for change, i.e., create time and space for change, it can be quite wonderful and exciting. Think back to where there was an experience of sudden insight, learning or revelation; an epiphany. Change can happen suddenly and in unexpected forms when we make space, during a few moments of quietness or perhaps being outside doing nothing or just going for a walk or playing.

In gardening, plants need space and time to grow. They need space for air flow and sunlight. The soil needs to be loose enough so that water can seep in, where there are pockets of air and roots can penetrate, extend and grow deep. It’s the same thing occurs when change happens. If things are so compacted, tight and closed there is very little opportunity for change to happen. There is no space for new things to seep in or sprout and grow.

Another way to conceptualize change is movement. A sign of change is when there is movement. Dynamic interacting forces move and change. If there is no movement nor space to move, there is minor change or it takes a long time. Or there is a build-up of forces/pressure and suddenly an explosive change occurs.

An elemental example is a rock; boulder size. The boulder is relatively solid, basically it just sits there and does not move. Over many years because of the erosion of wind, water and heat/freezing it will eventually change form from a boulder to dust. Compared to air; where it is mostly space, the weather or clouds are in a state of constant whimsical change. It is not reasonable to be stubborn as a rock nor as fickle as the wind. It’s something to be aware of and consider creating and allowing enough space and time for change, movement and growth.

With a person, changes of thought, feelings and behavior can be quite slow and also very quick. In psychology, there is the endless chicken or egg debate of which is the primary agent of change; thoughts, feelings, behaviors, neurotransmitters, etc.? It does not matter which came first. What matters is that change occurred and most likely thoughts, feelings, behaviors and neurotransmitters all were dynamically involved. What matters more is what is the person going to do now?

We are currently in a time in which many things have slowed down and other things have sped up. Is this an opportunity that is providing space and time? Space to re-calibrate, re-invent and re-invest? To focus upon other things than our usual hectic, filled life? For some folks, slowing down is a disruption causing fears and anxiety of not knowing what will happen. For others, it is an opportunity to figure out who they are, what are their passions and what they want to do. The question becomes what else can you imagine? What skills, talents and experience can be directed to what you love to do and could address one of the many challenges that we are facing? How much time and how many opportunities does a person have in a day…to smile and say “hi how are you doing?” Or to do some small act of kindness for another soul? Maybe it changes three worlds; theirs, yours and ours?

The driving force of change is love. Love loves change. Fear is love blocked. Love can cause fear or trust. Fear is mostly the fear of the unknown. Fear of what happens when love flows and when love is and fear does not want to change. What happens when there is no control and there is only love? Anticipatory anxiety is the fear of fear. It is a position of a lack of trust. A lack of faith and the inability to let go of control and just become love. What happens when one lets go and just is? Some note it is an act of surrender, a state of grace or nirvana. Seemingly, the requisites of love are faith and belief. Faith, belief and love ensure that change happens. Love can be a simultaneously and inter-dimensionally a state, the flow and the field. If one discerns, it is easier to change one’s self than to move mountains. The mountain will come to Mohamad.

Remember, we are transformers of energy/frequency/material. Change is transformation. This planet is about “Plant Life.” We are like a lotus, rooted in mud/field, able to rise and use light to create heavenly gardens. We are at a special time, in a special space…embrace change!

Peace, love and light!



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