The Big Flash of Light

What if a big flash of light hits planet earth? And suddenly everyone becomes conscious of light. Conscious of their light and the light of others. Many folks currently have a basket covering their light. But you can still see light shining out from under the basket. What if this light made things transparent or telepathic in nature?

What if this light, enabled everyone to become conscious of their light and see the light of others? Your being and interactions became transparent. You could not hide your intentions, thoughts, and feelings. And you could also see and recognize another’s intentions, thoughts, and feelings by the color of their light. Your new light body, now dressed in colors of light which reflects and indicates your being. Like a color changing “mood ring” and being able to read auras.

What would this do? 

What would happen? 

How would we relate to each other if everyone could see each other’s thoughts, feelings, and intentions? 

How would you interact with others? 

How would others interact to you?

If light is our new clothing, what color(s) would you wear?

What is the color of integrity?

What is the color of compassion?

What is the color of gracefulness?

What is the color of sovereignty?

What is the color of Love?

What does your light attract or repel?

Who recoils or hides from your light? 

And why does another person they hide their light? 

If a person hides their light, what could a person of light do?

The Light Party

What if we all went to a big extravaganza, a concert of light, or party of light where there were 10 people, 100, 1000, 1 million people or 1 billion people; what kind of party would that be? What if we all focused our light together to do something like clean and make fertile the lands, oceans, and skies? What would happen? 

Would we all be dancing, twirling, and swirling around… pulsing light to the rhythm of the beat? Would folks be dancing in the streets?

A heartbeat indicates life. What is your heartbeat, your rhythm, your frequency? Frequency are just beats, a rhythm… and flows. What is the heartbeat of Mother Earth? What is the frequency for healing, cleaning/detox, lifting, creating, etc. What can we do together?  

Lean into your existence. Understand you, your energy, your ways of connecting, consciousness, and being. The school on this planet is called life. And the life on this planet would not exist if there were no light.  

How would you show up?

How would you introduce yourself?  Hi, I am… ______, wanna sing, dance and groove?

This little light o’ mine, I’m goin’ let it shine
Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.
Everywhere I go, I’m goin’ let it shine (repeat)
Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.
In my neighbor’s home, I’m goin’ let it shine (repeat)
Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

Side Note:

A post about light introductions…



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