The Big Adventure

The Big Adventure

Everybody knows something is changing. Many are concerned about the finances, economy, social unrest and the weather. And what is happening with politics? Just posting a few thoughts about the changes we are going through.

Revolution or Evolution?

An elevated perspective or big picture is important. There is a difference between revolution and evolution. Revolution is more of a time limited reactive response that may or may not be beneficial or appropriate. Versus evolution is about a new paradigm, premise and operating system. Both revolution and evolution are a response because conditions or environment have changed. But the responses are qualitatively different. Revolution uses the same old tried and true limited strategic and tactical responses to change. Whereas evolution makes a significant or “out of the box” change of based on a different premise, operating system and paradigm. It attempts to transcend or grow to a new way of being. Revolution is a game of musical chairs, whereas evolution is a whole new game.

Cleansing, Detox and Healing Crisis

Often, shortly after starting a cleanse or detox, there is a “healing crisis” phase. When things even seem to become worse. It’s the point when we are feeling sick and quite vulnerable. This crisis phase is when we are vulnerable to relapse, giving up, feeling OMG is this ever going to end. But that’s not all. After the crisis phase, the next is the longer grind of learning and establish a new routine. A new way of being, of interactions, new habits, friends etc. It’s actually becoming a whole new person or identity with a significant change in both the internal and external environment. Establishing a new routine and becoming comfortable can take two or three years. During the two or three years of establishing a new routine, what is happening is that you are discovering and becoming internally a new person and externally finding a new social tribe/family (environment) that accepts, encourages and supports the new you.

Tantric Alchemy

Have we had the matriarchal experience, when we existence in the garden of Eden? Alluded and referenced in the mythology of ancient matriarchal cultures. And have we had enough of the patriarchal logos experience of employing facts, figures, data and evidence to support our contemporary existence? Acknowledging both the female often referenced as the aspects of the lunar cycle and male dynamics of the solar. Can we appreciate and choose to use both these energies to transcend to a fresh experience? Are we the immaculate conception between the male and female? Having been in a dark gestation in the womb of mother earth and now birthing our spiritual being in the universe?

Death and Rebirth


What if we are experiencing a death? But what is it that’s dying? What is it that needs to be sluffed off? What is no longer useful? Is it our ways of operating, our premise or our paradigm of how we currently are on the planet? Perhaps it is the death of illusion, worn-out assumptions and useless ways of being. It’s a struggle to hold on. And fear prevents us from just letting go and falling into the unknown. Or is it an unburdening and rising to a different way of being? What if being attached to the old ways of existing is causing more difficulties? What would happen if we sacrificed the old, surrender and let go? Will this make death easier? Or will rebirth come more quickly?


What if we are about to birth a new existence? Perhaps we have been in the early labor pains for the past few of years. But now we are starting down the birth canal. Is this where everything gets real? Leaving the oceanic bliss of the womb, that no longer fits. Having to squeeze and getting pushed through. Labor contractions can be quite a struggle with great effort. For others, the birthing process is relatively easy and with only minor discomfort. A baby and mother that are having difficulties, the focus is on the struggle through. It can be long, harrowing and exhausting. Or if having an easy time, the focus is on expectations. On both accounts. It’s a of a loss or release of being together. But it is also be a time of joyful expectations of getting to meet each other. And once the child is born, it’s a navigating a new connection with each other, a new journey together meeting the world and each teaching the other.


Fall is the time of harvest and decay. Without decay, there is no renewal. One of the important things for the gardener is the seeds. Specifically, it is the selection, harvest and storing of seeds. Seeds carry the treasured lessons from the past. And the potentials for the future. Seeds are the connection between the past and the future. Seeds are the treasures carried by immigrants, pioneers and adventures searching for a new home. Are we the light-seeds searching for new land to take root in, grow a new earth?

Big Adventure

Where are we going, what will we need, what will happen and how will we exist? Of course, this is the big question? Or is it the enormous opportunity or a big adventure? Perhaps all of this is intellectually incoherent rambling. But feelings are different, they don’t have to make sense. What do you feel about having a big adventure? By now, you know what I am about to say. Which is, “we are the ones that determine our reality.” Specifically, how we experience it and what we are to do with this experience? And this is nothing new. I like to view it as the next big travel opportunity is an adventure. A big adventure is not the destination but the journey of getting there. The definition of adventure, what, where, when, how is up to you. And really, seeking (expectation and anticipation) is fun… but it’s the finding or discovery that is exciting, wondrous and unexpected.

