Tis the Season…What are you giving?

Wealth…Tis the Season…What are you giving?

What is wealth?  There are many forms of wealth. Historically wealth has been measured in money and gold.  A person can have lots of money but no time to spend it. Or person can have a lot of time but no money.  The common ideal is having a balance of enough money to live comfortably and enough time to enjoy life.  As we get older, wealth equates with health and the ability to be active, having friends and sharing with others is the joy in life.

There are many types of wealth and it’s important to figure out what wealth you strive to attain and what wealth you process.  Wealth can be in many forms, such as money, time, access to resources or a comfortable existence.  But it can also be in terms of the quality and quantity of relationships, freedom to think, feel, share, love, explore and adventure.   Or perhaps having the depth of emotion and being empathic, the capacity to ponder ideas and concepts, the opportunities to share with or help others and etc.  Wealth can also be holding a sacred space for another person.  Meaning creating space for another person to be who they are…without judgment, conflict or an agenda.  It is a gift or blessing to another and it is a privileged opportunity to provide the seemingly endless moments/space to another.

Perhaps there is a developmental aspect of wealth. When we are children it’s generally thought of having toys and having fun. As we move and to the ages of 7 to 14 it’s about having friends. In adolescence it’s about having opportunities for responsibility and freedom. From 21 the 28 it’s about having opportunities to establish oneself.   From 28 to 35 is often about having a good relationship with a significant other and the ability to comfortably support yourself and your family. From 35 to 42 is about having some comforts and the ability to enjoy them. From 42 to 49 is often about respect from peers. And 49 to 56 is about enjoying the company of family and friends and having bucket list adventures.  At 56 to 63 often times we start to seek out opportunities to mentor or share.  And from 63 to 70 it’s about making conscious decisions to lighten and unburdening ourselves and pass along the essentials seeds of life lessons to others.  And at 70+ it’s about being grateful, graceful and giving by being a living example or role model.

So how do we attain wealth?  There is the wisdom of “you reap what you sow.”  The flip side is “sow what you want to reap.”   If you want money yet to figure out how to strategically give it away, i.e. invest it. If you want friends, be friendly. If you want fame, recognize and acknowledge others. If you want help, be helpful. If you want health, give health to others. If you want love, be loving.  If you want patience, be patient.  If you want understanding, try to understand others.  Recognize a pattern, it’s about giving away what you want.  You reap what you sow. Be generous.

The shift toward abundance is about recognizing opportunities to share your wealth, talents, skills, passions and holding sacred space for others.  The result; you, others and the world will become enriched. It’s not a matter of what you get, it’s a matter of what you give…take the opportunities to invest wisely. What do you want in your garden….pain, sorrow and fear…or hope, joy and love?

Sharing is the new wealth. So what and with whom are you giving?.

Peace love and light!

Tim Justice

Published by Love Change Grow LLC

Counselor and crisis consultant of 25 years. Providing education about how to navigate change.

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