Adventuring is like the usual cycle of gardening. Having an idea/dream/passion, making preparations and plans (spring), being on the journey (summer) and enjoying the trail/path (fall). Our love/dream/passion/joys are the compass. It orients us to our destination. Preparations and plans help us figure out what we might need and use. A side thought: Preppers actually have reasonable plans for survival. Though their premise is based on fear, revolution and scarcity. But what would be the plan and preparations for love, evolution and abundance? What adventure are you planning for? And subsequently what do you envision yourself to be doing during the summer? Hoarding or sharing your provisions, knowledge, skills and talents? And what do you expect the path will be like? Will it be a grinding, dangerous and a hellish journey? Or will it be an unburdening or enlightening, freeing and joyful journey?

Strategy and Tactics

A few little tidbits. First is from my experiences with snowboarding and crashing into an enormous fir tree. And this also applies to writing, biking, driving in traffic and life in general. The secret is don’t focus on the obstacles. Of course, be aware of your surroundings and what is happening. But don’t focus on the tree that could hop out in front of you at any moment. Focus on the space between the trees. Simply lock-on to the spaces in between and at any moment what you need will happen. This is just a simple psychological mind trick. If we are focusing on disasters, economic collapse, climate change etc. which are things to be aware of. But if we focus on these things, we miss the spaces; the opportunities and the things that we could do that will help us avoid crashing. You can tell whether a person is a newbie or inexperienced because they will focus on or be obsessed with the tree, the potential of crashing; fear based. They have become locked-on to the catastrophe and end up being the catastrophe. Experienced folks and old souls have learned to look for and focus on the spaces. The opportunities, the potentials for narrow escapes of fresh adventures. Experienced folks having gained knowledge, confidence and wisdom from the experiences of crashing into a tree. And by the grace of surviving the experience, have learned to have a healthy respect for the pitfalls and trees; but know the key is to focus on the joyful surprises of unknown spaces found along the journey.

As with any adventure, there are times during the journey that are challenging. It’s the grind. There is no way to go around the hard parts; only to go through. It becomes a test and testament of courage, faith, belief. A well-seasoned adventurer knows and recognizes it’s ok, even recommends pausing and make space to gather your wits, rest and regain your energy. Thus, gaining insight on how to tread lightly through the troublesome parts of the path. Of course, one can turn around and retrace their steps but often that leads to becoming lost in the labyrinth or becoming reluctant to even return to the adventure.

Rabbit Hole

Let’s pause and take a little side path to look at the rabbit hole of perspectives and perhaps gain a few practical ideas to consider. These three folks I’ve followed for several years. Their perspective’s insights and applicable tactics are fascinating. I only mention these folks for your consideration in that they have helped me to understand some of what’s going on and what I could do about it. The three are: Ray Dalio is a well-known hedge fund manager who has subsequently redirected toward sharing insights he has learned. Catherine Austin Fitts has high-level experience looking at economy, budgets and what is going on? She has ideas of how, at the local community level how we can establish sovereignty at the individual and community level. Clif High is an out-of-the-box OG (original gangster). A self-proclaimed paranoid techie with a mad linguistic approach. By now, you know or at least suspect that I favor the shotgun approach. Meaning, looking at divergent points of view and see if there’s a pattern that might offer some insight. From the psychological standpoint, it’s like using a Rorschach ink-blot test. Which is merely a projective psychological test in which a subject (myself or yourself) analyzes yours/my personality, emotions, functioning and premise of your experience. Remember, we choose our experience, meaning and purpose.

A bit of a side trip: Projection is the idea that we project our inner sense/interpretation of reality onto our external environment such as on to another person or situation. This is also the basis for manifestation movement and for the theme of this blog. We create our experience via interpretation of reality. Is reality a random thing like the Rorschach ink-blot test? Are we the ones that project through our internal lens of biases, judgement and attachment upon the screen of experience? Is this show an opportunity to find and experience our meaning and purpose? Perhaps the title of the show is “Adventures in the Discovery of I Am.” The Buddhist metaphor of the mirror is very similar. The mirror (one’s experience of reality) is the reflection of one’s internal state. Our illusionary self is the dirt and dust on the mirror. The task is to clean or polish the mirror until it becomes spotless. The big question is, is reality a random thing? And who creates it?

Pre-Rational, Rational and Trans-Rational Confusion

The mistake and confusion of the “pre and trans fallacy.” I first came across this in the writings of Ken Wilber in The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology. Basically, for both an individual and societal/cultural development, there is the tribal/social/ritual “pre-rational” experience. The experience is of magic, incantations, symbols and rituals. Next is the individual/rational/ego experience of characterized by the rationality, logic, science, data and empiricism. Followed by the trans-rational (beyond the rationality of the ego/individual) unity of the spiritually advanced that operates or experiences “unity” awareness. The confusion is, are we looking at the tribal/pre-rational or the trans-rational unity experience? Both the tribal and unity phases use the same/similar signs/symbols/language but are a qualitatively unique experience.

So why note this pre-trans-rational fallacy? It is interesting that currently we see battle grounds of blue vs red, black vs white, eastern Europe vs western Europe, Islamic vs Christian, old school vs new school, redneck vs new ager, etc. which seems to be tribal. Everyone is aware of the polarization narrative that is being promoted. However, there is a growing awareness and feeling that the rational scientific empiricism has developed some amazing technology. Yet cannot address rather significant planetary challenges while remaining stuck in the quagmire of political wars between tribes. And there is a rapidly growing number of folks that can feel the trans-rational “unity” is in the air. That if we are to survive and thrive, we need to go beyond/transcend the “versus” thing between tribes. Jump forward to unity awareness and then from there demand that science and technology be used for planetary benefit and not for warring tribes.

However, the ego allows us to choose. In tribal consciousness, there is little to no opportunity for individual choice. Choice is the realm of the gods, tribal leaders, popes and kings and queens, etc. But at the individual ego level, each individual makes a choice. Even by not choosing, you let another choose for you… which is still your choice. One can choose to look at (focus) and argue over the differences… Or choose to look at (focus) and agree to the stuff we have in common. And just beyond the ego phase is unity consciousness. There are many that seemingly cannot move beyond the individualist sense of themselves. But many are awakening to the insanity of our current situation. They are awakening to the choice that they can step into the existence of unity consciousness. And choosing it as a saner reality.

Characteristics of Unity Consciousness

Unity consciousness moves from either/or exclusive thinking of the ego to the both/and inclusive being of unity. It’s no longer a winner/loser game and instead is how we do/are/be together to make this happen? Unity can recognize and appreciate individual differences but focuses on encouraging, enhancing what they might do in cooperation with each other. The focus is not on short-term gains but on long-term sustainable and resilient ways of being. It presumes working towards diversity encourages further growth, interactions and a thriving planetary ecology. Arriving at the opportunity to appreciate both differences AND our common needs, issues and goals. Will this enable us as a unity (planetary, rainbow, galactic) tribe to move from fighting over scraps to sharing abundances? Will this birth forth a new age of unity, instead of the WEF (world economic forum) new world order?


The ego enables the assertion of your power; this is the realm of the ego. It embraces your separation and individuation… You-Do-You! But it is not everything and in fact is rather limited. The limit is that it is only thinks/acts for oneself and/or their tribe. And only from the perspective of the survival of itself. The ego operates in a relatively short-time period/frame. It is only able to recognize and appreciate those who are similar or from their own tribe. It is well reasoned, researched and known that in the longer-term view of survival, diversity is favored. Diverse systems, ecologies, economies and environments are more sustainable, resilient and thrive when their resources are shared (cycled) in some form or process. What do we wish to survive? A few egos or the mother earth and most of us fleas living on her? Point is, “You do You,” but also recognize and appreciate we are all in the same boat, wagon or planet.

One of the interesting arguments against unity is the fear of the primitive tribal hive mind and the Borg-AI-neuro-link or transhumanism thing with the subscription-based centralized cloud computer system thing. Sure, it’s your choice to plug-in something like that. A closer look at the AI thing is that it is just a technological connection. Whether you wear it on your wrist, embedded in a space suit or implanted. It is just a connection to send information to and from your body to “the cloud.” It is just telemetry data, like being in the ICU of a hospital and monitored for heart rate, blood pressure, etc. The idea of a neuro-link to your brain is similar. But does a neuro-link access and influence your consciousness, ego and sovereignty? I doubt it, and if it could, the influence would only be at the level of brain/neuro sensory signal brain wave, perception/reaction… which is not cognition, interpretation or agency/intention. However, neuro-links might be useful for folks with nerve damage, spinal cord injuries or for working with a Haz-matt exo-skeleton thing for disaster response in some type of calamity such as helping to dig through the rubble a collapsed building to find victims. The only thing that might reach some type of behavior is a hard-wired reactive SR (stimulus-reaction) response. Which is already somewhat operationalized in the video gaming world. For example; it’s like shoot/kill the enemy as a stimulus/reactive response which attempts to “hard-wire” the neuropath ways via repetitive conditioning and therefore work below the consciousness and intentional level of processing.

However, there is the unity dimension that involves simply learning to connect to the field using one’s consciousness and heart. Consciousness Heart and Field Historically the knowledge of and use of this parallel dimension has been part of the human potential for quite a while. But very few people knew about it or how to connect to the field. Perhaps 100 years ago the occultist and spiritualist were channeling via automatic writing and seances. And 70 years ago, meditation, yoga and psychedelics burst onto the Western scene. Recently, I was flabbergasted to find out that micro dosing mushrooms and LSD has become part of the performance and enhancement culture. And only recently discovered Inspire Nation with Michael Sandler and RooRoo the guru ( Wtf…I burst out laughing…but hey, there it was, the old automatic writing thing I knew of almost 60 years ago.

Back on point, the touted new Borg/AI/transhuman thing is a cumbersome technology. Sure, folks are developing cool virtual metaverses to zoom around in. But it is nothing like using your consciousness, linking up to the field via dropping into your heart. Things like micro dosing, meditation, hypnosis and flotation tanks are gateways. But once you figure out what, where and how to use the door, the gateways are no longer needed because you can connect anytime, anyplace and anywhere and without costly subscriptions or twiddly tech gadgets. Nothing else is needed but yourself (consciousness and heart), which you already carry around with you in your meat wagon… winner, winner chicken dinner… lol (sorry RooRoo still love ya dude!).

Dropping into your heart

Beyond the assertion of power, is the abiding in the gracefulness of your being. Abide in and become/be peace, light, grace and love. The tactic is to drop into your heart. Abide in, connect to unity, which is the trans-unity/tribal beyond the ego part of the field. The field is where we are entangled, connected and the tribal unity consciousness exists/abides.

This is new/rediscovered skill and the paradigm of working and being together in unity. Using quantum entanglement to tune into a new frequency/reality that is beyond space and time. And being beyond space and time cannot be controlled or even accessed by the cumbersome AI tech. But the kicker is, what if individuals gather exponentially to focus their consciousness and heart in unity? What if two or more are gathered? How about 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128…? Is this sequence familiar? Now consider that via the field, there is multi-dimensionality. Then what happens to the exponential sequence? What could we do together to influence the weather to stabilize, to grow food, to clean the oceans and atmosphere. And to work with mother earth and all of her creatures? Ehmm, wait a minute, don’t we have a few aboriginals to teach us? Wait, we could all be the new aboriginals (great name for a band… imho) of a planet sync’d in unity? Go Wild, Go Aboriginal! Lol.

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds. Have no fear of atomic energy because none of them can stop the time.” (Redemption Song, Bob Marley, 1980)

Quiet yourself, make space and the universe will open up to you. This is the point. You are the universe. It is within you. To open up to this universe, quiet yourself. Come in silence. Silence (prayer, meditation, walking in nature) is the threshold or the door to the universe. There are all manners of techniques and practices. Essentially, it is quieting your noise. Relinquish your thoughts, feelings, judgments and attachments. Let go and surrender. Choose silence. Breathe and abide in equanimity. Look with equanimity to all the drama, trauma and frightful things as lessons and opportunities. Opportunities to practice and become peaceful and graceful. Every moment, you have the opportunity/choice to step into grace, peace and love. Abide in peace, love and grace. Discover the abundant opportunities to share. And what is shared, returns beyond your wildest imaginations.

Since you have tuned into this blog, you are aware of this enormous opportunity for a new adventure. This post is merely a reminder to look at the space between the trees. Abide in the peace, love and joy.

Are there realms beyond unity… well let’s get into the unity field first.

The futures filled with anxiety, fear and doubt exists in the realm of the ego and with ideas of scarcity and limits. It results from attaching yourself to the small mind of the ego. Unity introduces us to the big adventure of the quantum entangled field that is beyond the space and time dimension of the ego.

Peace, love and light!



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